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The Ghostbusters with Alfred can handle this.

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Superman should get a blue ring. It means hope!

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It boils down to the fact that Walker is faster, a better fighter, and smarter that will allow him to win. Jason has never come across an opponent as skilled as Walker.

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I think Walker has a good chance of getting past Jason's grabs. He know, grappling, various throw techniques, and has great stand up. If Jason grabs Walker, Walker can just flip Jason and turn it into an arm bar and snap his arm. Walker's kicks should also be powerful enough to take Jason out at the knees.

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Walker could just block or duck one of Jasons attacks swipe away his machete and lop Jason's head off with it!

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It doesn't say he can't use other weapons, and his rocket launcher is used in the last video I posted. Him using the rocket launcher to take down the helicopter is a feat. And we are allowed to use feats!

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If we take feats from Walker Texas Ranger, then Walker keeps a rocket launcher in his Dodge Ram! Jason isn't getting up from that!

The End

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@beautifultemptress said:

1. Love.

Pointless denying that Clark in love with her. In past issues of the comic, he began to be jealous of Lois to her boyfriend.Jealous it means love.And uttered the phrase Lois, that clear gives to understand that feelings of Clark is not unreciprocated.

2. They are soul mates.

3. They have the same worldview.

Both are fighting for justice.

4. She rescues and protects him.

Lois Lane is typically portrayed as one of Superman’s biggest allies. When Metropolis is curious about him and when that curiosity sometimes turns into distrust, Lois is often the one whose gut instinct and passion gets Superman’s attention, and together they help create a more hospitable environment for Superman. In the DCnU, the same holds true—Lois believes in Superman, defends him, and ultimately names and introduces him to the public.

5. Lois makes Superman better.

She humanizes him.

1. and 2. are basically the same point.

"The nosey human who always needs saving, falling in love with the alien mystery man" always seems so forced. To me someone like Wonder Woman would be a much more natural choice: both consider themselves outsiders amongst humanity, both strive to be a symbol for protection and justice, both can share the same extended lifespan, both actually lead the same life of heroics, etc.

I am not necessarily a fan of Wonder Woman being paired with Supes - relationships in comics are of little interest to me, but just the constant pushing of Lois and Superman together feels tiresome and needless.

3. and 4. can also be applied to Wonder Woman, Batman, and many other heroes.

As for 5. I would argue that the Kents would be the main humanizing factors in his life.

Please don't take this as me trashing Lois Lane. If you are a fan of hers, cool, but I just never cared for her being forced into such a large role in the universe due to her simply being the clingy girlfriend to Superman.

Totally agree!

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I'm pretty sure a matchup between a superhuman dead guy and a less-than-peak human with a gun and martial arts skills is spite.

I think that the video above shows that Walker is in pretty peak human condition.

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Walker can cause a lot of damage using his kicks.

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Walker can take a lot of damage and keep going.

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This video again shows that Walker can take damage and keep going. Also look what else he keeps in his truck that might easily even the playing field.

So to sum up Walker has the speed, durability and ability to fend Jason off, at least until backup arrives. I also remember Walker knowing a lot of survival skills, and should be able to craft some pretty good weapons, using the materials around him if he has to.