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History 101 - Apollo
Said to be the only Son of Satan, Apollo is actually from a realm abandoned by the fallen angel Lucifer when the fiery god of the underworld had left for a better throne.  Alone to his thoughts, Apollo knew that the only way to be of higher rank was to form a myth that would create fear in the hearts of humanity.  By mingling with homo-sapiens a cult was gathered in his honor.  For decades they have searched for the right host so Apollo may use in taking over Earth.  The birth of New Eden could only happen by using the body of Clarice Zeraz but when she fought off the half-powered Apollo, was banished back to his realm and humiliated by losing his piece of his land in the horrendous world called hell.  Now he waits, hoping his new servants finds a new host.  The main assistant to his master plan is called Matelda, a witch like no other

 History 101 - Matelda
Elaina Monorail was not the first leader of Apollo's cult but she was the one who brought upon a new era.  She was a fortune teller that was psychologically insane.  Elaina manifested a prophecy from her mind that spoke of three children sent from above.  Each child was destined for death as well as resurrection.  Called Matelda by her followers, Elaina drew in customers until one special woman entered her shop.  Mariana Zeraz and by using her words wisely into scaring the trophy wife, Apollo was able to insert his seed into the woman's womb.  Petrified the mother of two tried so carefully to forget this event but the birth of Clarice was an omen of her sin.  By giving up her third child, Matelda raised the child in preparation for the transformation but the intervention of Cassandra Adams changed destiny.  Matelda's ritual was sent on pause and fate rewrote itself.  Beginning with Marissa Zeraz who originally adored her siblings but separation caused jealousy and ultimately set her up for involvement in the prophecy.  


 History 101 - Katanna     
She was born second of Zeraz and though she was young, she defended her older brother through any situation.  When her baby sister was born, Marissa acted as the girl's mature guardian.  It was when her sister disappeared without any explanation, that Marissa changed in personality.  She became rebellious and jealous of her attention whore of an older brother.  Marissa would run away and join the gang known as the Future Conquerors.  As its main leader in Hoboken, New Jersey she was given the name Katanna.  Marissa did not stay within the organization for long when she found out her fearless leader and friend, Cassandra Adams was pregnant with her nephew.  Katanna couldn't take the life in which her actions just drove her closer into her family.  She started a new life elsewhere but was killed by an unknown assassin.  Marissa's body died but her mind was transfered into the subconscious of her forgotten, younger sister.  She is said to be the muse of the soul of man because her looks are to beautiful to describe on paper.  If the end of days is to ever come, Apollo will want her dead because of her ability to gain the trust of others.  Without her the probability of mankind's survival is low.  Luckily she has returned from the grave but her current whereabouts are unknown.  


History 101 - Thunderbolt
He was born as the prodigal first son of the Zeraz family.  The first heir to the company and favorite to his parents, Jonathan Zeraz was the typical handsome playboy that could persuade any woman with a certain set of words.  When his baby sister was set off to another family, Jonathan grew worrisome over the possibility of being casted away by his parents.  He soon began to despise parents even though all their love was devoted to him.  When the then ambassador of Russia came to America with his lovely daughter, Jonathan made sure that he invited the bureaucrat and his family to his luxurious fifteenth birthday party.  Cassandra Adams, gorgeous and youthful was became infatuated with the boy at first site and when the two share love with one another she returned to her country pregnant with a child.  Never knowing of this pregnancy, Jonathan lived life by sexing women but never truly falling in love.  As the director of Zeraz Industries, everyday he felt alone for his sisters were gone and his parents elsewhere on Earth.  One day when he tested a new armor technology he was found and killed execution style.  When he was resurrected, Jonathan returned too a world where Zeraz Industries did not exist and his beloved ruling an organization of killers.  Cassandra Adams took him in and told him of their son but angered by the reasoning of her betrayal, she told him of the prophecy and was scared of allowing her child be tangled in such garbage.  Intoxicated by the tale of a world's end, Jonathan used the money his leftover fortune in creating a minor company of weaponry.  He has since been searching for a host for Apollo, believing that if he succeeds that his family will once again be united and live happily ever after.  Jonathan is a disturbed man.  His son does not know that the father he never got to love, is still alive. 

