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The Ultimate Crimson Ninja is somehow teleported to a 100 floor skyscraper,Matt must now make his way down.On every 20th floor he must fight a select group of Marvel/DC heroes or villains. After each fight he gets1 hour to rest with a basic first aid kit then...moving on to the next round. Every time he defeats an enemy he ga ins a new ally for the next f

ight(the ally leaves after that round). Daredevil has two billy clubs,and a katanna strapped on his back. 


Floor 100-

No weapons or venom for Bane.
 Two daggers for Catman.
Ally for DD:
  Equipped with one wrist gauntlet.

Floor 80:

 Ally for DD:

 Equipped with four sai.

Floor 60:

One sword,one 9mm for Slade.
Ally for DD:
 Equipped with dual D. Eagles,One Grenade,One Katana

Floor 40:

  Current versions of both.
Only helmet for Prometheus.
Ally for DD:  
 Luke Cage

 Misty Knight

Floor 20:

 Ally for DD:
Equipped with 52 Card deck and Staff.  
Steve's shield.
Two Daggers,widow gauntlets.



 Bronze Tiger

Grand Finale:

 All current versions.
One shield/Sword for Taskmaster.

One Sword for Samurai. 
Allies for DD: 
Elektra equipped with Two Sai
 Two Sai and 30 shuriken for Bullseye
One set of bow/arrows(50)           






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@Gambler said:

" Wolf Pack - Alpha Contingent Roster:

  • Clutch
  • Nighthunter
  • Little Sparrow
  • Soverign Son
  • Y Intercept
  • Homicide
Dope Squad. 
OsC- Supreme Villain Squad
  • Gambler
  • Lady Tileso
  • Final Arrow
  • Sha
  • D-Man
  • Weather Man
  • Mistress Readhead
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I noticed,my bad.

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@k4tzm4n said:
" @FinalStar86: 
Croc solos! lmao  

  And his force field, adamantium laced skin and M-blade finger nails.   "
BTW. I got scans of Bullseye from that Streets of Poison Arc(Very cool but weird arc). Badass fights.
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Sha,We gotta dance sometime....

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@k4tzm4n said:
" @Clutch: I know, right? He doesn't even need to freeze their blood, use the power of 1,000,000 eploding suns, or even shoot fireworks from his fingers.  He can win with ONLY two of his mighty powers! "
You forgot to mention his Omnipotence.....
That's a major factor in this battle!
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@k4tzm4n said:
" I still say Bane wins via teleportation and heat vision. "
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@King Saturn said:
" Deathstroke can win this... "
So can Prometheus.
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@Ferro Vida said:
" @Clutch: That fight with Crossbones isn't as impressive if you look at him getting one-punched by Bucky, and this was with his human arm. "
Crossbones is good enough to go one on one with Cap,he isn't a low-level fighter....but wasn't a real impressive fight,just a scan...
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