United States Colonial Marine Corps (Aliens)

Pulse Rifle: The M41A Pulse rifle holds 99 1omm rounds per magazine with an under barrel 30mm grenade launcher. It is the standard weapon used by the marines and is reliable as it is powerful.
Pistol: The VP70 Pistol is the primary sidearm of the marines. It has an 18 round clip and fires 9mm bullets.
Scope Rifle: The M42A scope rifle is a single shot weapon used as a sniper rifle. It uses a smart scope to see targets in dark areas.
Smartgun: The M56 smartgun uses an eyepiece interlinked to the gun to automatically lock on to targets, making it extremely powerful. The wearer has a bright blue HUD and the targeter will move to find a target.
The flamethrower is used by the marines to eliminate targets in small areas or bunkers.
The sub machine gun is a quick fire weapon used in close quarters.
RPG: The M5 rocket propelled grenade launcher is a heavy weapon used by the marines for anti armor combat.

Shotgun: Some marines use shotguns in close quarters combat to battle enemies. It is pump action and holds 8 shells.

The motion tracker is a sensor used by marines to detect enemy movements. It shows allied and enemy signals and their range(in meters).

The Colonial Marine armor is highly advanced. It can withstand high caliber rounds and shrapnel. It has a built in shoulder light and cameras in the helmet can be monitored in an APC.

The marines: Colonial Marines are a highly trained and equipped combat force that operates in space.

The APC (Armored Personal Carrier) is a highly armored and armed transport of the colonial marines. It can house an entire squad of marines and has computer monitors that are linked to the marines helmet cams.
The military version of the powerloader. It is used for heavy combat , and can be used it building structures. It's armament is the following: 2x M103 Torrent chainguns2x solid-state cannons1x semi-auto heavy rifle2x M103 Torrent chainguns2x solid-state cannons1x semi-auto heavy rifle
The M22 Jackson medium tank is used against vehicles and personal. It is light for space transportation and can be used by the marines as artillery.
The UD4L Dropship is the main transport for marines from ship to ground. It can hold multiple squads of marines, an APC, or a light tank. It is heavily armed having multiple machine guns, cannons, rockets, and missiles.
The conestoga class frigate is the main transport and combat vessel used by the marines. It has many armaments to combat enemy ships, and attack things on the ground. It has particle beams, plasma cannons, rail guns, ship to ship missiles, and nuclear warheads.

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UNSC Military

MA5C Assualt Rifle
M-90 Shotgun
Battle Rifle
M6D Magnum
Sniper Rifle
Sub Machine gun
Rocket Launcher

Spartan Laser


As shown above the UNSC has a vast arsenal of weapons for it's infantry. Rifles, shotguns, pistols, smgs, and heavy weapons make the UNSC a formidle opponent on the ground.

Ground Forces:

Marines: The marines are main ground force of the UNSC. They defend every colony and are on every ship. They make up the bulk of ground defense against the covenant.

ODST: Orbital drop shock troopers or helljumpers, are the elite special forces unit of the UNSC. Highly trained ODST have a successful combat record facing covenant forces on even ground. They jump from high orbit using jump pods to covertly land on an area unnoticed.

Spartans: The Spartan program created by Dr. Halsey was designed to create the perfect super soldiers. Children kidnapped at the age of six received brutal training for nearly a decade. After that they are genetically enhanced to increase muscle mass, reaction time, and bone density. After the procedure the survivors would be much superior to any human. For example at age 14 John-117 was able to kill three battle hardened ODST veterans with his bare hands. The Mjolnir project also gave the spartans top of the line armor equipped with life support in space, a HUD, gravity adjusting boots, multi layer armor coating, neural interlink to increase reactions, and power shielding used from covenant technology. Their battle record is unmatched and have only received minimal losses throughout the war. Although few in numbers their presence can change the result of a battle when fighting the usually unstoppable covenant.


Warthog: The warthog was a light reconnaissance vehicle used by the UNSC. It can reach speeds up to 70 mph, and go over almost all terrain. It is armed with a triple barreled 12.7 mm machinegun.

Scorpion: The scorpion is the main battle tank of the UNSC. It is armed with a 90mm main gun and a light machinegun. It only requires a crew of 1 and it can go over most terrain.