 History 101 - Closure
Joao Adams has a different name than the rest but he is the spawn between Jonathan Zeraz and Cassandra Adams.  He lived his life under the Future Conquerors.  Trained to human perfection in both knowledge and fighting skills, Joao was told tales of his father and shown many pictures.  Whenever he asked of his daddy, his mother simply told him that visiting daddy would cause unnecessary complications.  For years he would look up at the sky from his window, holding a Zeraz flashlight, wishing to hug his daddy forever and ever.  At the age of twenty, he finally gained the opportunity in visiting America.  By convincing his mother into allowing him a life away from the family, Joao came to the United States hoping to meet his father.  Instead he met two grieving grandparents that told the boy of his father's death.  Devastated, Joao cried for days before making a bright idea.  He changed his name to Jonathan Zeraz II and under his grandparent's guidance the new director of Zeraz Industries.  Since the day he became director, Jonathan Zeraz II has hoped to bring Closure to his daddy's unfinished dream.  Now married with two kids and without his father's company, Joao continues to strive for a better life in his dad's honor.  It's the ideals of his father that keeps Joao waking up for another day.  From the prophecy of Elaina, in the end of days he is said to be driven mad.  He is meant to be the deciding factor in the conflict between monsters and man.  Closure has an undying love for those close to him and one simple loss can make him do the unthinkable.  

History 101 - Clara Mass
Clarice was the final child of Zeraz but can never be considered an official member of the family.  When Mariana thought it would be best to create an incident that would make the world and her family believe that Clarice was dead, the redheaded baby would spend years crying for her mom and dad.  Each day the girl would pray hoping for a normal day and a brother or sister to play dolls with.  At the age of eleven when the next stage of her descent into godliness was to commence, Future Conquerors invaded her home and cut the throat of Elaina Monorail.  Cassandra Adams knew of the girl's blood relations and let her live.  The group left with the prophecy and departed to Russia once again.  At the funeral of Elaina, the redhead child was the only visitor.  She was not there to mourn but to scream at the corpse that took her away from the one's she loved.  Running out of the building, Clarice searched for Zeraz Tower in hopes of finding her family.  She tripped of her rock and scrapped her knees, crying in desperation she yelled at the sky wondering what she had done to deserve this but when the sun was blocked off she looked to her side and saw a peculiar man.  Jeremiah Morales of Sector Eleven looked caring and offered the girl a hand.  From that day he raised the girl as his own.  He loved her like his own and Clarice considered him to be her father.  At the age of 29 she was Sector Eleven's top agent but was allowed to leave whenever she pleased.  It was on her 29th birthday that she decided to find her family once again.  That lead her into releasing her subconscious pain in her mind that was her sister.  She has and always will deny the prophecy being truth but today she sets off on a journey to end this circle of pain before the end of days does come true because without her assistance, Apollo can never actually succeed no matter how hard he tries.  
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Out with the Old

So today I've decided to post my old bio here on a blog not for comments or to wow people with the idea of a new bio coming up.  Its just for safekeeping if anyone has questions about my characters past or for any mumbo jumpo that might creep on me in the future.  So here it is the origins of Clara Mass!!  The new bio will be all new all different mumbo jumbo =D Enjoy it for now...the following character is copyright =p 

