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@surkit: Me neither after I read it again *shrugs and goes to read hit the blunt tweets

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@surkit: On my part? I mean he's already on his ass for smoking.....there's no point for over kill....unless he's legit pissed *Light torches

Regardless I enjoyed the post. Anyway, a wild zauby appeared.

@arquitenens: YOU'RE ALIVE!

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@surkit: Honestly, I read it as Shawn pushing it and Manny just goes with it cause what's the point to bursting his bubble?

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@mr__mercury: Drag me as in diss or drag me to different locales? lol

Also, thanks. Trying to settle on a voice for this guy. Feeling this vibe.

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The best.

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"What the hell, Shawn? What did I tell you about lighting weed with magic? It's not sanitary!" Emmanuel irritatingly smacked his forehead whilst unknowingly interjecting into an ongoing conversation between his brother (@shawn_baptiste) and what looked to be his pretty friend (@hellbender_).

"Oh, I'm sorry. Are you his friend?" For a minute he thought he needed to have a serious conversation about feelings and the need for discretion before noticing an enchantment book beside his casually reclined sibling.

"Because when friend's come over....Shawn tends to close up shop. Screw responsibilities, am I right? Like actual source of income be damned." Manny winked, subtly giving a thumb's up as a manner of proving he saved the trajectory of this conversation, but his painfully obvious sarcastic tone resulted in a more peeved off portrayal.

"I'm so sorry. I'm not usually this high strung," clearly working without his morning coffee, a lack of mug being the prime indicator, Emmanuel appeared a lot less aggravated than what he appeared to be.

"My name's Emmanuel, but I tend to go by Manny around these parts. Besides that I'm happy to see that you're relaxed." He pushed away the Bob Marley inspired beads that dangled on the doorway while attempting to promote an atmosphere of nonchalance.

"We try our best to accommodate our customers to the best of our ability. I'm just in the habit of penciling people, but you're here and that's all that matters." He kindly smiled, bowing his head as he darted his way to his source of power, the coffee machine.

"I'm going to assume that smell of fire was you and the reasoning for this visit pertains to that power....?" Emmanuel made an assumption based on the aforementioned scent, the type of book his brother touched a few short moments ago, and the sheer power of common sense.

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@pyrogram: Thing is I'm stuck between two frats and idk what to do. What do I say? "Oh shit, my bad. Didn't mean to click it." One frat is clean cut and the other TURNS the hell up. I'm caught between unlocking my inner ass hat or being the clean polished boy I tend to be. Decisions, decisions,

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I may have accidentally clicked "join organization" while looking at a potential frat at my uni. FML. How do I explain this to them? *hides in a corner