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Well art is suggestive, if it's unreadable for you and you can't understand the pictures in front of your face. It's about high time you move on. That's what I did with Ultimate FF to be honest, but I did regret seeing it get cancelled on that last story arc. That last one was gold.

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lol Best new team War Cry... EVER

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Man, I don't trust Eli. I can't in all honesty say he's a bad guy, but he's not being straight with Robbie. Dude is keeping secrets. Blaze, I see you. I see you peeping. Makes me wonder what Blaze is gonna think with Robbie being a different kind of Rider and not neccesarily an Angel.

@teerack: Well the previous artist was great, no doubt. Scott Damion's stuff might not be on the same level, but I don't think it's bad. It's not unreadable or anything like Ultimate FF was. That said, there's no such thing as a permanent artist on a series really. I think if you like the book, All-New Ghost Rider is a whole new character and series so he's gonna need help to stay on the shelves, I'd recommend sticking with it until a new artist jumps on. The writer is still the same, so the story is naturally progressing regardless of the artist. Now if you were just in it for the art, yeah I'd say move on. Maybe look into the next Luthor Strode for more Tradd Moore art :)

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This is true, I guess we shouldn't count Johnny out just yet, right? I don't know why, I just kinda wrote him off when he walked off panel all happy and overjoyed lol. Silly me, I knew that was too weird. :)

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In Thunderbolts the Punisher kinda whooped Johnny's Rider and rid him of the curse. Considering Johnny's appearance in All-New, I'm guessing All-New chronologically takes place before that particular issue of Thunderbolts.

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THANK YOU, man I was gonna have a heart attack! All-New Ghost Rider is on the top of my pull-list with Ms. Marvel. I'm hearing rumors Ghost Rider is gonna be cancelled after twelve issues, then this solicit goes missing. Maaaaaaan, I was scared.

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Where's my CHAOS >:D

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How the heck? That's crazy. I was just looking at the percentages yesterday and Wolvie was winning steadily for the previous three days by like ten percent or so. I've never seen a fight change in the later days of the week on comicvine.


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MANGOG looks like a boss! Awesome :)

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I'm not sure how it wouldn't. Odin has fathered many children, it's not a stretch for Odin to have slept with one of Heven's Angels to have fathered Angela. Say it was the Queen of the Angel's, she takes her daughter back. All you really have to do edit the current story a bit and it makes perfect sense.