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@_animus_: By computer I meant the Ben Urich situation which was by the computer. Forreal. I knew Daredevil would be different the moment that guy's leg was broken in episode one. I especially loved the references and effect the Battle in New York had. It balanced humor well in a way that wasn't cheesy or off putting (recent Marvel movies have tried too hard...except for Cap 2). DD and the Russo Brother's Captain have been my favorite MCU depictions of characters so far. I'm already hype for AKA Jessica Jones.

Hawkeye would have been perfect for this type of series imo.

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@_animus_: Oh shit. That scene. Fisk is actually imposing. There's a scene with a car door and one by a computer that'll really make you go o.O

i binged watched the whole season and i'm about to finish

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@_animus_: You haven't lived yet. It's better than I thought it'd be.

I know, I know *sets up paypal account*

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@_animus_: I've been watching Daredevil and considering you're the closest bald guy I know...if you need a right hand man...I'm here! *raises hands feverishly*

I'll even make a new White House thread *bribes*

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@_animus_: I think I might be going with Gordon for my new guy.

*gets lit off that shine*

Anyhow is your alcatraz thing still going? Kinda wanna work there

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@_animus_: You sonnova bish

(Also, your official look is very GROOVY ;)

@the_shogun: That's what I thought. You can't see me *gets on top of high piece of furniture to get away from beast*

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@shadowswordmaster: That's the nicest thing you've ever written to me :'-)

@the_shogun: *kicks out a two. In an effort to survive, the remote goes super remote as it pounces up and it you with a vertical five knuckle shuffle*

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@mth_: haha! Thanks. I'm trying to learn how to spot the issues cause I know there are some, but I hate asking people on this site cause critique here is more along the lines of "Eat his soul."

@_nox_: I'm still a bit bitter about the D.C. thing...I wanna fight Warsman.

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Months Ago....

"Why would you trust a girl that has bigger tits than her head?" *click*

"President Pierce: Hero or War Criminal?" *click*

"True Life: I drink mutant pee." *click*

"Zayn Malik." *click*

He sits there, legs parted like the red sea, emotionally disappointed by the coverage his cable company sold him on. His eyes flutter a bit, they're honestly teary eyed, because the multitude of half winded reality shows mixed in with inflammatory broadcast journalism is too much to digest after two pies of extra cheesy pizza.

"This, this is why the internet has won!" He shakes his fists to the sky, looking to heavens with the knowledge that this is the reason God abandoned his children....that and Republicans.

Anyhow without much faith for his dusty television set the misty eyed colored commentator slaps his muscled thighs with the zest of Travis Barker.

*BEEP!* He ignores the alert. *BEEP* He's ignores the alert harder. *BEEP!* He's aggravated at this point, but this call must be important, especially if they're so incessant on calling him this early in the afternoon.

So, much to his adulation the messy haired Gothite with the frat boy aesthetic begrudgingly leans onto his left side, reaching into his pocket for his health care phone. At first it's a struggle, swallowing that entire Pepsi bottle really did a number on him, but eventually it's within his grasp.

"Okay, okay. Alright. I'm sorry Dee, I'm sorry, you know I'm like 84 when its comes to using phones. Alright, alright. Calm down. Speak slowly. Tell me what's up and maybe I can....the TV? Sure, give me a moment."

He reaches downward, the side of his face pressed against the arm of his couch whilst his chin hovered over the crevice between the arm and the cushion, all the while his hand dance around his butt before finding the remote beside his taint.

"Channel 52? Okay, okay. Hold on. Gimme a second, shit...I'm was joking. Dee, calm down. You're really freaking me.......out."




"God Modding: Fact or Fiction? More at ten." *click*

He pops up at full attention. "This...this is news." He mutters as he covers his mouth.

Dee chimes in, reminding him why this matters.

"Honestly, let me live." He retorts with a tinge of irritation prior to canceling the call.

"I just loss my mom."


It's me again fam. Just trying my hand at writing again. I think this piece is better than the previous one, but I'm trying to work on the whole past/present tense stuff. Figured if I come back here...I should use this time to get better. Also if someone wants to be my partner in crime lemme know!

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@_grifter_: *eyes your av...makes a Claire Temple archetype*

It's nice to be back...just tossing around ideas at the moment. Gonna try and take my hand at making new characters.