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This is true, I guess we shouldn't count Johnny out just yet, right? I don't know why, I just kinda wrote him off when he walked off panel all happy and overjoyed lol. Silly me, I knew that was too weird. :)

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In Thunderbolts the Punisher kinda whooped Johnny's Rider and rid him of the curse. Considering Johnny's appearance in All-New, I'm guessing All-New chronologically takes place before that particular issue of Thunderbolts.

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THANK YOU, man I was gonna have a heart attack! All-New Ghost Rider is on the top of my pull-list with Ms. Marvel. I'm hearing rumors Ghost Rider is gonna be cancelled after twelve issues, then this solicit goes missing. Maaaaaaan, I was scared.

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Where's my CHAOS >:D

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How the heck? That's crazy. I was just looking at the percentages yesterday and Wolvie was winning steadily for the previous three days by like ten percent or so. I've never seen a fight change in the later days of the week on comicvine.


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MANGOG looks like a boss! Awesome :)

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I'm not sure how it wouldn't. Odin has fathered many children, it's not a stretch for Odin to have slept with one of Heven's Angels to have fathered Angela. Say it was the Queen of the Angel's, she takes her daughter back. All you really have to do edit the current story a bit and it makes perfect sense.

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I would of much rather preferred Angela to still be an Angel, even if she had to be half Asgardian. Her debut in Guardians of the Galaxy implied she was an Angel when they had no pre-existing data on her species. I don't like her being an Asgardian, but I do like this mini. So I'll keep reading.

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lol I heard about this and was weirded out at first. My feeble human mind couldn't handle the awesomeness of this concept, then I read this article and I was okay. Thank you comicvine for enlightening me xD

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Given the environment, I really do feel Wolverine should win this. That's not to say that Cyclops is a slouch in any way, but the environment is all the advantage Logan needs to take Cyclops down. Given the range, Logan's going for cover, he's going for stealth. He can hide from Cyke's but Cyke's can't hide from Logan due to his enhanced animal senses. That means Logan will always know where to find him and he'll be able to get in close. That also means that Cyclops is basically the one playing Dodgeball, and while he might last for a minute, it's just highly improbable for Scott to beat Logan in such a scenario. Hand to Hand combat leans in Logan's favor when it comes down to it, not just because of skill, but because of the Adamantium bones, and his claws. To put it simply, Logan can survive a hit from Scott, but what makes Logan so dangerous is that a single hit from him, claws or no can be lethal just because of his superhuman strength and the Adamantium lacing his bones. If he gets a hit on Scott, Scott might not get up.

On the flip side, knowledge is power, and while Logan's smart, Scott has that downpacked over his teammates. He knows the X-Men inside and out. Scott knows his best chance over Wolvie, is to be out in the open street. Cyke's needs an open environment to capably deal with Logan. If he can maintain that environment, he could pull a victory. The only problem with that is, his optic blasts. They're messy, it's not like he's just gonna one shot Logan. No, his blasts are gonna knock Logan in and through a wall more or less or over a car etc. Then we go back to Logan's stealth potential, and we go back to how Logan can win.

Given the environment, I have to give it to the Wolverine... 7/10