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That's Jim Lee's awesome work
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These are comic book characters not real life heroes. When Superman turned into pure energy he didn't do pit willingly. This was DC's way of changing things up to increase sales, obviously. The Venom symbiote took Spidey, he did not choose it. When the symbiote was removed Black Cat gave him an identical costume because the black made a statement to criminals. Let us not forget the Back in Black storyline. Iron Spidey was also to increase sales and state his place alongside  his newfound friend, boss and mentor Iron Man. He then discarded it to make a statement that he was not associated with pro-registration. Creators change the costumes of heroes for the sake of sales and to go with the times. I personally enjoy the changes because they're different they bring about a little excitement and i know they won't last long. Besides everyone knows the popular and Classic heroes such as Spidey, Supes, Bats and Cap will always rock the same digs. So enjoy whats going on, cuz we all know that it won't be the costume that brings down the character. It will be the poor writing and crappy artwork that drags a character down. So we shouldn't get so hung up on a little costume we know won't last. Also, everyone gets a costume shange, so why is it the Hulk still has the same purple pants.
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Is this Bruce Wayne? I assume it is. Bruce Wayne was in issue 61, nut then Blackest Night came soon after. So, I figured all the events before took place before his death. When do these events take place? In the latest issue which I've only takin a glimpse at, never really shows batmans face, just shy's away from it like the intention is to hide hide who's under the cowl. Any ideas?
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Since he did issue Spawn 101, I've only seen him doing covers, the layout for Haunt and something on a Halloween series. Does he draw comic books anymore?
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is that it 
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Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, Nightwing, Jason Todd, Red Robin, Damian Wayne  
Spider-Man, Black Cat, Daredevil, Venom (Eddie Brock), Toxin, Spider-Girl 
Brooklyn rooftops. The only way to win is to fight to the death, unconsciousness, or surrender. No Prep time.  They have one hour to fight to a conclusion or God destroys the planet. Just because. Who wins and why?
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the teenage girls may be taking it to extremes. but that's what young ladies do. when i was younger it was all about Tom, Brad and Antonio in Interview with the Vampire.
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This thread is pathetic. They were great books and great movies. Meyer brought a new and fascinating look to the vampire genre and still completetely maintaining the classical depiction of the vampire. Just my opinion though.
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Superboy-Prime curbstomps the Avengers. He runs through them all just like he did the DC Universe in Infinite crisis. He'll treat Thor the same way he did Black Adam. He'll laugh in his face and knock him into the next universe. When he reaches the Hulk and The Sentry I see them teaming up to battle him. Hulk will be BFR'd, in my opinion the only way to beat Hulk. When Prime stands off against Sentry, I don't know what will happen. Unless someone can create a red sun I would have to say that Prime kills everyone then whines about it later.
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A reboot is a bad idea  since the franchise had such a successful run, aside from #3 which was a major disappointment in my eyes. Nonetheless the reboot will probably turn out well and theatres acroos the country will be packed. I just hope the new Peter Parker isn't such a sissy. I don't know if they were hoping to get Tobey Maguire an academy award or what but Peter Parker was never that weak. Reboot or not I hope it's good and I wish them well.