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I like how now they're suddenly deciding that 4 issues in is too early for a tie-in. Court of the Owls...Death of the Family...Zero Year...the book has been nothing but forced tie-ins so far. Glad to see they're finally moving away from that, though.

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I have been saying in a few Cyclops battle of the week threads that he can do the AOE blast and turn [Nightwing, Robin (any or all), Wolverine, Gambit] into a bare skeleton. According to the Sentinal and Mr. Sinister scans above, no one can argue with me.

The thing with the battle of the week, though, is that it's supposed to be in character. Cyke wouldn't do that to a human he knows next to nothing about. He knew the Sentinel was a machine and that Sinister would bounce back somehow. That's why the massive blast is really only a possibility with Wolverine, since he knows Logan would probably survive. The others? He wouldn't risk it.

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I just don't understand why all the girls are on their tiptoes in the one shot...

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The list is good, but isn't it Cyclops month?

Yeah, as much as I like Deadpool, logic, man!

They did it because of the movie announcement, I think.

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didnt see that one coming. I don't even know who Ninja Samurai Jack is lol. But i must say he looks like a BAMF. Time to do some research.

Im gonna also assume that there is gonna be a crap ton of Ninjak battle threads after this.

At first, I totally thought you meant "BAMF" like the little blue guys from Wolverine & the X-Men and was all confused. Then I remembered what it stands for. Makes a lot more sense now lol.

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Does anyone else think this looks and reads like something awful? I mean...that dude's face...the costume being the wrong colors... And a visual medium like comics should never have to SAY how beautiful someone or something is. It should be evident in the art. I was super excited when I saw that Diana was getting a second solo book, but this has me pretty discouraged.

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So...wait...I'm a fan, but is that a gun turret on the front? And are those...flashlights? For headlights?

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I don't like that they are being so dismissive of continuity, but I could get past it. I just really wish they would've capitalized on the potential this group had with Quentin and Idie and Evan and Eye-Boy and that group instead of still focusing so much on the adults at the school.

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Honestly, I think it comes down to mood more than anything else. How pissed off at each other are they that day? If it's bad enough, we all know Cyke could open up the floodgates and take this, no problem. Same could be said for Logan if he's driven enough to get to Cyke and go to town, but if for some reason they go a route that draws the encounter out a bit, it's going to get a bit more interesting. In hand-to-hand, I'd have to give it to Wolverine. Just with his durability and his close-quarters weapons, he's got a significant upper hand. What really balances it, though, is how well they know each other. It's not like some other random encounters for Wolverine where people may not know about his healing factor so they would hold back. Cyclops knows what Logan is capable of coming back from, so he doesn't have to stop himself. Like others have said, it's not like this fight hasn't happened before in print, and it's gone both ways. While (as a fanboy) I really want to say that Cyke would take this, I have to go with too close to call. It depends too much on their mood on any given day to really predict how it would all pan out. Cyke could obliterate Logan before he closes in, or it could wind up in hand-to-hand and Logan just needs really one good hit with the claws to shut Scott down.

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I loved Hush as an introduction. It just used so many great characters and was such a fun ride.

My only real issue with the list is Death of the Family. It had such potential to become a truly scary story, but it fell so flat by the end that it was actually the reason I stopped following N52 Batman. The first time you get to see Joker in the GCPD, though, is just epic.