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I don't think I like Kev Walker's art on New Avengers. Not that it'll stop me from buying and reading this issue, I'm just saying. I am an avid Kev Walker fan.

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ALL-NEW GHOST RIDER. Maaaaaaaaaaan, AWESOME book.

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@pixel_kaiser: I agree. I love me some Joe Mad art, but Ryan Stegman seems to be having more fun with his art in this, and he seems pretty ambitious with his backgrounds here. Not everyone fits on every title. I didn't much like Ryan Stegman's Wolverine art, but his Scarlet Spider, Superior Spider-Man, and now Inhuman seems to be where he's really putting in some awesome work :D

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@theacidskull: He might've seemed more dangerous, but I think that goes with how much more powerful he's becoming. Morrally I did like how in the end he made his own decision regardless of what Eli wanted, and it was the most positive outcome of the choices available. We see that Eli isn't in control of Robbie, despite convincing him to shave his head. I always like seeing characters who can overcome their source of power when it can potentially result to negative outcomes.

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This book was awesome from begining to creepy ending. This really makes me want this title uncancelled immediately. I hope we get to see where this story goes by the last issue and it isn't just swept under the rug.

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Yeah, I felt pretty much exactly the same about this title. Art issues, and for such a grand story, it felt off cause I was suddenly expecting the justice league or other characters jumping in to help protect Earth. It was odd not seeing that when you see Atrocitus's ambitious plan. It felt like he attacked another planet with no super heroes on it. That said, the ones that did make an appearance were pretty awesome. One-punch reference, funny, and I'm glad to see a relationship between Guy and Supergirl developed. I mean out of everyone that hates him, he needs someone that likes him that isn't a Lantern (even if Supergirl was a Lantern.) So that was nice, and I hope their trusting friendship is continued from now on.

I agree with this scoring, but I hope the story isn't exactly headed where it feels like it's headed. I like Guy's group, and he's helped really flesh out the Red's. It's my favorite Lantern book.

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This and Ms. Marvel are my top pics every month thus far. The negatives in this review don't seem too bad to me. I like the mysteries carrying over into future arcs. I definitely don't want all the answers immediately, for me it's kind of refreshing. I'm sure some answers will probably come about when Robbie faces Johnny in issue 8, and oh boy am I looking forward to that. I'm liking the development Robbie is getting, and I like wondering if Eli is trustworthy. It leaves me tolerable questions that I don't mind waiting for, as long the answers are coming, and this arc tells me Moore knows what he's doing. This is definitely my favorite Ghost Rider out of them all :)

I just hope people are buying this ongoing. I really don't want Robbie to go away, and I fear he might be getting overlooked in favor of all the Avengers Now! stuff we're seeing. I didn't hear any news about All-New Ghost Rider at comic-con and I was dissappointed by that.

@ms-lola: In past issues of Ghost Rider, not All-New Ghost Rider, but with Johnny and Danny, it's shown there are actually several Ghost Riders at one time. Some look radically different, and they all ride something different. For a time, Danny was hunting them all down and absorbing their spirits. So it's still probable for Robbie to be a Ghost Rider, but I think a major difference here is that Eli Morrow is a human spirit. He may not be a Ghost Rider, I'm not sure exactly what's going on and I don't fully trust Eli. He could be lying about not knowing. I don't know, but the mystery about it all sure is fun, isn't it? :D

@theacidskull: I believe at the beginning of issue four, Eli pretty much explains and sort of foreshadows how their Ghost Rider is was able to defeat Mr. Hyde. He says they're getting stronger every day, that they're already stronger then they were the day Grumpy beat them into the ground. He might not be on Mr. Hyde's level in terms of raw phsyical power yet, but the explanation above is enough for me to believe Robbie could give Mr. Hyde a run for his money in the following issue. I'm wondering what kind of physical effects Robbie will suffer the longer he's bonded to Eli. So far we see the eye, and we see the markings, I'm wondering how far it's gonna get. :O

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Marvel says "I know we're doing a lot of awesome solos, but hey, here's Spider-Woman." xD I'm broke Marvel! You done broke my wallet! lol I'm still excited for this.

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Ben kind of looks uncomfortable or stiff. Like a guy who buttons his collar all the way up.