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So I'm actually kind of confused. Has the New 52 been cancelled now? Is this going to be a new universe in general? I know they say don't worry about continuity but at some point continuity is what makes stuff canon. Is the New 52 Universe still our main universe or are we about to undergo another reboot, basically? Please help with my confusion.

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Felipe Smith didn't retcon Gabe's handicaps. Gabe's been improving over the series, and issue 11 takes place ten months after issue 10. Lisa's been in the comic since issue 1, but everything might feel a bit abrupt cause Felipe Smith has to rap up the series in two issues before the start of Ghost Racers. That said, Ghost Racers looks like it can be pretty awesome too.

I don't think Gabe or Lisa are going to turn into Ghost Riders, but I could be wrong. I think another Rider is supposed to make a guest appearance like Blaze did.

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That's funny. They already gave Supergirl this power earlier in the New 52. That's a shame, I like that Supergirl had developed a power Superman didn't have.

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She didn't die, she was however paralyzed from the waist down after her fall on the train. That doesn't stop her from being a badass though. She still ninja's with the best of them.

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@beholdthevison: @scrappydont27: Well there was a rumor sometime back it was supposed to be cancelled at 12, but that was debunked by Marvel officials. So it really shouldn't be over yet.

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So the fact that the second All-New Ghost Rider trade collects 6-12 instead of 6-10 and the fact that there's no issue 13 solicit, does not bold well for All-New Ghost Rider readers -_-

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I'm always happy to help with the Best Stuff in Comics segment, but I have to add this one I just thought was awesome and kind of funny out of All-New Ghost Rider #10

Best Reason to drink more milk

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A Lightsaber in my opinion shouldn't be able to cut true or Beta Adamantium in my opinion. It has survived the heat of the sun, it has survived the heat of the Phoenix, it has survived the mystical heat of the Ghost Rider, it has survived many nuclear explosions. By all intents and purposes it is indestructible. The only means in which is has been compromised is by attacks that are either on the molecular level, magical attacks, or in What If? Stories that are largely not canon to the Marvel 616 Universe Adamantium. In the Wolverine Weapon X series, Logan faces a team of mercenaries called the The Adamantium Men that not only have his powers, his bones, but beam claws. They don't cut through Wolverine's Adamantium claws or his bones, only flesh. So for all intents and purposes, Logan's Beta Adamantium has already faced the Lightsaber equivalent in the Marvel Universe and survived it unscathed and uncut.