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"I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile." Romans 1:16



Valor of Infinity, the sharpest sword in existence, my double edged sword. I found it in a dream, long ago, and when I awoke, I realized that I had somehow taken it with me. What makes it so sharp is that the metal that the blade is forged out of reacts to the user's willpower. If the user believes that the edge on the sword is infinitely thin, it is. If the user believes that the sword has infinite density, and zero mass, it has those as well. With these extremes, the edge of my blade can cut through any solid, such as adamantium. It can also cut through non-solids, such as air. When air is cut by an infinitely sharp edge, an invisible wave of cutting power to reach ranges far distances away. The metal is not magnetic, is unaffected by temperature extremes, cannot be bent, or shattered. It is a weapon without any faults.

Cly's Abilities

Master Swordsman

Fifteen plus years of experience with swords has honed Cly's swordsmanship to a master's level. Trained in Kenjutsu, Kendo, and Fencing, he developed a new style, the Dragon's Edge. Based off of non-lethal principles, it is designed to disarm/defeat a foe with inflicting little to no damage. Using quick, sharp movements the Edge puts extreme stress on the user's body. After as little as a few days, bones will weaken and begin to break. (He counters this by getting healed while he sleeps.) With the Edge, Cly is able to block/cut bullets, and with his sword, he is able to cut air, allowing him to slice at long distances.

Master Martial Artist

Parallel to his swordsmanship, Cly has fifteen plus years of experience unarmed. Trained Goju Ryu Karate, he has developed his own style, Dragon's Palm. His style puts the same stress that the Edge puts on him. Not only able to execute this style with his hands, he had trained his entire body, able to use his feet just as well as his hands. His fighting is balanced, using grapples, throws, strikes, blocks, and counters in an eye catching fluid motion.


Quick on his feet, Cly has honed his agility and reflexes above an Olympic athlete's level. He is able to jump ten feet high, thirty feet long, roll to recover from long drops, hang with one finger, run up and alongside walls for short distances, and spin/flip through the air in any maneuver imaginable. His reflexes operate about five times as fast as the typical human. Cly is able to dodge an attack that is an inch away from hitting him, and able to evade a spray of bullets.


Born walking, Cly has always found balancing to come easy. Hand-standing and walking on his hands by the time he was a few months old, he has learned to balance upon nearly anything. His sense of balance is so fine that he can balance while asleep.


An incredible will has allowed Cly to suppress pain to the extent where he can take a bullet to the chest and continue to fight as if nothing happened. He has been cut, burned, frozen, smashed, blown up, shot, and about everything else. He wouldn't make i t longer than a day on average, except for when he goes to sleep, all his wounds are healed from the Esmeralda's passive healing ability.

Esmeralda's Abilities


Taken from the Dream World, Cly had no idea what his Dragon was capable of. He quickly saw that she learned very quickly. She learned to understand his English in less than a year, and was able to write out words in two years. With a special voice device, Esmeralda is able to transform her grunts and growls into a human language. She is as smart, if not smarter, than a learned human.


Using her large, lean muscles, Esmeralda has an incredible amount of strength. She has lifted a bus in mid-flight, cork screwed once with the bus, then set it back on the road. During intense times of stress, she can lift in excess of twenty tons.


Covered from head to toe in sparkling green scales, her body is well protected. Each scale can withstand multiple hits from massive 1.00 caliber rounds. She has not only one layer of scales, but a second layer beneath. Her belly has thick skin, which is much less durable than her scales, but can still stop 0.308 rounds at point blank. Es' wings are most easily damaged on her body.


Flying a few days after she could walk, and seeing her competition in the sky, Esmeralda can fly faster than most air vehicles. Able to reach speeds in excess of Mach 3, she usually stays just under the sound barrier for legal reasons. On the ground, she is light on her feet and can move on all fours up to fifty miles per hour.


Able to weave through the spray from a Phalanx, catch missiles, and almost everything else airborne, the Dragon is very difficult to hit. On the ground, she is less agile, but still remains able to take down multiple gunman without taking a hit.

Dragon Breath

From inside her lungs, the mighty Dragon is able to create a spark, igniting combustible gases. She can then exhale fire many different ways and at many different temperatures. Her forms include (but are not limited to): A Pillar, Fireball, Missile and Cone. The heat can be from less than 1000 degrees Fahrenheit, up to more than 3000 degrees Fahrenheit.