Chapter 1 - Opinionated 

Maria and George Funez, the owners of Funez Industries and parents of Jonathan, Clarissa, and Claratina.  Taught their children to be respectful, considerate, and most of all sophisticated.  For their mind-sets were soley on the public, not wanting their name to be tainted by the devious media.  Every weekened, mother would leave in order to visit Madame Callista.  A sorceress that could fortell coming events.  Yet mother did not like the tales spun by Callista.  For the deaths of Clarissa and Jonathan were immenent and that a bastard son would take over the company twenty years from now.  However if Claratina could be properly raised as a fine young woman, well her life would take over the spotlight proving to be the greatest humane persona in the Funez family.  Taking these peculiar details into consideration, Maria Funez abandoned her child at the age of fourteen.  In which, mother dearest believed that if her youngest was no where in sight than Clarissa and Jonathan would indeed not face death.  On the streets with no where to go, the lost castaway didn't know how to survive.  Alone and cold.  Thugs on the streets took this as a mere advantage to rap the poor youngster.  It was at this moment that destiny called upon young Claratina.  For the intended cannot be altered but merely post-poned.  Scared and deranged, Claratina knocked three men unconscious with the simplicity of a thought.  Afraid of what she had done, Madame Callista had oddly appeared with the swaying winds.  Reaching out to the petrified child, Callista offered the girl a proposal.  Either become an apprentice so her stomach may be filled in addition to understanding the concept of forcing life to one's will.  Thoughts spun wildy as Claratina believed her family would come after her...that they loved and adored her...that times spent with one another had meaning.  Yet, as tears ran down the poor child's face the essence of realization was comprehended and Claratina was adopted by a new mother.     


Ch 2 - Like You ?

The girl listened to every order given with exact execution.  Morphing apples into oranges and dilluting the color of grass.  Claratina had the consistency to blame the grief the Funez family had upon herself.   Knowing this to be a lie and worried about the soul of her "daughter", Callista convinced her daughter to spend a day at the mall.  Where she could live the life of a teenager alonside her friends Leilani and Cassidy.  Hoping that her mother was correct, the trio of best-friends enjoyed their time with one another until thugs decided the night would end with a bang.  Shooting the innocent and literally stealing candy from a baby, tattooed with the mark of Future Conquerors.  Claratina was annoyed with the interruptence.  Walking forward and acting cocky, Claratina killed three men with just one thought.  It was the second time she had heard a group of men yet this time the endgame was death.  Feeling but an ounce of worriness, the young woman dropped to her knees with utter relief.  Her eyes glowed with the color of aqua blue as her friends ran to her aid.  "Clara are you okay?  The cops are on their way.  Just stay still."  But, the cops would not understand for a considered mutant had killed human gangsters.  It would sure cause ruckus in town so the girl ran for it, hoping no one would get a glimpse of her idenity.  Yet within the large number of people, one loyalist of the cause managed to take a single photo.  "This girl will pay."  It was on this day that the actions of Claratina Funez set the stage for an "adventurous" future.  With the addition of someone having to die, but who would it be?  For one to accomplish revenge, one must attack their target's heart.  Back at home within the fortune teller shop, Claratina screamed as tears slipped down her face.  
"Was there need for my mommy to leave?  I didn't have to kill those bad men but it felt good.  Am I horrible God?  Do I deserve to live over the mistakes of my family?  I love Callista and I love how she tries to give me a better life than what my mother did.  Except, everything started over the diaries she had written.  God!  I love you as well and have faifth but why must you give information of the future if it may make oneself cry.  The church says you will not give one more than they can bare and as one door seals shut yet another will open.  All I ever wanted was to live happily with my family but this is what I get.  I hope what your doing is going to benefit me.  You see just right now I'm contradicting you.  Does that make me a non-believer when questioning and will that give me a ticket to hell.   I need a sign!" 
The door breaks open and assassins enter, and one holds a katana pressed against the throat of mother Callista.  The kid's heart drops and time seems to pause.  God had given what she asked for.  "NO!!"   

