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@the_psyentist: Sweetness.
Though i'd also like to be a patient of Miss Alexandra Steele.

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@the_psyentist: Cause I demanded it. Write something for me girly! *asks politely

@valken: Ok. Will do :)

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@big_and_bad: Cool beans. I look forward to it.

@the_psyentist: *Drags her ass here

@valken: IF you're still interested I'd be down to continue our interaction. I lost the willpower a week ago.

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@big_and_bad: Write something for me if you want. I'm thinking a bit of an uneasy friendship. I'll be back later to write.

@_animus_: I have to do some reading. I've been avoiding coursework like a paternity test.

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@essence_: YES!

@_animus_: Here you go!

This helped wake me up as far as writing this character goes :)

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Emmanuel remained unmoved, finding his inner peace as he tightly withheld the book, his mind dead set on getting this shit over and done with. "Whoa." He muttered, genuinely impressed by the translation enchantment produced by @essence_.

"Thank you, Angel." For a minute or two he's lost, thinking thoughts that ought to get him slapped, and he'd stay like that if it weren't for the stench of @shawn_baptiste's trench coat. "Good Lord." It's because of his brother that the lean, mean, and Listerine smelling angel reluctantly realized the time for flirtatious behavior would have to be postponed.

"Alright, alright, alright!" He begrudgingly exclaimed as he took the talisman from Angel, clutching it beneath the weight of his left palm as he mentally prepped himself for business.

"Grab a seat girly, because it's gonna be a bumpy ride." His eyes found their way to the verse, waiting for Angel to position herself before reading the Japanese scripture verbatim. And as the sinful words slipped from his full lips the physical realm repaid his nefarious actions in a manner of illuminating eyes and serious chest pain.

"F*CK!" Even through the agony he persevered, knowing his physical complications would be nothing compared to the hellish domain his brother and Angel would face on the other side.

"'re doing...BETTER THAN ME!" Emmanuel angrily spoke through gritted teeth, forcefully slamming the book onto ground, which would send a shock through the bodies of his lovely assistants in the hopes that it would send the entirety of their souls in the specified dimension in one piece. "Let me know if you're there," he mumbled as he readjusted his jeans, wondering if it was too soon to grab a cup of heavenly ordained coffee.

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@amora: *wonders who will make him a prince

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