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"The damn place smells like weed,"he scoffed, his distaste for the lingering odor stemming from his brother's blatant disregard of Febreeze rather than the actual act itself. Nevertheless, he persevered through the mild inconvenience by opening the front door of the establishment, letting the shop breathe and the inner city know that Pair A'Normals Pawn was open for business.

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The picketers had been going on for hours now, what had started early that morning with only a dozen or so protesters had grown into the low hundreds by lunchtime. Some had come wearing t-shirts emblazoned with the visage of Dox as he had been dressed during his recently released video, one in which the White House's current resident had been painted in a very unflattering light. The demographics of the crowd skewed young, something one could identify with but a glance, all but a few could be no older than 25 at the most. The protest had gone on without a hitch so far, nothing but signs and chants to tell their message, even going so far as to allow themselves to be directed by White House Security to a point far enough away as to not break their own protocols. A silent but non-violent affair, yet one that would surely generate more exposure within the media on a number of fronts.

The signs:

Stand up against Spanish Armament Act - Economic Sanctions against Spain NOW!

Put Rama Red on Trial ! #NormalPeopleLivesMatter

Down with Maverick PMC - We Already Have An Army Not Owned By the 1%

My Tax Dollars Are Not For Senators To Get Laid With!

We Pay For The UN, Make Them Investigate STRIKE!

Shut Down the Military Industrial Warmongers - Avalon, Animus, Greystoke Industries


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There should have been a post genocide rpg for the mess that happened in Washington >.>

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@_animus_: By computer I meant the Ben Urich situation which was by the computer. Forreal. I knew Daredevil would be different the moment that guy's leg was broken in episode one. I especially loved the references and effect the Battle in New York had. It balanced humor well in a way that wasn't cheesy or off putting (recent Marvel movies have tried too hard...except for Cap 2). DD and the Russo Brother's Captain have been my favorite MCU depictions of characters so far. I'm already hype for AKA Jessica Jones.

Hawkeye would have been perfect for this type of series imo.

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@_animus_: Oh shit. That scene. Fisk is actually imposing. There's a scene with a car door and one by a computer that'll really make you go o.O

i binged watched the whole season and i'm about to finish

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@_animus_: You haven't lived yet. It's better than I thought it'd be.

I know, I know *sets up paypal account*

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@_animus_: I've been watching Daredevil and considering you're the closest bald guy I know...if you need a right hand man...I'm here! *raises hands feverishly*

I'll even make a new White House thread *bribes*

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@_animus_: I think I might be going with Gordon for my new guy.

*gets lit off that shine*

Anyhow is your alcatraz thing still going? Kinda wanna work there

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@_animus_: You sonnova bish

(Also, your official look is very GROOVY ;)

@the_shogun: That's what I thought. You can't see me *gets on top of high piece of furniture to get away from beast*