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I miss truly original characters. :/ I keep seeing stuff that's been done already.

Maybe I need to make one.

That's because I retired. :P

Probably, but I got something awesome in the works. To me anyway. Lol

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I miss truly original characters. :/ I keep seeing stuff that's been done already.

Maybe I need to make one.

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I cannot express the amount of excitement I have for the GotG movie. Seriously. How did I get so lucky, They are my all time favorite squad.

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Dedication 5... IDK why I like it. I really don't listen to Lil Wayne.

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This is cool. Might have one of my characters drop in. ;)

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@warsman: This place was reminiscent of a third world country and you could smell the stench of rotting cadavers mixed with the nitrogen scent of piss. Falcon lit a cigarette as he crossed into an alley that covered most of the rain like a concrete umbrella . Thin and void of any light except the cherry on Clutch's cigarette , the alley seemed like the perfect place for two rugged combatants to bump heads . It wasn't long before the bait worked and a man cloaked in white dropped down from one of the many stone gargoyles that were perched above the city streets as if they could actually move in for kills after hunting prey. The Ronin smiled as he blew out an immense cloud of smoke before throwing away the half done tobacco stick.

"I'm surprised you know who I am...on second thought..No I'm not, you probably watched a lot of my movie." the voice echoed off the brick walls of the two buildings on parallel sides . " The Big Russian ..saving the day.. scoff .. You know why I'm here."

The Whole F'n Show let his jacket fall to the ground and embraced the cold weather as he stood face to face with the Ghost Vigilante. Ready to prove, once again that he was the greatest martial artist to live.


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@warsman : The streets of Gothic City had literally become hell on Earth. Blood filled the gutters,drugs filled the veins of locals , and crime ran rampant like a plague with no cure. There had been numerous efforts by many vigilantes to contain the violence and clean the city but it seemed like it only added to the bloodshed and Gothic would forever be the earthly conduit for grime and sin. Falcon wasn't shocked that such a place existed and found himself surprisingly at home among the most vile and notorious , though he was here on a manhunt. As a martial artist Clutch lived to find worthy opponents and the name of a certain person showed on his radar like hulking blip of worthy combativeness.

Legend of this man knocking down the best in many various fighting circuits got to Clutch and he decided he would hunt this man down in an attempt to add a notch to his ever-growing dominance over practitioners of hand to hand. Tonight the rain hit hard and the streets lights flickered, echoing from the drops because the concrete jungle was taking a rare slumber. The moon hung high and close giving off its bright luminescence that would not be mistaken for anything else.

Falcon stood in the middle of the street with his rarely worn urban gear; a black leather jacket partially shielding him from the torrential downpour , a pair of black timberland boots covering his faded jeans. He figured if he stayed there long enough and pretended to be a criminal , someone would show up.

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It's a thought. And I'm not sure if ya'll or busy or not but I think its a fun thing that could work into a lot of things going on in canon right now.

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@the_last_arashikage @myrmidon_ I might have to set up this pm soon if ya'll in. The way I see it.... Kage over here gathers a small force of men including some vine martial artist who want these scrolls for the own selfish reasons.. while Clutch and hopefully @andres_knightfall form their alliance to stop them from happening while also trying to obtain the scrolls.

It could be another step in Kage's always cunning mind to gain power and eliminate mutant race.. while others of course have their own reason for trying to get their hands on said scrolls.