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Terran military

The Terran are a group of humans that were separated from earth in the Starcraft universe. In order to survive they must fight both the alien races the Protoss and the Zerg. In order to this they must be constantlly inovating their tecnology

Marine: basic infantry unit. Equipped with life sustaining power armor and a C-14 Gauss rifle.
Firebat: The Firebat armor is equipped with large flamethrowers on it's arms. (marine on right)
Marauder: Uses the same suit as the firebat but instead is equipped with large grenade launchers
Ghost: Psionically gifted black ops units. They are expert hand to hand combatants and are equipped with a AGR-14 sniper rifle, a personal cloaking device enabaling them to be invisible, a tactical Nuke launcher, and an EMP device.

Vultures: Used mainly for scouting Vultures are equipped with grenade launchers and have the ability to deploy mines.

Hellions: Hellions are light recon vehicle that can be deployed with a flamethrower
Siege Tanks: Terran tanks that can transform into a long range artillery piece.

Goliaths: Armed with three machine guns and a missile launcher, Golaths are both powerful on the ground and against air.
Vikings: Vikings although impressive on the ground with two massive Gatling guns, is mainly used against air for it's ability to transform into an air fighter where it is most powerful.
Thor: Thor are huge terran walkers that dwarf any ground unit they have. On the ground it is more powerful than multiple tanks combined for having four particle accelerator guns on it's arms and four 250mm cannons on it's back. Against the air it has several missile launchers that do tremendous damage to anything in the skies.


Viking air mode: The viking as shown in air mode. The viking in the air is very powerful having a devastating missile attack.
Wraith: The Wraith is a Terran fighter that has large cannons and multiple missiles to take anything out of the sky. The wraith also has a cloaking device to make it temporarily invisible.

Banshee: The banshee is an anti ground aircraft that can launch several missiles at a specific ground target. Like the Wraith it also has a cloaking device.

Valkyrie: The Valkyrie missile frigate is a warship that can launch numerous amounts of missiles at enemy capital ships in space, and is very deadly at taking down enemy air fighters.
Battlecruiser: The Battlecruiser is a massive Terran warship that can contain entire armies. It is armed with several lazier batteries, Nuclear weapons, and it's powerful Yamoto cannon that can take down an entire enemy capital ship in a single shot.

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USS Enterprise vs Battlestar Galactica


USS Enterprise a Constitution class heavy cruiser for the United Federation of Planets vs The colonial Battlestar Galactica. I know this technically not comic related but it's a form of fiction I'm interested on. That being said I've seen this on other sights but wanted to give my opinion on the topic.

Note: I'm a fan of both franchises so I will not be biased to either side.

Although the size might fool you the Enterprise can pack quite a powerful punch:

Round: 1 -Weapons

The Enterprise has two primary weapon systems: Photon torpedoes and phasers.

Photons: Photon Torpedoes are a shielded warhead, inside having a Anti-Matter Matter reaction, which is then shot at an enemy target.

Phasers: Phasers direct fire energy weapons designed to be more powerful than lasers.

Battlestar Galactica is considered to be a heavily armed battleship. It uses Kinetic energy guns, conventional missiles, and Nuclear Missiles.

Kinetic Energy guns: kinetic energy weapon[1] is a weapon that causes damage as a result of the kinetic energy (motion) imparted to a projectile. (http://en.battlestarwiki.org/wiki/KEW)

Conventional Missiles: used less then Kinetic Energy weapons, these weapons are armed with a powerful warhead that can be launched out of one of Galactica's missile tubes.

A Smaller Battlestar, Valkyrie firing ship to ship missiles

Nuclear Missiles: Galactica has been stated to have at least 5 Nuclear warheads on board. We have also seen the weapon used as a primary Cylon weapon. The weapons are fired through the same missile tubes as the conventional missiles.

Now that you know about their weapons let's compare:

Photons vs Missiles: Although similar in someways Photons are the clear winner. Photons move much faster and armed with a much more powerful warhead then Galactica's missiles. Also remember Nuclear weapons are no where near as powerful in space than on land.

Phasers vs Kinetic Energy weapons: Enterprise's weapons win again as Phasers again fire faster and are a pure energy beam. A beam of solid energy vs a more powerful and faster battleship shell is one way to look at it.

