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giygas feats?

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Both win against Hyperion lol.

New 52 benched the earths weight for 5 days and wanted more weight

Pre 52 has plenty of feats showing he can take him down.

Oh Dc will you quit throwing away your retcons with silliness? I swear they keep writing themselves into power eb corners than have to reboot everything to fix it than just do it allover again LOL

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Ultimate madrox would solo. BUT i gotta say bats and deathstroke 5.3/10 times.

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well only way hulkster can take this is if Doomsday splating abomination made him mad eanough. DD 9/10 times

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if my fifty cal you mean an anti tank weapon? that i think i may have a chance if i happen to hit. But if the hippo gets close to me none of the other stuff is gonna save me. they can bite aligators in half.

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Thanos is FTL. During Infinity gauntlet he depowered the gauntlet to lay the smack down on the heroes to please death. which he did and just as thanos was about to smite captain America, Adam warlock commands the silver surfer to speedblits for the gauntlet at full speed. Thanos knew they were there for two reasons. he has cosmic awareness and and he saw them there earlier. Low and behold thanos Dodged FTL reflexes confirmed.

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There are multiple instances of people creating Kryptonite radiation that effects superman. Surfer could easily duplicate the feat.

Also throwing planets and destroying solar systems (SAS biggest feat as far as i can find) are easily accomplished by surfer.

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@inconvenient_truth: You do realize that Juggernaut has has years of dealing with magic users. Very few have actually managed to get the better of him?

Do you realize that the claws of Horus couldn't KO Superman?

Do you realize that Hawkman's strength is low superhuman, Juggernaut can overpower the Hulk?

The man has never been effected by magical weapons that way before. He took head on blasts/hits from Mjolnir (A magical weapon that puts Hawkman's to shame) and it did literally nothing to him. So how does Hawkman's magical weapons make any difference at all?

Juggernaut can literally walk up to Hawkman, and end his life in a single blow.

Actualy i recall an issue of thor where mjolnir drain Juggs just long eanough for thor to nock him out.

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I dont know he did hurt the juggernaught with his swords and put up a good fight and jugs is above street level as well.

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Well to be honest i only saw the first half of the movie with UMB in it BUT FW Goji was a super beast with awesome fighting skill and durability and insane power. I think he would trash UMB.