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Reign Supreme

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@troy_walker: I have to catch up with you. Especially, since you're putting up top notch work. My next one's gotta pack heat.

@antonia: I'll be on Legacy_ so hmu there if need be :)

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@pyrogram: I don't anyone would bite, but putting it out there anyway lol

You're super busy anyway. Wouldn't put this on you.

Thank you. Shini has really opened up my mythos for Clarice.

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Fancy. I liked this very mucho grande.

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Above Average

Clarice Michelle & Eden Mitchel

Against the code upheld by their lineage, "Protecting humanity from the devil's work," the Pierce Twins entered this world in a manner that conflicted their religious bloodline and the mutant hate spewed from the child called Clarice Michelle.

In fact, the manipulative witch was born just that (a witch). Actual clarification as to how that happened aren't certain, but genetically speaking the mutant genome does not exist in her family tree. S.H.I.E.L.D files on the First Lady have hypothesized a curse of sorts was placed onto her through her father's actions, which might answer the claims of abuse she's made in the past, while also explaining her history with the demon known as Shinigami.

Her brother, however, is an unspoken anomaly. Gathered Intel on the Gothic City resident turned Deputy Sheriff is at an all time minimum. We've been able to attain his tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, ex-military as presumed, but the guy is cleaner than a boy scout. We'd like to attribute his mysterious background to his elder twin, who although presents an incredible apathy toward just about everyone, withholds bits of empathy for those connected to her past (i.e. Noah Addams). Eden has become a high priority target. It's been known that whenever the two are in close proximity, bad things happen.


Names: Clarice Michelle Pierce & Eden Mitchell Pierce

Ages: 29

Date of Births: June 10, 1985

Species: Unspecified


  • Clarice Michelle - Telepathy, Telekinesis, Teleportation, Pyrokinesis, Divination
  • Eden Mitchell - Divination, Power of the Vernacular, "Superhuman speed"


I'm entertaining the idea of asking someone to write her brother. If anyone's interested lemme know. Other than that I just need to write this. It's not the usual shabang, but having this info out eases my mind. Bless your soul for reading my stuff :)

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But I deeply appreciate the sentiment :D Look forward to the reply.

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@pyrogram: Perfect gif is perfect. You've learned well.

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@pyrogram: Must you always kill the mood. Like damn if I wanna ramble let me ramble. Let me enjoy a dumb discussion. Like what the actual donut? *kicks cans, cats, coons, and every other thing that starts with "C"

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