Outcome: Enterprise: 1 Galactica: 0

Round 2 -Marines and Security

Security Guards: Aboard Enterprise we see the "Red shirts" or the security (have been rarely mentioned as starfleet marines) aboard often accompanying officers, or beamed down on landing party missions. They are usually armed with type 2 phaser hand held weapons.

Battlestar Galactica Marines: Galactica's Marines protect against enemy boarders, board enemy ships, act as ship security, engage in rescue missions and hostage situations, assist in planetary operations, and protect against mutiny on and off the ship. They armed with Rifles, pistols, and equipped with battle armor.


This was a difficult decision as Galactica has about: 100-150+ Marines and the Enterprise having around 84 security. Both have received fairly extensive shooting and hand to hand training, and around the same mobility. The Enterprise's security (again or marines) seen to have no protection and can easily be shot in vital areas by Galactica's marines who are very good marksman. On the other hand Enterprise's security have phasers which can stun kill or vaporize an enemy without having to hit a vital area. In the end I'm going to give to Galactica because of their stealth and shier numbers.

Outcome: Enterprise: 1 Galactica: 1

Round 3 -Ship protection

Enterprise: The enterprise has advanced shield technology that can with stand many different attacks such as: Photon torpedoes, phasers, distruptors, and plasma torpedoes. Add to that it has a outer hull made of tritanium, a substantance stat ed to be 21.4 times as hard as diamond. The enterprise also has defensive phasers.

Galactica: Galactica has several meters of armor plated hull that has withstood Conventional and Nuclear (again not as strong in space) missiles. It also has hundreds of point defence cannons that create a Flak field in front of galactica. These however usually only seeking weapons or fighters.


I think the clear victor is Enterprise. It has powerful shields and stronger hull than Galactica.

Outcome: Enterprise: 2 Galactica: 1

Round 4 -Warp drive vs. FTL drive

The enterprise is capable of going warp speed, a much faster than light travel that bends time space to reach a destination faster. The Cruiser is capable of going at a maximum speed of Warp 8.

Galactica on the other hand uses a jump drive delivering a faster than light jump to a given location.


This is close but I'm giving it to the Enterprise. Warp drive is faster and seems less random then FTL jumps. I know Galactica can punch in coordinance on where it wants to go but they usually jump to a random sector in space.

Outcome: Enterprise: 3 Galcatica: 1

Round 5 -Battle speed and propulsion:

Enterprise: Enterprise uses an impulse engine on the back of the saucer. At full impulse power the Enterprise nears the speed of light.

Galactica: Galactica uses ion engined rocket power to move.


The Enterprise has another victory. The Galactica is slow and relies on its fast vipers to closely engage enemy ships. The enterprise on the other hand has great combat speed and maneuverability being a smaller ship.

Outcome: Enterprise: 4 Galctica: 1

Round 6 -Sensors vs Dradis

The Enterprise's sensors can detect objects at very long range such as planets, ships, asteroids, etc.

Navigational deflector dish

Galactica's Dradis system acts like a modern day radar picking up on an objects motion.


The Enterprise has another victory due to the ability to distinctively classify types of ships and give specific information at a much longer range, rather just detecting ships.

Other Factors:

Vipers: Galctica's vipers are fast starfigters that engage other fighters and sometimes capital ships. In total Galactical has around 120 vipers but only 80 launch tubes. Galctica has two types the MkII and the MarkVII. Vipers are equipped with small kinetic energy weapons and sometimes missiles.


It sadness me to say this as I am a huge viper fan, but I do not believe their weapons are strong enough to damage Enterprise. I doubt they can even damage her shield's at all, while in return the Enterprise makes short work of them with her phasers.

Ramming: I've heard people say the Galactica can ram the Enterprise and crush it easily, this is not true. The Enterpeise is too fast and can easily dodge the Galactica and even if it couldn't it's shields could deflect it. If the Enterprise's shields were off and the Galctica tried to ram it, the Enterprises hard hull would probably dent it.


No effect.

Visibility: Unlike the Galactica the Enterprise can see in a screen that sits on the bridge.


This gives the Captain (Kirk) a 3-dimensional view of space around him making command decisions easier to visualize.