Chapter 3 - Hush

Truth be told the first time Clara abused her powers into murdering people was not her first time being...abusive
After years of living with Callista and her parents quietly finances the young girl to be enlisted into the highest paying school, training was set into a major hault since Claratina had convinced her mother into believing that the gift of reality-warping was under complete control.  As time went on, Claratina often got trouble with her trio of friends, most notably Leilani a girl that loathed being stuck in a life changing situation.  When it came time to face the fallout, Claratina always managed to persuade the authority figure to letting them out with a warning.  Passing life by as if it were a video game, Claratina and Leilani became the best of friends which was common in a trio of girlfriends.  Digressing from the main subject, Claratina killed those thugs not focused on the matter of her parents but because at that moment, she felt like ending their lives.  For many innocent lives could have ended especially the hers.  Crying and asking God why, is over the emotion of remorse, its a factor most often played when a human being like Claratina realizes their wrong doing.   
When the lord noticed her questions, he knew that it was time to move the pieces of the chessboard.  Every person has the choice of right or wrong and pathetically, Claratina chose the worse.  Every action has a reaction and so the Future Conquerors rapidly reacted.  An event that would interwine her life to that of her older siblings, without true realization.  Such a matter would amaze scholars but once again that is a digression.  When the neck of Callista was slit, Claratina immediately ended their lives.  Crazed by the play-by-play moves, the frightened readhead ran out the door.  Crying and screaming she looked for an omen, a sign, a message that would save her soul.  She was looking for her real mother and father, even her sister and brother, but what she found was Leilani.  A college friend that consoled her emotions.  Tears ran down her face and the cops came like cheetahs.  Driven to a station where detectives would instigate, Claratina would meet the man that would forever changer her life (For reelz).  His name was Jebediah Morales and he was the director of Sector Eleven.  A secrete organization that murdered upcoming threats, posing danger to the United States of America.  But why Claratina?  Well she had potential to be a great warrior, a file was kept on the girl due to the blood relation between him and his cousin Callista.  He was upset as well but still stood strong.  He offered the girl a deal just like Callista did years ago. 
You want to change the world kid?  Come with me and you'll be saving lives.
Clara thought about the proposition and worried of Leilani, but the friend seemingly had no worries.
"I have a feeling we will see each later in life.  We all grow up in our darkest hour."  


Ch 4 - Blending In

The move to Ursine, Nevada was bump as Claratina was forced to take on a new identity.  Keeping her first name intact the last was morphed into Morales.  Living under the rules of her director and listening to every order, Claratina executed drills and fighting off incoming combatants with perfection.  However, Jebediah noticed the young adult's need for a real life and sent her away to the town of Houston (Texas).  Where the girl was adopted by a loving family and their adorable daughter.  Taking this as yet another mission, Claratina played the joyful nineteen years old girl she was portrayed to be.  Living in an area where your not known and starting from the ashes to make yourself known, Claratina did not crack under pressure but motivated herself to forget of the past and embrace the present.  When time came for the redhead to return to her roots of mercenary.  Her skills had improved, learning the tactical strategy of disguise and eliminating her prey with faint whispers.  After years of serving the role of apprentice to her mentor Jebediah, Claratina urned for a much larger role.  Realizing that a community of super-humans were growing in numbers, the now vibrant woman had gained all she had hoped for - Money, Respect, and Loyalty.  Except, when news spread over the disappearance of Clarissa Funez and the death of Jonathan Funez.  Something odd was in the air Jonathan Funez II was on a one ticket plane ride to Hoboken, New Jersey.  This boy was part of the tales Callista had once spoken of, and once again reminded Claratina off her mystical past.  Something needed to be done.   

Chapter 5 - Control

Although Claratina Funez was to remain a secret from event the organized team of asssassins, the Termination Squad.  Danielle Marionette was quietly introduced to her short-term partner.  Their mission was to inflirate Funez Industries and become workers.  Therefore keeping a watchful eye on this little boy.  Whom was the late offspring between Cassandra Adams and Jonathan Funez Senior.  The mission was successfully accomplished, for Danielle was now Chelsea.  As for Claratina her warden was to make everything was at ease.  She had managed to force her parents to willingly hand over the company to the boy from Germany.  With her objective completed, codename Clara Mass wiped her appearance from the minds of both Danielle Marionette in addition to her "beloved" parents.  With the deed done, she returned to Nevada.  In order, to discuss the future of dealing with humanity.  The truth was out and super-heroes were the next big thing since Beyonce went solo.  But the conversation did not go anywhere due to her director's incompetence toward a "better" world.    

