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Totally lost track of this. Gonna have to get back into the Clarice mind set (If this is still going on)

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@surkit said:

@closure: Breaking bad son, how have you never seen breaking bad.

She gonna shoot you in the cake the hole.

Oh duhhhhh. I've never watched it. When I discovered AMC the show basically wrapped up. It's on Netflix though, but idk.

HA! She's crazy.

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@flucks: I figured. It's way too long and it's hella late.

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"You're saying he's been hurt? Oh God." There's a sense of regret lingering inside the vapor of parted breaths, but that's not anyone's business besides his own. Knowing full well the severity of demons and their attraction to good people, Emmanuel decided to take lead even if his brother (@shawn_baptiste) was already three steps ahead.

"Please, dad dealt with this Japanese stuff because of her (@essence_) boss's family", he bit his bottom lip, preventing himself from elaborating on the happenings of that fateful weekend. "Sketchy shit happened the year you hit Europe." He grabbed the mask, even as his stomach wrenched with twisted uneasiness.

"So, let's not forget he's the reason we're so damn good." Manny tapped Shawn's forehead as an attempt to remind him, that regardless of their father's racist book labels the knowledge he attained gave them the power they so effortlessly explored.

"I think I can break the tether. Thing's a freaky deal and I'm gonna need both of your participation. Also, it's gonna cost pretty boy some serious dough. I hope you're aware of that." Manny wasn't going to beat around the bush, especially when this mystical procedure would place both him and his brother in harm's way.

"First, Angel be a dear and lock the front door. Pull the blind down too." For a minute he paused, admiring her movement's for the sake of magic. "Secondly, Shawn, you're gonna have to be a big boy and lay down on the floor." He pointed to the floor as if his sibling needed proper directions before continuing his chain of commands.

"I'm going to place the mask over your chest." If Shawn listened to his order then Emmanuel would have tossed the mask toward his sibling's chest. "Also, give me the book." If it were on the floor or clasped by Shawn's ashy hands, Manny would have yanked it into his possession.

"I know some Japanese. Like cussing and asking for shots of tequila, but I'm not a master at translating. Angel baby, do you speak Japanese?" Honestly, Manny just needed to cast a deciphering spell, but the thought of Angel being his magical assistant was something he couldn't pass up on. However, if she denied his request or saw past his inappropriate objectification, the lean and sometimes mean spirited angel would shrug it off and get back to business.

"Shawn, I need you to repeat whatever the hell I say. I'm going to send you into the realm with this creature." He momentarily paused, slightly concerned for his brother's well being. "I want you to get in, find Shinji, and recite a basic escape spell. It'll alert your physical form to move which will signal me to pull you two out." He smiled, attempting to reassure everyone this would definitely work.

"So, get in and get out. Simple as that. You'll be back in time for happy hour, bro." His smile never faltered as he mentally prepared himself for the worst. "Please, don't talk to the demon or you'll get into shit.....that I won't be able to stop. I hope we're clear. Now get into positions when you're ready."

(Are we cool with this? I may have gone too far. Will edit if need be. How would you describe this dude? I'm wondering if I'm balancing the right elements well enough)

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@acer_ said:

@closure said:

In other news I today in Uni I was asked about my passion in life and instead of saying writing (which I love)....I said food o.o

Clearly your mind is telling you to become a food critic xP

Honest to God.......I legit inspect food thoroughly before eating. So, no one would be too surprised if that were my endgame.

A lean dude with a taste for cuisine.....I could get a show on the travel channel.

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@essence_: I wouldn't call the friendship estranged.....Manny just saw Shinji not coming as very "holier than thou", but this is gonna make him feel kinda screwed up haha

I actually thought up a whole back story....that I should probably discuss with you. Other than that *applauds the post

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@pyrogram: Idk man. It just happened. I legit forgot who I was. I felt so stupid and I was a goof for the rest of the class :-(

Sometimes serious Closure gets lost....and he has to be reprimanded for leaving and letting clueless Closure answers questions

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@surkit: Um idk who Pinkman is. It's this dude (Dan Stevens) from a movie (The Guest). It looks pretty good. I'm only gonna check it out cause I like the director (He made "You're Next" which I watched earlier and LOVED)

I'm just weird, bro. Idk. I was in a hyped up mood cause I had a relatively good day and literal forgot all my life's passions and she just looked at me like I was a basket case. Even said "You're....a character. Gonna have to watch you." O.O

Though I'm not nearly as weird as her..........she has a passion for guns

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@surkit: I've actually had one container in my freezer, but I never touched it. I never venture far from vanilla, but maybe if I'm feeling wild I'll try something new lol *goes to check his freezer

In other news I today in Uni I was asked about my passion in life and instead of saying writing (which I love)....I said food o.o