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@strigidae_23: No one ever sells a sexy boy....unless your Andres or Quintus lol

Oh you read? *faints (Okay?)

GASP! Beyonce makes more. How does one live without pop culture? Teach me your ways sith lord.

Clarice's song would most definitely be

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@strigidae_23: Ha! He'll be nothing more than a boy toy :-(

Though I've introduced a new Closure in Venz *makes her read the post

Also, did you like my Beyonce line? lol

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@strigidae_23: Yeah. Closure was always the main, but one day I decided to hook Clarice up with Mikepool and their story launched her up. Next thing you know she's the Queen of Olympus by fooling Gods and heroes alike. I feel bad cause I always use Closure as the introductory, but Clarice always takes the baton and runs.

@cassius_knightfall: Cease fire! Will do. I was gonna pm you anyway so we can handle this confrontation right >__>

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@strigidae_23: Uh oh sphagettio

I was referring to the fact that Ivana has a blind eye lol Thank you. It was late and the spark happened. Clarice has always been my most well written character. Though I'm branching out again with this guy.

Though she's definitely who I'll be remembered by. To think she was meant to be a secondary alt to use for a single rpg o.o

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@strigidae_23: YES! *chants

I'll move on. I've got deal with.

Don't tell me I caught Ivana's eye ;-)

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@strigidae_23: Thank you. I aim to please.

That and you hurt me bad, girl. I thought we were building something special....*hides the tears

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It was a late summer night, the wind was howling with unyielding might, and all through the ghetto not a single plight. "Once upon a time" , and in the midst of silence did a raspy voice mutter from a man dressed in tattered cloths. His face was painted with sweat and dirt as his chapped lips struggled to utter a story his little daughter practically begged to hear.

"Once upon a time.", he started up again, this time however he forcefully coughed to clear his throat, knowing his daughter deserved to hear the story she adorably asked for. "There was a princess with riches beyond your imagination." He opened up his bruised hand, revealing a golden coin, much to his daughter's enamored surprise as she grasped the special coin with small hands.

"She was so rich, so pretty, that her father, the pharaoh feared the worst. And do you know what he feared the most for his precious daughter?" He innocently questioned the child wrapped in cotton blankets, covering her mouth as she quickly nodded no, still clutching the coin as she remained transfixed by the unfolding tale.

"He feared boys!" He raised his hands upward, his inflection stressing the word boys as a means of dramatizing the surely unforeseen revelation. That and he knew his baby girl thought boys were totally gross. "EW! Boys!?! Boys are totally gross." Her response was right on time as he slammed his palms onto the foot of the bed, shaking the frame much to her bewilderment.

"Yes, boys can be gross. Especially, the boys the princess would meet. These were the type of boys a daddy is always afraid to meet." He squinted his eyes and stroked his beard, thinking and thinking before speaking his story.

Ancient Egypt *Story Excerpt*

"What's his name again?" Emmanuel jokingly questioned his born at daylight brother, knowing full well that situations like the one they found themselves in could possibly result in @quietus.

"Honestly, I knew you liked her, but chere was a grape I had to juice. You can't blame me." He pouted his bottom lip as he dangled her jewels before his disgruntled sibling. "I knew it was wrong, but I was too weak to say no." His strangely whitened teeth glistened as he earnestly smiled, trying to reassure his other half that everything would be fine, brokenhearted women and angry pharaohs aside.

"What do you say? Let bygones be bygones. I'm sure you'll find another woman to love." He nonchalantly shrugged, not at all concerned about his brother's feelings, because at the end of the day family prevail over all and money would make their world go on and on.


"Daddy?" His daughter was caught off guard, in fact she's a bit saddened, because her daddy's story of being wary of bad boys came off far too surreal. "Are you okay?" She innocently questioned, opening up her arms to embrace his her tired father.

"Just be careful with boys, Allison. And always be good to your brother. That's all I have to say." He spoke with haste, barely able to maintain his stature as he hobbled toward his daughter, kissing her forehead as she lay down for bed. "Goodnight, sweetheart. Daddy will see you tomorrow." Emmanuel muttered with a slight smile, making his way to the exit before turning the light off. "Until then. I've got things to do." He pulled his hood over his messy hair, walking the streets with the intention of finding a man who owed him money....and a favor.

@pyrogram: (This happened)

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