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Oh damn. Didn't know that. Idk who to vote for really. Except for Tenjin.

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Closure. For sure.

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Tenjin needs to be in a Class. Long over due.

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I really want to get in on this. Like really.

Maybe you can be.

I'll have my post up either later tonight or tmmrw morning. It's gonna be something unexpected.

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The moment the clandestine armored convoy slowly pulled into the bleak grey parking garage of the Tokyo HQ for the Wildcardz , Clutch had the vehicle scanned and read what little files that were available , on the men and women who occupied the bulletproof caravan. Two things got his attention the most. The Briefcase filled with unmarked japanese Yen and the fact that all of the signatures that stood in his decorated lobby were reading as mutant.

"Russian. Huh?" he stated as he twirled the cuban in his fingers and analyzed the group with vigilance and scrutiny. The demeanor , show of arms , and black suits made Scott think. His last job had him in a hazy state of mind as he kept running the words of the mutant Envy in his head. Issues of Homo Superior and Homo Sapien made him weary.

There was a brief hesitation before opening the elevator door that led up to his skyrise office , but he had quickly decided that someone with that much money was serious about future endeavors and he was not one to pass up on the language of currency. Becoming a leader of a rogue group of ex-villains and mercenaries who were known as the best in the entire world was getting tiring , and he almost considered dropping everything and going dark again but his ego withstood the conscience and he snapped out his tangent of irrational thoughts when the elevator at the end of the hall "dinged" with the sound of his new guest.

He lit his cigar and made the room a little chilly so that one could see their breathe. He was all about first impressions.

"Welcome to the center of the world lady...How can I help?"

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@strigidae_23 : I should probably mention that in the OP . You can go to the Tokyo headquarters and set up an appointment with Clutch, but it usually takes a briefcase of cash just to see him.

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Waiting for this one to drop.