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Might have to try out that Punisher book.

Love Kang relaxing in his floating bean bag chair with the Damocles sword. Hopefully he makes a big return to this story. I like the Apocalypse Twins but I hope he comes back to be a central role in the story.

Sad that the countdown to the end of Scarlet Spider has begun.

Almost exactly what I was thinking

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You, sir, are a bad ass. Well done!

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Of course the haters let themselves be heard, fact remains: events sell!! This also means there are more people liking it than hating it. People just don't bother to post about things they like and the ones that hate it are posting more quickly and more often.

Haters you are a minority! Sales prove it and not just this once but marvel have been doing these events lots of times in the past so they obviously sell.

So maybe we should stop the hating and post more about what we like or at least have an intelligent discussion about it.

So everyone that likes events (like i do for the most part) speak up. Lets get a dialogue going instead of just saying i hate the art, i hate Hickman, I hate Marvel. We've heard that before and gets dull real fast.

Best comment I have seen in a while. I agree wholeheartedly

@Tommythehitman: same in the store i go to lol. Shameless how hard this event is being hyped. A smash hit? I bought it, it's great to look at but it's not great, it's not a smash hit. It's cluttered with numerous characters no reader ( I think) is really invested in and the Avengers keep playing catch up and second fiddle to all these other space characters. Yea great set up read... But I'll not be buying the next issues. THAT is what Marvel wants and all these fine folks want you to do in these websites, buy more and more pointless books. Not surprisingly this first issue already has an add for ANOTHER Avengers book that results from these events, so yeah that saves you a lot of money!! Nothing will happen to earth, Thanos will not win, the Builders won't win, but Marvel will!! They will make you spend lots of money so that they can convince you to spend more money down the line with another unnecessary Avengers book. This isn't a SMASH HIT, it's just another pointless event book. Save your money and buy other more deserving of your dollar books kids (not really kids ).

This is the dumbest thing I've read today.

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@jamdamage: People will always complain (especially about Marvel events). Give a guy a million dollars and he'll bitch that he has to pay taxes on it. True Story.

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So many people on here saying they no longer read Marvel's events, yet they are bitching about how bad they are. How the fuck do they know if they didn't even read it?

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Brett Booth is so damn awesome. His Doomsday is much better than the new 52 redesign. Also Francavilla's Etrigan f'n rocks!

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How can you complain about the pencils and still give the issue 5 stars?

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@zeeguy91 said:

@m3th said:

Where's her mask?

Cheshire didn't always wear a mask. In fact, I think she hasn't worn a mask in the majority of her appearances.

But the mask is so cool

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