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I cannot take Phantom seriously with his pirate stripped underwear, lol. I am liking Flash Gordon's new redesign, though :D

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lol I love the "And in case you missed the officially released photo of Megan Fox as April O'Niel." on the end. Come on G-Man, now you know darn well no one missed that, why you trolling us? lol

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@kennyshat: Oh I agree, that's what really makes it such a better movie than the others, but it's still Cap's movie in my opinion. He has the center floor. So I don't really count it as a team-based movie, as where in The Avengers everyone was spotlighted at the sacrifice of those story arcs you mentioned that a smaller cast has the advantage of doing.

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Maaaan, I'm just saying. I think they could of made Gamora's yellow eye spots work. She just don't look like Gamora to me without them ;_;

That said, I am pretty excited for this. I hope we get a lot of subtle references to the bigger Marvel Universe. Like just a small mention of something like the Enigma Force would knock my socks right off! lol

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I want the Superior Foes! lol

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@kennyshat: Yeah I get what you're saying, but then you can say Iron Man 2 and 3 were team movies too cause they had extra characters. Thor is a team movie cause of the Warriors Three, The First Avenger because of the Howling Commando's, but really who is the focus on? The Winter Soldier is a Captain America movie with Nick Fury, Black Widow, and Falcon, know what I mean?

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1. The Avengers

2. Captain America: The Winter Soldier

3. Thor 2: The Dark World

4. The Incredible Hulk

5. Iron Man

6. Thor

7. Iron Man 2

8. Captain America: The First Avenger

9. Iron Man 3

Now that I have voted, that's my list. I do feel that Avengers should be in its own Team Based catagory, but until Guardians of the Galaxy comes out it would pretty much be by itself lol.

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Man this one really felt like a tie between Avengers and The Winter Soldier. I chose Avengers though because it really gave me everything I wanted in a Super Team movie, something we haven't really seen on such a scale. It feels unfair to compare Avengers to anything else other than the coming Guardians of the Galaxy movie, cause they're Team based movies. As far as single super hero movies go, The Winter Soldier really took my expectations and blew them away with awesome sauce lol.

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Ghost Rider #2!

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@bloggerboy: lol Squirrel Girl is also a planet buster I believe. Didn't she beat Ego the Living Planet? She's just unbeatable xD