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Aliases: The Human Highlight Reel , The Strategist , The Whole F'n Show , The Martial Arts Phenom , Johnny Cage , The Handsome Devil , The Great Gunslinger , The Wildcard , The Future Soldier , Ghost in the Shell, Nobody, The Faceless Man , Taskmaster , Grim Reaper , Avatar of Death , Soul Eater , Shadow Assailant , The Avenger , The Mercenary , Vagabond , The Ghost , Man of Many Faces , Death Man , The Copycat , The Boogeyman , Solid Snake , Skull Strider.

Real Name: Casshern Cole

Height: 6'3" ft

Weight: 220 lbs

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Black

Body Type: Athletic(Mesomorphic)

Date of Birth: December 13th, 1979

Place of Birth: Budapest , Hungary

Family: Falcon Bishop(Adoptive Son)

Species: Human

Ethnic Background: American/ Half-Japanese Half Anglo

Languages Spoken: English , Japanese , Spanish , Italian , Russian , Chinese , and French

Affiliations: S.T.R.I.D.E.R , Wildcardz(Leader)

Occupation: Mercenary , Pirate , Death Dealer

Base of Operations: Senju Island , Wildcardz Tower(Tokyo , Japan)

Ghost in the Shell

"They tried to make me their weapon , but I'm Death itself. "

Powers and Skills :

Soul Eater : Casshern's genetic make up is human but his christening as the Avatar of Death has blessed him with a mystical aura which gives him his unique power. Cole has the power to absorb and copy the moves , skills , and nightmares of anyone he has killed by ingesting their spiritual orb that becomes visible to him and only him after he has taken the life of an opponent. In return for soul hunting or engaging in combat his body, mind , and soul become more lethal as he battles making him evolve every second he is in a duel . The evolutionary process that takes place during a fight is simply described as mystical in nature though his anatomy is transformed by scientific means. His brain is the first to react during battle as it adapts by the nano-second to the specifics of the fighter he is facing by analyzing minute details in the opponents muscle movement , skeletal structure , and fighting tactic. Secondly his body produces a constant stream of adrenaline , seratonin , and endorphins that make him impervious to pain while enchancing his physical attributes to a range he would not normally be able to reach even though he is at peak human condition. The mixture of cybernetic implants coupled with a super-natural aura make Clutch immune to telepathic attacks and magic users. Though he is succeptable to non-conventional means of defeat like meta-human and mutant powers.

The souls he collects make him virtually immortal though he loses the skills of the last soul he absorbs when he is killed, and if he runs out of souls he will forever be dead. He has become a living weapon and master of everything that is related to the martial arts. He has absorbed the souls, styles, and techniques of many men and women over the years. The most notable include: Yan Drako , Steel , Guardian , Legion Assassin, Pain , The Goon Squad , The Vector Clan , Cyonai Ferro , Tigress Lakine , The Seamstress , Nightmare , Zero City Taskforce , Echo Sinn , Devil Girl, Cascade Helm , Hunter - Killer , Bandit , The No Men and many more.

Flashes of stolen souls

Master Combatant : As an Ex-operative for a special unit of the Wildcards Taskforce codename S.T.R.I.D.E.R( Strategic Tactical Recon Infiltration Demoliton Exploration Ranger) , Casshern Cole has been trained extensively in all forms of militant combative and non-combative tactics and disciplines known to man. He is considered a master soldier who is absolutely deadly with any firearm and weapon put in his hand. He has strategic prowess , analytical intelligence , tactical brilliance and a mind that is constantly computing his surroundings through a wave of formulas and equations that allow Clutch to hit anything with perfect accuracy thanks to a uncanny spatial awareness.Cole's mind is a weapon in it's own right. Not only has he engineered the perfect weapons system(had some help) known as the Deus Ex Machina , but his thought process is always solving problems in a non-linear fashion while constantly drawing in information and analyzing the world in a form of numbers that normal people do not see. In battle he is always hundreds of steps ahead of his opponent and planning the next hundred moves while executing his strategy with uncanny precision.

After going rogue the Zero City Taskforce attempted to understand his tactics and recreate them in battle simulations but failed miserably, realizing that his thought patterns are one of a kind . Casshern is the ultimate strategist and fighter. Not particularly a trained martial artist he has developed a combat system that focuses on weaving together the moves he has copied with the constant bombardment of inter-changeable weaponry paired with fluid strategic maneuvers and guerrilla warfare. His martial arts ability stems solely from the souls he has eaten even though he has trained in various disciplines he is only a master of the styles of the people he has killed which is a mixture of hundreds. His body and brain work in unison to constantly fuse and mix his fighting approach based on the person he is engaged in combat with, thus making his moves unorthodox , unpredictable , rugged , and wild. Clutch's greatest gift in the martial arts is his Supreme Agility that make him a swift acrobatic ariel threat no matter what style he uses. He has fortified his skill as a dynamic acrobat through constant rigorous training and polymerization of absorbed abilitites , cybernetic implants , and mystical enhancement.