Ch 6 - The Breaker

Its the summer of 2009 and since observation of Jonathan Funez II, the young man has become the vigilante called Closure and has joined the ranks of Veritas Inc. and Zero Squad.  Drawn into a chemical romance, Danielle Marionette begins to act differently.  The world's heroes head into space to fight an demonic threat to the world of Ninjeta.  A planet where the superwoman of Earth called Sha orignated from.  Taking this as a splendid advantage, a species called sils invade the planet with their leader Number One and the Breaker Envoy of Sentron.  Director Morales begins to speak of dreams of a messiah that will turn against his people to save a world he once frowned upon.  The Termination Squad is revealed to the public consisting of - Demention, Crusher, Observer, the Malicious Zaria, and Donna Mary.  As a unit the group destroyed the imending threat out of Nevada and soon went head-to-head with Number One.  Valiantly the group managed to weaken the extreme threat.  With the help of Claratina whom was codenamed Katanna for the mission, the Termination Squad gained an advantage, until the redhead dispersed from the battlefield.  Aiding her commanding officer, the two located the Breaker's landing sight to Claratina's home in Houston.  The alien was being cared for by the hands of her new "mother" while her "sister" smiled happily.  When the humanity of the foreigner was shone and the visions of Morales spoken of.  Claratina took the messiah and his army of sils to end the almost successful takeover.  In their final hour, the team needed to head to Liberty Island in order to save the president.  Ready to teleport her new team, Clara noticed a familiar redhead.  Leilani Jones was her name and had a new job as a spectacular spy.  With a smile the two departed.  Knowing of one another excited the soul of Leilani, her inquistion of the two once again intertwing was indeed correct.  When the dust finally settled, the team was oddly already divided.  Jebediah Morales had "died" and Jonathan Funez II crowned the newest director.  The Donna Mary was once again acting out of character.  So, taking her friendly believers to her reformed home.  The Malicious Zaria and Crusher alongside Claratina spoke of the new strange ways of Sector Eleven.  Something needed to be done before this trio was immediately detained and terminated.  Deciding to break-up and reunite in about two weeks, Clara thought it was time to truly revisit her unspoken past.  

Chapter 7 - Socialize

Returning to the streets of Hoboken rattled the media with pleasure.  The news would have a field-day noticing the return of a Funez child.  It had been said that all children had died over unsual causes, but to realize that the third was healthy and strong would turn the tide over ownership (Funez Industries).  Having but one interview with a reporter, Claratina informed the man of her voyage into a new life.  Getting away from the grasp of her chaotic family and rebuilding a new life as an F.B.I. agent over in the state of Texas in addition to her licence to withhold a gun.  Her days as a poster child from unified family front was over and now as a grown adult, the way the world turned was seen in all beautiful perspective.  With the release of bottled stress, held within a soul that dormanted her entire past.  Claratina had subjected herself to returning to her roots to regain clarity and figure out what her next step in life would be.  Taking time to stage an appointment with fellow friend Leilani, the two redheads took the town sweeping the years that had no spoken under the carpet and speaking of the now.  The usual giggles and goofy interactions had returned, Clara felt as if she had regained what made her humane.  Over a cup of coffee the two talked about what women normally speak of like Milestones, Co-Workers, and Men.  Concluded with her latest installment the reality warper called up her friendly mercs.  An idea was formed and Jonathan Funez II needed to be taken out.  Funny how an old friend can make you want to kill your only nephew!  (Read - Requiem)  


Ch 8 - The Heavens

Her destiny written into a diary of a shady fortune teller, the life of Claratina Funez was truly a narcisistic lie.  Callista knew this redhead beauty could become the most deadly being that humanity had to offer.  Acting as a decipherer of the future, Madame Callista decided to manipulate the very life of Clara Mass.    