It my personal opinion that the Enterprise could beat the Galactica easily. Galactica's weapons are too weak for Enterprise's shields, and the Enterprise could easily return fire and puncture Galactica's armor. Enterprise's technology gives it a huge superior edge over Galctica. So the victory goes to the ship than less than a fourth the size of her foe.


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What is the best evil space army for the Green Lantern corps?


Can Thor beat Martian Manhunter?

I'm creating this because if you go onto the links below you will see that Martian Manhunter usually comes out on top.... whether it's Fanboyism or just people thinking he could win I don't know, but I think Thor has the capability of beating Martian Manhunter.

Thor vs Martian Manhunter(please read op)

Thor vs Martian Manhunter (Best two of three)

I'm going to compare there main powers and see why they would or wouldn't work on each other.

First I'll go with Martian Manhunter:


Martian Manhunter's Telepathy and other mind powers are one of his best abilities...they allow him to read the minds of his opponents so he could be one step a head of them, he can find out crucial information by reading their minds, he can mind erase them if they knew too much, or he could simply mind attack them Koing (knocking them out) them instantly. It's been stated though that all Asgardians are very resilient to TP and Thor having much greater resistance.

Thor has fought many telepathic mutants at the same time, and resisted their mind attacks, and resisted Loki's spells.


Martian Manhunter has the ability to go through any almost any type of matter. Martian Manhunter supporters usually us this as a main argument for why he would win. Thor however is resistant to phasing creatures due to his Asgardian Aura. We see him to this while fighting the vision.

Also I have heard and seen that intangibility does not work with electricity. If that's true Thor can create a lightning storm to disrupt and hurt him while Martian Manhunter is in an intangible state.


Martian Manhunter can go invisible and be virtually undetectable. Thor however has super senses, and hearing has been stated to be able to hear on the other side of the earth. I believe he can hear MM or make a huge storm to flush him out if he gets angry enough.

Shape shifting:

Martian Manhunter can move and make his body into any shape or form he chooses. I do not think this is a huge problem for Thor because his raw power should be able to hurt Martian Manhunter even if he shape shifts. With shape shifting MM would be like Mr. Fantastic or Plastic Man which Thor should be able to beat rather easily.

"Superman powers":

Now this just really "Superman" (as we eliminated all of MM's unique powers) vs Thor in which I believe Thor has a greater chance of winning.

  • Strength: Oftenly debated they both have good feats and I have concluded this a tie.
  • Speed: Martian Manhunter take this with ease. Although people don't give Thor that much credit he can see things moving faster than light, fly at super sonic speeds within Earth's atmosphere, and go light speeds in space.
  • Power (energy attacks): Martian Manhunter really only has Martian vision (lazier eyes), which wouldn't do much to Thor due to him being able to take powerful blasts from celestials, Galactus, Thanos, Odin, Suter, etc. On the other hand Thor has massive energy attacks such as lightning, God Blasts, Anti Force, Blasts, Storms, energy absorption, etc. Even if Martian Manhunter used his Martian Vision on Thor, Thor could absorb it and shoot it back at him even more powerful than it was before.
  • Intelligence: Although MM takes it Thor is not stupid as people say (he's just cocky dealing with mortals). Thor is a good strategist and leader on the battlefield.

Skill: Thor has been training and using his powers for thousands of years so I would give the advantage to him even though M has been for hundreds of years himself. If the battle came to hand to hand (most likely not) Thor would have the edge due to his time training with weapons and hand to hand in Asgard.

With the evidence I presented I believe Thor would have a very good chance of beating Martian Manhunter in a battle despite what a lot of people say.


What they can do for Wally West in the new 52.

I had an Idea of having him become the new professor Zoom. I think that Wally should grow up with Barry and then later leave like Dick Grayson did with Batman. During the time he leaves he starts struggling in life. He might have his girlfriend die, or something of that nature. Later he becomes angry and doesn't have enough money to get by, so he starts stealing from banks. The public blames Barry and believe he is the one staling the money. Barry tries to get to the bottom of the situation, and finds Wally. Barry doesn't know it's him but starts fighting him, he notice he has similar powers and moves he does. He also begins to realize that this speedsters faster than him....later in the couple issues he might find out it's Wally or something. Anyways that's my idea of what they can do for Wally in the new 52

What do you guys think?