Unparralled Prowess

Technopathy : Clutch has had his body fused with millions of nano-bots thanks to the same genetic tailors who fitted his brother Tenjin with his cybernetics. The nano-bots act as a muscular fortifier and augmentor to enhance his agility , reflexes and speed to a height unattainable by humans. The WX-LD10 nano-bot make Clutch virtually an android as they continue to replace his natural fluids and assimilate his cells. He is constantly being converted into more of a machine then man though he is able to stop the nano-bots from entering his mind except to act as a bridge for the nexus orbs that link him to the Deus Ex Machina.

By working in unison with his Soul Eating powers and military training they allow Clutch to preform superhuman feats of combative prowess that have yet to be matched. The nano-bots also grant him a degree of machine telepathy that allow him to hack computers , and other machinations of a certain caliber while also linking him to his flat-space dimensional armory known as the Deus Ex Machina. Clutch has used the nanobots for various uses : Creating holograms , displaying visuals , synching with machines , repairing small wounds , and pixilized camoflauging .

Weapons and Armor:

The Deus Ex Machina:


Clutch has constructed a series of devices in various forms that house a pocket dimension outside of precivable reality to hold an arsenal that contains every weapon known to man accessible via nano-bot synchronization to a specific gland located in his brain. He can produce these weapons at the speed of thought and they appear in nano-seconds by being digitally constructed on command . Over the years he has gathered numerous unique items,technological pieces of equipment ,and advanced weaponry from people he has killed. Though some of the equipment is engineered replicas of a certain item ,made after observing the user in the field of battle. This special section of his armory contains the following :

Vector Clan Helmet/Zero Particles- The helmet allows communication with insects, most commonly ants who could aid him in battle. The Zero particles allow for growth and shrinking though the use of them puts immense strain on Cole.

Guardian's Shield- Cole has pulled in his resources from the militray and had this shield made as an alternate version of an old war heroes' design . A circular unbreakable shield in the image of America's flag made from rare metals. It is used mostly for defensive purposes. He also has an energy variant of the shield.

Kurts Pendragon's Bow/Arrow- After watching the legendary Emerald Archer preform in battle Casshern developed a love for the ancient weapon system and had a replica of the bow made. He has somehow found the blueprints of the arrowhead designs and duplicated them perfectly. The arsenal of unique arrows are extensive :

Broadhead arrowhead: These are triangular shaped arrowheads and are mostly commonly used throughout history in wars and habitually preferred by hunters throughout the world. The function of these deadly arrows are to traumatically deliver a wide cutting edge as to kill an opponent as quickly as possible by cleanly cutting or severing major blood vessels and causing further internal trauma and bleeding within the target until the arrowhead is removed.

JUDO tipped arrowhead: These arrowheads have a four pronged tip which are designed to penetrate into an opponent and not leave, but embed themselves into an opponents body and stop them escaping through a metal line being attached to the back of the arrow and the bow. An electrical current can be run through the electrical line in an attempt to electrocute an attacker who is stronger than usual.

Fragmentation arrows: Considerably more dangerous and malicious in thought, these arrows are made from the same Trion and upon departure from his weapon are instructed to deceptively take the appearance of a standard straight arrow being nothing out of the ordinary...Yet, upon command they would explode and fragment into a plethora of deadly Trion-Shrapnel in all directions .capable of totally annihilating even the strongest and most durable opponent with hundreds of miniature lacerations and punctures in under a second, rendering them torn apart from the inside out with only a single shot.

Flechette arrows: As per usual, upon departure from bow these arrows look like the standard straight arrow posing no abnormal harm to an opponent. However, during flight these arrows are capable of dividing into dozens of miniature flechettes capable of dousing a large area with a single shot. Each flechette upon division travels at supersonic speeds (due to the bows powerful shot) and even a single cut could render an opponent defeated due to the forces imparted.

Energy absorption arrows: These arrows are capable of utilizing the energy absorption properties of Trion to render opponents significantly weaker upon contact or being near the presence of the metallic substance. These are strategically used against opponents who are not purely physical and rely on metaphysical, or ethereal means of existence and may be harder to combat. They are also capable of reducing the thermal energy of an object and rendering them frozen, or attempting to freeze the target if required during combat (by "stealing" the heat from an opponents body).

