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The art team. I'm liking this art team! :D

And MARTIAL ARTS! You know it's always great to see Wolvie use his various other skills, this is what he should of been doing at the start of losing his famed Healing Factor. He has it all, he's just gotta use it, sheesh. :)

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You know, I'm really liking Raze xD I think his look looks better without the Mystique flaps and skull belt. lol Batman.

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I had to go with Other, because I really liked the inclusion of Taskmaster in the Finch and Huston volume of Moon Knight.I really liked the contract of both of them on page. It was also the first time I'd ever seen Taskmaster and let me find out what a badass he is! lol

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I just want SMOOOKE!!! Smoke was so boss in MK9, he was easily my best player and all-new favorite. That said I also hope they continue the storyline with Shinnok's takeover.

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I just want SMOKE! Smoke was so boss in MK 9. I hope they continue the storyline with Shinnok's takeover too.

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Man, both of these runs were great... but I'm gonna have to give it X-Force. Yost really made the name and team "X-Force" matter in my eyes. Before Yost, X-Force never really got my attention accept for the characters on the team and I really only hoped they'd pop-up in other X-Titles cause I just didn't care about X-Force. Yost changed all that, and then it was followed up by the X-Force: Sex & Violence mini and the superb Uncanny X-Force by Rick Remender. Yost really just turned the whole way I looked at X-Force as where in Scarlet Spider (which don't kid yourself, I do love) I was already invested in the name. I expected and hoped Scarlet Spider to be good and it didn't disappoint. So again, my vote goes to X-Force cause it changed my entire outlook on the brand.

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Honestly, I don't like the characters Superman and Batman. In battle though, that doesn't make me biased. I respect what they can or should be able to do in any given match up. Superman is rediculous in feats, and in a majority of fan based matches I feel Batman does need prep, but not all the time. Characters on his level, he has a chance against, a good example is the majority of his Rogue's Gallery really, a lot of them are characters he wouldn't need prep to defeat and partially because he knows them so thoroughly. In case of the characters mentioned all the way above, I do think Batman would need major prep time to defeat them.

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ED BOON! Man, that dude likes to play with his fans. I love him for it cause he usually comes out with something, but he trolls so hard you just wanna wring his neck and be all like "MAN, just tell us if MK10 is coming, MOFO!" lol

Seriously though, this is pretty awesome.

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Yeah, honestly I like Jim Lee as much as the next guy, but I'm not surprised by his delays. I was suprised Justice League came out in an orderly fashion. Personally, I'd of been more drawn to the title if Majestic was in place of Wraith, myself. Seriously, they have three universes of characters and they still wanna make new characters in positions that some of the older ones would of been a perfect fit for? I just don't know. My faith in DC at the moment is at an all time low, I'm just waiting for WildCats and an Authority title to come out, and HOPEFULLY not be cancelled, but with DC's track record as of late, I doubt it.

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Yeah, Darkseid took over Earth 2. That's because it's outside of mainstream continuity. He can take over other Earth's, but the man can't take over our Earth lol. Maybe one day, and that would be a fun story arc to read, but we all know the JL will win eventually and he isn't destroying Earth in one blow. Unless you're SPOILER* Uncanny Avengers lol