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Love how they connected everything in the History of DC Universe and hinted that there will not be another major reboot for a long time. Not sure how I feel about the anti-monitor being a New god, or Metron being a Monitor.Since one is the predecessor to the others job. Finally saw Darkseid daughter so that's a plus. Convergence was reference but not Multiversity, but in Multiversity NIx utotan said he set loose darkseid. Overall I am ready to see how this unfolds.

can you explain where you got this from? i mean its great news but i just seem to have missed it.

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Comic book fans never learn this simple lesson, never write off a movie before you have watched it. This is how the internet reacted when Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker. These guys sure had to eat their words.

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I have logged in after years just because the hypocrisy in the comments is beyond stupid and i couldn't help but have a say.. It's funny how people are complaining about the other Leaguers not being in the "teaser".. when a few months back everyone was mad at the fact that there were too many of them heroes in the movie. I am sure people would have whined and cried cash grab if the cameocharacters were shown too. Also people hating on Ben Affleck must not have seen an Affleck movie since Daredevil. He might be bad sure, but give the guy a chance. Remember how the internet blew up when Heath Ledger was cast as the joker.. all the gay cowboy jokes...those people sure had to eat their words.

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of course she is.. Perez's run, Simone's run, Azzarello's run

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but that's one boring superpower

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@jodin20723: the only plausible explanation that holds some water is that Ulysses absorbed most of it. U seem to be going on about control, but my point is, he may have tried to but he failed as all the energy in his cells were released. The blast should have burnt to the core of the planet.

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@cloudzackvincent: Ever think that the blast was contained by Superman? I think superman has subconscious control of its radius even in events where it seems he has no control of it. Ulysses was within a short range so this attack being focused on Ulysses from the start via heat vision says to me that the radius was extended far enough to fully engulf Ulysses while also minimizing collateral damage. After all he is superman and even when he "losses control" he is usually still some what in control and limiting unnecessary harm to the earth.

that's pure speculation, also it pretty much looked like he had no control over it. in fact the whole action looked involuntary. Also he released the entire amount of solar energy stored in his body and regardless of the area of effect, the impact should have been lot more catastrophic,

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The First Born must have been pretty strong, given the fact that he owned Orion.. and as seen from Godhead, the New Gods are pretty powerful and Orion is the best of them, with the exception of Highfather. However Godhead was kind of a New God Wankfest.