Pressure arrows (Written by Impero):These Trion arrows rapidly envelop the target in a specialized, spacial isolating field, specifically separating the enveloped target from the Earth's atmospheric pressure. As a result, the liquid that consists of seventy percent of the contents in the human body fails to remain in its liquid state, causing exponential expansion until the formation of water vapor. This violently causing severe internal swelling throughout the body, painfully swelling said target to approximately twice their body size. The swelling however, is insufficient to burst the skin. The absence of the Earth's pressure in this specific field possesses additional effects. The lack of pressure causes the oxygen in the bloodstream to reverse-dissolve and escape from the blood causing hypoxia, rendering the cardiovascular system useless, and no oxygen would be delivered to the muscles and vital organs. The lack of pressure affects the nitrogen in the body as well. It causes nitrogen bubbles to form throughout the circulatory system, leading to excruciating joint pain, blockages in the arteries and veins, strokes and seizures by bubble formation in the brain, and heart failure should a bubble form in the heart. Difficulty in maintaining blood pressure would be an existent dilemma as well. The final effect due to the lowered pressure is the lowering of the boiling point for bodily fluids because the lower the pressure in an environment, the lower the boiling point will be for any liquid in said environment. The nonexistent pressure enables easier movement for molecules, requiring less thermal energy to transform the molecules of a liquid into a less dense gas. Due the complete absence of pressure within the momentarily materialized field, theoretically the boiling point for of a target's own blood would drop to the same as the standard human body temperature causing fluids to boil.

Sonic disruption arrows: These arrows are specifically crafted to disrupt an enemy by giving off a dual pronged sonic attack in the form of a very high pitched and intense noise which can cause harm to most of the superhuman population who are highly adept at hearing, this alone could render the standard human crippled due to the agonizing pain pulsing through their ears. The secondary noise is a very loud, and sudden sonic boom which alone could rupture somebody's delicate eardrum and cause disorientation and confusion towards an opponent. To confuse a vehicle which may be using sonar as a means to locate Kurt, Stark further gifted him arrows which can deceptively use a transponder located within the arrowhead to mimic a radar echo with a delay to indicate incorrect range thus making it harder for him to be tracked.

Electroshock (taser) arrows: These electroshock arrows are an elegant approach to incapacitating violent opponents who wish to cause Clutch harm without ever needing to opt to lethal measures. These arrows carry an electronic pulse which perfectly mimics the electrical signals used within the human body to communicate between the brain and the muscles which are responsible for moving. The arrows interfere with these electrical impulses in order to tell (or force) the attackers muscles to perform a great deal of work within a very short space of time, and yet, the electroshock does not direct the work to any particular movement. In consequence, the shock depletes the attackers energy reserves and potentially leaves them too weak to continue fighting. In effect causing their entire body to cramp and become ideally incapacitated.

Thermally charged arrows: These Trion based arrows are able to fly through the air while their atomic structure frantically vibrates causing a rapid heating of the metal to degrees which is capable of burning through virtually any material on the earth. The thermal potency of these arrows is boosted by their energy absorption capabilities meaning they absorb the kinetic energy during flight and covert the energy into heat, rendering them thermally supercharged and extremely deadly. They are often used to burn holes through heavily armored opponents (and equipment/vehicles) with little to no effort.

Explosive arrows: Probably one of the most simple but effective weapons within the expansive arrowed armory allowing him to fire an arrow which can detonate with an explosion capable of blasting through the strongest bank vaults doors.

Adhesive/acid/corrosive arrows: These arrows upon contact with a surface are able to discharge an acidic or adhesive corrosive substance for numerous purposes. The corrosive properties of the acid are able to easily corrode through solid concrete while the adhesive substance is able to bind together things with a maximum limit of five tons before the adhesion fails. The adhesive is also able to be saturated with corrosive properties rendering it a sticky and highly volatile attack.

Electrified Titanium/Trion alloy netting: A simple arrow yet effective trick arrow. These are used to ensnare an opponent within a titanium/trion alloy netting and averting them from causing harm to Kurt through non-lethal means. They are also able to give off an electric charge and further incapacitate an opponent. If the situation calls for it, Clutch would be able to activate a thermal supercharge and heat up the alloyed netting, causing vicious scolds and burns to an enemy which could potentially be fatal. The netting is almost unbreakable due to the Titanium/Trion compound used...Sadly, due to it being an alloy and not a pure for of Trion, it is breakable if enough force is exerted.

