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Best convince your little brother out of evil moment!


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YES!!! FINALLY! I mean the character has been in past films, but I'm hoping she's put a little more in forefront if this made news.

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My prediction from left to right for the hidden characters. Top Row: Iron Man, Falcon/ Cap America, Vision. Bottom Row: Ghost Rider Robbie, and Nova

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I've really been Dynamite's CHAOS! Comics push, since the first Evil Ernie which I felt was really well thought out.

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@scavengerfist: I mean it all depends how open you are to a new Ghost Rider. Me, I LOVE IT. I loved it since the I saw the new designs and whatnot. Robbie Reyes is a great character, very different from your normal adolescent. He's struggled with duty and responsibility his entire life as opposed to having it thrust on him. The art in the first arc is great, second arc takes a bit of a dive with Damion Scott on art, but this last arc the art as you can see is superb. For you it might be different, art being subjective and whatnot. The story over-all is consistent throughout. This is unfortunately the last issue of the All-New Ghost Rider series, but the writer, Felipe Smith says that Robbie Reyes' story will continue in Secret Wars on the title Ghost Racers as well as a slew of other Ghost Riders.

I like giving new things a chance, I was pleasantly surprised with this series. I've always been interested in the mythos and concept of the Ghost Rider but I always found a lot of the history to be convoluted. If you're anything like me, you'll love this fresh start and new take on a Ghost Rider. Grab that steering wheel and hit the peddle to the metal! Vroom!

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@scavengerfist: Robbie questions if he even is a Ghost Rider in issue 10 but yeah, he's basically a different kind of Ghost Rider. Exorcism worked on the old Rider's, Danny had himself exorcized in his last mini solo outing. We're really in unknown territory with Robbie since he has a bond that's never happened for a Rider before. It's not just say a human spirit that's possessed him, it's a human spirit that made a deal with the devil that's bonded with him.

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Man this comic is so epic! So sad it's leaving us but SO excited for Ghost Racers coming up for Secret Wars, probably the only comic I'll be reading for Secret Wars. I don't know how, but Gabe better be okay.

@scavengerfist: His eyes are different colors because unlike previous Riders, Robbie is attached to a human spirit who's made a deal with the devil for a second chance at life. Because the spirit is human (Which Johnny says should be impossible), Robbie's been having an unpredictable transformation. So he's gotten things like that glowing eye, the scars, and alternative powers that other Riders don't have. At least that was Johnny Blaze's explanation behind.

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@hawk80: Gotcha, thanks for the reply.