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Love that a moderator is mocking all of the Superman and Wonder Woman fans. Way to keep things civil.

Not surprised by this, but really disappointed. Given what the CotM content gives, it would have actually been pretty interesting if Cyborg or Aquaman won. Learn a little more about their histories, villains, etc. etc. since they don't normally get much time in the spotlight.

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It's kind of funny that the first thing criticized (the cover) is what has finally made me interested in this story. Not sure why, but something about the drama and the composition makes me actually want to read this, despite having next to zero desire to for the last 3 issues.

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I just really don't want Bats to win. He gets enough coverage already. Supes, too, for that matter.

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I am like nearly Avengers-level excited for this. Totally different situation, but I just feel really great about this movie. Hoping it lives up to my expectations even a little bit.

Also, anyone else notice that this movie comes out in like a week and it still isn't really known what the plot will be, but Age of Uptron doesn't come out for 9 months and it seems the whole thing has been spoiled almost??

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This doesn't even make sense from a broader sense. You've established these characters in the MCU as well and if people want to pick them up, because that's where there's a lot of opportunity, these changes will just confuse casual fans. It's just...ugh. Like others have said, promote existing female characters, not at the expense of existing male characters. Unnecessary.

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@cobramorph said:
@cade_calrayn said:

@vitalius: Well, since Nocenti's Catwoman was crap and wasn't cancelled for 30 issues, I'm not sure that will be true for this.

Catwoman is part of the Bat-franchise,so that alone will keep her books selling while a unknown nobody like Klarion will be lucky if he isnt cancelled by the time issue2 hits.

& honestly she is DC's second most famous female character after WonderWoman. So, I can see why DC would want to keep her book going for a while until something clicked. Which is why all of DC's movies fail, they re just a huge studio sell-out. Maybe not DC's fault, but WB's.

However, villains like Catwoman & Klarion should stay villains.

Disagree, characters are better when they are able to be a hero, anti hero or villain. Granted Catwoman and Klarion should be a bit more sinister, they can work out as anything.

That said just because they have their own book means nothing to the point of if they are a hero,.

I actually disagree with your sentiment. I like my villains as villains. I kind of get what you're saying, give the characters some leeway, don't make them so black and white, sure. But that's what makes certain characters so great. If someone tried to humanize the Joker so that his evil made sense it would ruin the character. Now Catwoman isn't the same type, and I don't know much about Klarion, but it's still changing the idea behind a character. It can sometimes be for the better, but in my opinion, it's gotten to the point where it's really difficult to have any actual villains anymore. Too many of them have been deconstructed and rebuilt as "anti heroes" to believe that half of the new villains are really that sinister. I'm starting to expect villains to be misunderstood or have some sob story. Which would be fine, except that when they do have that background, it's all of these tired and over used tropes that have no impact any more.

Sorry for the long post, just wanted to give my 2 cents (or maybe 12).

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This is gonna be just like...mancrush hour on CW... #notcomplaining

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Dat Elektra cover, tho... just awesome looking. Hope it makes it to Best Covers of the Week!

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I tried Valiant before (Harbinger was the only that appealed to me at the time), and didn't really enjoy it. The creative team on this might be enough to pull me in, though.