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This is within the realms of Clarice's vision. She won't say shit...she'll let this slide, but that doesn't mean she's on your side ;)

I wouldn't consider this a Civil War thing, but sorta the thing that would happen after the registration. The illegals getting GOT o.o

Go ahead if you please. Just don't expect me to like help....I'm retired *coughs*

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@jack_: Thanks :)


I'm not even suppose to be active, but I should...make a unit. It'd make thing fun again *holds friend auditions

@_darkwing_: I've dealt with so many dweebs here that sometimes I forget how to read it :(

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@jack_: Super City as a concept is an AI that'll monitor mutants and anyone enhanced. If they're deemed a threat the local authorities would be alerted and their powers dampened or defensive measures taken (adapting to the target). It's a concept that'll be tackled through an rpg after the new year.

@_animus_: I love nostalgia. Kinda miss the unit we had :(

@_darkwing_: She's drunk and delusional. I wouldn't read much into that comment

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In the beginning, I studied her choices, her relationships, her articles of clothing. For two decades I tried to imitate the prime version of myself, but I failed in each and every attempt. I tried creating the same narrative, changing my timeline to match up with her own, but instead I created a string of convoluted disasters.

Eventually, I realized I had to make my own conscious decisions, create my own opportunities, and for some time I thought I was happy with them. Presidency wasn't the same as being the Queen of Olympus, but in a way I was the ruler of my very own kingdom. An entire nation under my thumb, but even I just wasn't the same.

Angeni's Palace - December 22, 2014

"What're drinking too?" She's asked with a genuine bit of curiosity by the young girl working the bar. Poor thing wasn't even aware of whom she spoke too, but the simply dressed in crimson chameleon would entertain this beautiful idiot if only for a few seconds of alcoholic whimsy.

"A new beginning, sweetheart." She placed her glass down, leaving her honey bee lips with that signature devilish smirk on display. A truly unrepentant lady was President Pierce, smiling even as the girl began to feel an unnerving sense of discomfort in the back of her mind.

"A new beginning?" She unknowingly pushed forward through no will of her own, continuing the conversation past its' original destination.

"Yes! A new beginning!" Miss Pierce raised her arms from liquid delight, "A new world made through my own genius." She was an odd bird, but smart of enough to ensure her conversation wouldn't nor couldn't enter the ears of the unintended. As a result, she stood up, hands still raised, cheering the night as she pushed her makeshift friend on.

"How, how would that be possible?" The mixologist begrudgingly carried on, her eyes twitching as she tried to break free of whatever entrapment that forcefully placed onto her mind.

"How would it be possible? Oh my god. Didn't tell you already? I'm like a twenty-first century God, silly." She clasped her hands together, transitioning herself into the more composed stature her demographic was more accustomed too. With a tilt of the head, Miss Pierce telepathically inclined her attentive listener to bow before her graciousness before keeping this conversation between themselves like best friends would.

RING! RING! RING! "And right now. God has to talk to her prophet so shoo, shoo, and do what you gotta do boo." She earnestly smiled, even if it looked like it strained her face a bit.


"Mister Zeraz! Please, I'm not being a naughty girl. Santa knows I've been nice all year. I mean a few drinks for the holiday season never hurt nobody." Truthfully, she had no friends or family so being a bit belligerent had become quite the occurrence as of late. So, when her phone rang it only made sense for the supposed God to reign in her behavior. She had this thing for masking vulnerability with her playgirl persona.

"Wait what?" She paused, truly enchanted by the charming words spoken by her mastermind of a prophet.

"Oh, is that right? Santa Claus is giving me my present a bit later than rest? That's okay. So long as it's big, extravagant, and memorable. Just like moi. Oh, yes. Definitely. I'm ready for it. I've been ready for it. Just be sure Santa keeps me posted on the delivery. Okay, okay. I'll be sure to keep a watchful eye."

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So, this is prime Earth and Earth 3...or?

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@_animus_: My return depends fully on whether or not I can come up with a path. I want too though.

@arquitenens: will do.

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@arquitenens: lol so true. Don't read the receipts on me.

I'll actually pm if you're still writing.

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@honor_avenger: I already have the keys to the kingdom.

@arquitenens: I've been waiting on you tbh.

@darkchild: Honestly, I wrote this just to see if I have any juice left for her. I'm trying to find new avenues to write, but I feel tapped out and that kinda freaks me out. Like my talent has run it's course o.o

So, I'm not saying that path is closed. Just on hold. I still see opportunity there.

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@_grifter_: haha! Nothing. I wouldn't hurt a fly.

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Chapter One - A Sincere Recollection

On the very first night that I took the presidency, I walked along an old alleyway I remembered from my youth. It was this narrow space that smelled like a damp pussycat, but I strolled along that tight walkway, because it reminded me of him. Noah Addams.

I remembered being sixteen and in love, absolutely in love, and I felt as if the world around us hadn't been so bad. I remember inhaling the aroma and feeling happy, because I breathed in the scent of a sweet boy. I felt like I had stepped inside a candy factory, awaiting my just desserts. And as we longingly walked, his hand pulling on my own, guiding me through this shortcut back home, I thought to myself that this is what love must have felt like.

He even stopped. That candy cane boy of mine noticing how transfixed I was by all that we were. And in the moment he pulled me inward, pressing those slender yet tender lips against my own. His loving tongue made me feel alive, it made me feel good.........but I wanted more.

It's on that night as I recalled the past that I knew the presidency wouldn't be enough. I wanted more. I knew deserved more. I wouldn't rest until I received more. So, I've worked to the bone to get what's mine and two years later I've realized I'm still not finished. The United States, whilst my baby, still isn't the place I want it to be. The incident in Gothic City has given my administration even more power to do what's needed and push forward bills that'd increase the police force with better weaponry, with the addition of creating a camera operating system that'd be implemented in big cities as means of keeping a god's honest eye on those whom might be in need. However, I sense that won't be enough. With reelections coming forth I can't but I feel like I need to do something that'll make me the most memorable president in United States history. I mean there's always war, but even that feels a bit too extreme.

Chapter 2 - A True Blue Hero

"I have saved this nation. I am this nation. Pledge allegiance to my name!"