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lol you hit it right on the head, on all accounts. I have to agree on the whole getting rid of the scar and tattoo, Logan's already a unique looking character as it is. By adding these generic "Badass" kind of elements to his character design, it just makes his character look crowded and in my opinion kind of dumb from a design point of view. Let's lose the scar and tattoo. I mean, they could of at least tried to make the rose cooler lol, maybe give it a celtic kind of design, or wrap the vine all the way down his arm and make it look like it was feeding straight from his vain or something. You can't just throw a tattoo on the man and expect everyone to be on board, you have to go the extra mile. That way, even if people don't like that he has a tattoo, they might still like the tattoo.

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@god_spawn: That's just it, though. He "HAS" done all that. Show me a supervillain, and I'll show you a hero he's beaten to a pulp or outclassed at least once. That's the order in which comics generally go, Supervillain pops up, beats the hero, the hero comes back and beats the villain. Sabretooth just isn't impressive to me, Logan can admit till the cows come home that Creed's bigger and stronger than he is, and Creed should be just by size and muscle mass comparrison, but it doesn't change the fact they've been owning each other on different occassions forever. My issue with Creed isn't that he's beaten Logan, or that Logan has admitted on several occassions that Creed is stronger than him. My issue is, Creed doesn't actually bring anything better to the table than Logan does. Creed's admitted Logan to be his better at least once or twice, it just goes back and forth, and it's not fun anymore. Cyber was a dude that Logan was actually afraid of with an Adamantium shell of a body. Omega Red was near invulnerable and had them awesome death spores. Maaaaaaan Gorgon?! Gorgon was a boss lol. Logan killed them all, except for Cyber whom was killed by Daken. Creed has no excuse to have survived, he's arguably hurt Logan the most out of all of his Rogue's gallery, what excuse does Logan have to not have killed him by now when he's taken out most of his other Rogue's? I thought the whole Muramasa blade thing was funny, cause honestly, Logan doesn't need the Muramasa blade to cut off Creed's head. He can just do it, and just hasn't, with the exception of the Ultimate Universe.

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@god_spawn: Nah, it's cool to disagree. We all got our own opinions. I just don't see Sabretooth as Logan's physical superior other than being taller. Honesty, their fights go back and forth, but again, he just doesn't bring anything to table that's like WOW when he's facing Logan. He brings the same skills, the same talent, same powers, but instead of claws, he brings nails. He's just this kind of enemy that I feel should of been put away a long time ago. I feel like Marvel keeps trying to make Sabretooth cool, but he's not Wolverine. I've been like "OH MAN, Sabretooth is back!" lol. He's not what Venom is to Spider-Man is what I'm saying, where he brings stronger versions of the same powers with other advantages. He brings the same powers, but with a disadvantage. In my opinion, he just doesn't stack up, Logan's even beat Creed when the Adamantium status quo switched and Creed had the metal and Logan was raw. I just can't see how Creed can still be a major player or outlast Logan's other more elaborate rogue's gallery. I like the status quo shift he was given by Jason Aaron, but I'd rather of him stayed invisible.

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Manifest Destiny was so awesome, but then again... Jason Aaron knows how to write a great Wolverine. What I really want, is for Wolverine to finally finish off Sabretooth upon his return. Like really finish him off. No clone, no way out, seriously how is Sabretooth a match for Wolverine? I just don't understand. I mean sure, I understand how Sabretooth can mess with Wolverine mentally, but phsyically? Creed shouldn't be able to stop Logan from cutting him to ribbons. Adamantium Claws > Bone nail claws. There's a fight between Ultimate Wolverine and Sabretooth, Creed talks trash before they duke it out, but Logan just cuts his head off. It's hilarious, degrading to the Creed fans, but so true. If a final fight should happen between Logan and Creed, Logan should win. I'm just so tired of Sabretooth, I would of rather kept Cyber or the boss Omega Red, cause they're phsyically superior to Logan.

Okay, that was more ranty then I wanted to come out, but when Wolverine comes back? I want @god_spawn pretty much hit it on the head. However, I'm not sure if I disagree on the gun. Wolvie knows how to do some serious gun play, but I don't know if I want him walking around with a gun. If his return to under the radar just as God_Spawn desires, then yeah. Honestly, I just want Wolvie to be showcasing all of his skills to the tee. He's reinvented himself so many times, and I get he's not a genius, he's gonna forget some of the stuff he learns, but not everything. I feel like Marvel needs to put a writer on Wolverine that will not only bring Logan back, but bring him back as personification of all of his experience and skills he's learned over the years of his very long life. They need to put up some kind of rule to editorial "Wolverine can't act like this anymore cause we're reinventing him." I'm not saying to totally change Logan, but they need to set up a strict status quo for Logan and stick to it.

So in short, what I want from Logan's eventual return: Sabretooth dies for good and to stick to a status quo that is the culmination of all of his experience and skills.

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This is AWESOME news. Claws 1 & 2 just made me love this team/relationship. I wish it was acknowledged outside the mini-series some. I would love to see some Wolvie x Black Cat casual team-ups bleed into other ongoings :D

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THE ART hahahahaha, Awesome!

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lol The Bamfs are probably one of my favorite new creations that came out of Wolverine & the X-Men

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I reeeaaally love IDW for doing these series xD seriously, now Billy & Mandy? AWESOME.

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Oh alright, I appreciate the reply. Yeah, I was confused to see this on the previews. I mean I don't mind lol the more Ghost Rider I get, the better (All-New Ghost Rider & Ms. Marvel being my favorite new titles right now) but I was just confused and wondering if this got turned into a bi-weekly title like the early Marvel NOW! ongoings lol