Source particle arrows: These Trion based arrows were atomically infused with a large quantity of source particles during the process of creation allowing for them to fully tap into the potential of which lies within the realms of source particles and their versatile combat use. Anthony Stark personally gave Kurt these arrows with the selfish motive of watching them be field tested. The particles correspond to a signal attached inside of Clutch's bow and works via an instantaneous communication link to the bow and the arrows allowing them continuous a connection. The unique source particles are able to instantly alter the size of anything at a subatomic level with seemingly no restriction on what they can alter. By altering an items size they can exponentially increase or decrease an objects physical mass to scale without any adverse consequences to organic matter. They have also been known to interact with their surroundings and flawlessly mimic the effects of intangibility. The also have the capacity to disrupt most fields of energy and have even been known to infect an organic hope with an inorganic virus to cripple their biological systems. These particles are very elusive and it has always been hard for even Anthony Stark to analyse and understand how they work exactly. The only knowledge which has been deciphered thus far is they effect nearly anything at an atomic level (or the "source" level) to which everything is created, and with instruction, these particles have limitless potential.

Smoke screen/flash arrows: These arrows are simply a way for Clutch to escape and evade from an enemy without causing harm to himself or any onlookers. Upon detonation an emerald smoke screen is emitted which clouds the area in a thick haze of mist until it dissipates from the air after around fifteen or so minutes after being used. The arrows are also capable of sending out a vividly bright flash of light in all spectrum of light intended to temporarily blind/disorientate a normal human, this is also used to wreak havoc with unprotected visual devices (such as cameras) which are unable to adjust to the sudden brightness. The flash is often accompanied by a loud bang which in itself does not cause any harm to anybody, but can turn be used as a further distraction. These arrows are made from simple carbon fiber (stored within telescopic arrowheads) and are not intended to be lethal, hence being blunt and not actually capable of harming anybody (although, the sudden flash of light does emit a type of heat which could potentially burn or scold a target).

Power dampening arrows: Source Particles. Particles capable of almost any task given the correct programming, miniture nanites once used to disable Amaranth's intangibility. Often used to dampen the abilities of foes, first developed to restrict Psyknight's abilities (which worked) the arrows are able to usually bypass an opponents immune system, and constantly adapt, disrupting their nervous system and hopefully dampening, or restricting access to a mutants X-Gene, regenerative factor, or a meta-humans powers.

Cryogenic freeze Arrows: Arrows which fire and upon contact, emit a highly sticky substance which instantly freezes any target it is placed upon, capable of reducing the temperature of anything almost instantly, causing a body to freeze, thus incapacitating an opponent.

Echo Sinns' Utility Belt- Casshern fought and killed a certain dark detective hero and as a trophy acquired the man's famously used belt that holds an additional arsenal of various gadgets and tech. After unlocking it , Cole now wears it at all times and has made certain modifications to it :

Shadow Portal Bombs: Engineered by Kayle_Rez and magically imbued by Jon Black this sticly explosives combust and creates dimensional rifts known as a Shadow Portal for Clutch to teleport through. When set up in a tactical fashion he xan create a complex series of rifts to use in combat,

Sinnarangs: Shuriken or boomerang based throwing blades made to resemble the symbol of a death's head. Some Alternate versions of his Sinnarangs explode, emit electrical blasts, and sometimes come with detonators.

Tracers: Skull-shaped signal tracers that can adhere to most if not all surfaces.

Communicators: Clutch communicates with different members of his Wildcardz team and also with other allies using closed-circuited signals.

Smoke Grenades and Pellets: Clutch can throw these grenades in order to use a stealth technique, distract an enemy, escape a situation, or plan his next course of action.

Sonic Grenades: These disrupt electronics and disorient enemy hearing.

Flash Grenades: This gadget is used to temporarily blind enemies.

Mini-Mines: Mines that can fit in any small area or used as low-grade explosives during combat.

Thermite Explosives: Capable of burning through most materials.

Plastique: Small exploding devices that have a timer or detonator switch to activate.

Mini-Computer: Clutch carries two of these. One is located in his utility belt and another is located in his left arm. It appears as a virtual computer that he can contact other heroes or find out strategic areas in certain places.

Risky's Pistols-

Akira Overdrive's Power Capsules- The effects of the pills give the user an extreme euphoria coupled with a 15 minute boost of adrenaline,neural activity ,and increase in all around power. The drawback is that the pills become highly addictive and habit forming,and if the urge is not fed the user will be in a state of rage and insanity,furthermore they have been shown to damage even the most fortified of minds.

The Tyrant Skull Armor:

This one of a kind interchangeable armor is constructed from a mixture of Adamantium from a SHIELD weapons cache, Nth Metal given to him by the Paper Ronin, and Black Vibranium stolen from the vaults in Venezuela. Has recently adjusted it for his deep space travels and encounters.