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@pyrogram: Pyro! >.> I probs shouldn't be talking (I haven't slept either)

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@pyrogram: No sort of enthusiasm. We're drifting apart man

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@pyrogram: Her powers are wacky atm and she was using Stark tech. I wrote it as the tech catching some feed from his suit. All she heard was breathing, but it was enough to spook her. You have the choice of hearing her voice and responding through the comm. If not then I'll write it off as her being paranoid during this time of distress :)

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@anthony_stark: if you go forth with Stark v. Pierce..........lemme know :O

*holds all the cards*

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"I've got my son. I've sent for my ex, but all I can think about is my timeline. How long before America uses my kitty cat as an excuse for this mess? Don't laugh. You know it's true," she candidly spoke of her people without remorse, knowing full well how easy it would be to blame a woman for the world's tragedies.

"Lord knows they've been waiting for the final shoe to drop," this time her tone deepened with a sense of distaste, her time as a pro mutant cure activist immediately coming to mind. It was that simple factoid that could implicate her into a connection to the pseudo American attack on foreign soil.

"I've done my best. The national guard has been deployed to assist our citizens, but this shit is only going leave a stain. It's up to us to clean it up to the best of our abilities," she conversed with her partner via a Stark tech bluetooth ear piece, managing to handle business whilst adjusting her image for future usage.

"I'm depending on you @_animus_. If things run smoothly, there's no doubt in my mind, that we're looking at history made." Miss Pierce fluffed her hair once more, smiling as her eyes glistened with glee, but as she lead her discussion toward its' endpoint the transmission swayed. A interlude of sorts caught her off guard as the sound of a familiar grunt edged her along for a second or two. This interception was by no means intentional, it was most certainly serendipitous, but it didn't have an less meaning. In fact, it left her in a bit of a stir.

"I, uh, I have to go. Please, work your magical charm Mister Newscastle. Make your President proud." Miss Pierce half smiled with that inherent playfulness before ripping the device from her ear, and throwing it onto the marble sink with an expression of absolute perturbation. And for a moment she stood perfectly still, hands clasped above her heart, wondering and wondering if the impossible had actually occurred.

"That bastard.....(@anthony_stark)?"

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@_animus_: I'm actually doing another one with Clarice, but I'm gonna wait for you.

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@anthony_stark: Sleep with one person out of wedlock and all of a sudden your the stripper slut from hell. Shit, I didn't know Stark was republican :(

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@_envy_: I responded to your pm......