Once upon a time Mariana Funez was tired of her husband wasting his time into making Funez Industries a better company.  So, on a night when the kids were away and her husband was no where in sight.  The tramp decided to have a one night stand with her "soul-mate's" best friend.  Two Hours later, George Funez had confessed that he was going through a nervous stage of his career.  In which, his family and wealth could be lost at any second.  He asked for forgiveness and she quickly accepted.  From the corner of his eye he could see dirty sheets covered in white.  His mind was tense and he slapped his wife with absolute fury.  On that day the cracks in the Funez family began.  For the emotinal promblems within the generations of Funez were starting to become a common factor.  Devasted the tears of a Mariana flowed like a river.  While up above in the heavens, God patiently oversaw his children. Immediately after witnessing the actions of his creations, an angel fell from the kingdom of God to choose a family that would best suit her needs.
 (Fun Fact - Clara Mass is technically not a child of Funez.  Her real father is still unknown.)

From the pages of divine destiny, a child of emotional pain will be the embodiment of creation and her opposite that of destruction.  The daughter of eve and spirit of guidance will be a cunning acrobat with a steamy personality.  An angelic interpretation will lead into psyche pain from the voices of Jillian Woods.  An older sibling whom has somehow returned as a devilous subconscious.  With her role as a mercenary slowly coming to light.  Her family will soon learn of their daughter's life and the truth will hurt her soul.  Resulting in the meeting of her exact opposite.  A being called the Dreadmaster, whom is a symbol of destruction.  He is a vile being that shall clash with tempered persona of Claratina.  When hearts are plunged with the dagger of honesty, only withdrawl and broken relationships can be the fallout.  Callista knew of this battle between God's gift and the Devil's burden which led to a heartfelt death.  All secrets hidden in the dark shall be revealed upon the light!


Sister Drama

Born Clarissa Funez as the second child of a trinity of heirs to Funez Industries, the vigilante called Katanna has gone through many transformations.  From leading Gods Watchful Eyes to being one of the first members to the Wolf Pack, Clarissa's ties to the Future Conquerors led to her demise.  With a bullet shredding her flesh, the renamed Jillian Woods was over.  After so many years of separating herself from a community of bastards, death still consumed her soul.  Oddly the eldest sibling was reanimated into the subconscious of her younger sister the assassin codenamed Katanna.  Frustrated with the copycat, Jillian had begun her tormenting era on the life of a lonesome sister.  Lately when driven insane from her adventures on Eterna Island (The Next Chapter) and brawling with the Vica.  Its been a war of words and diabolocal planning as the identical sister did whatever necessary to psychologically end the other.  Yet nothing has changed for Clarissa hopes to takeover the body of an undeserving sister.  Due to Mariana brainwashing her children into believing Claratina was rebellious and dangerous, Clarissa continues to blame Clara Mass for the devastation of the Funez family.  Even in limbo the golden-age Katanna treats her baby sis like dirt.  When the duel will end definitely has an expiration date.  When the time comes everyone shall pay! 



Ch 9 - Light at the End

Jonathan Funez Senior, was the man that was able to bring Funez Industries into the modern era.  His intellect and shivelry brought wealth and women.  However, it would be is downfall.  Unbeknownst to him a child was conceived after his one night stand with Cassandra Adams.  A queen to an assassin organization like Gambler's yet this group dove deep within political events for it was the main factor that controlled all of Germany.  Years passed and the story of Closure began while that of Thunderbolt's had ended.  Three years of being a tuff vigilante, Closure was sickened by what was to come.  Thunderbolt was risen from the dead by his former love the Queen of Stone, Cassandra.  With a new perspective, the newly reborn Jonathan the first embarked on a separate journey and carefully distanced himself from his baby boy.  No longer handling it well Clara Mass thought it would be right to to track down her only relative that could have a bit of concern.  Sadly, she was partially wrong.  Wanting to discuss the past, Claratina asked why did he not ask questions of her disapperance.  His answers resulted in that of mother's brainwashing activites.  Stating little Clara had to move away in order to become successful.  With tears flowing the redhead told her brother of the voices within her mind and his smirk was a reminder of little Jonathan.  It was something normal in the Funez lineage, but one day it will be her very downfall such as the event that murdered Thunderbolt.  Offering her sibling a home so the two may start up a new beginning, the man called Demolition denied the request.  Clara would need to speak to mommy alone and finally uncover the truth behind the pain and lies.  

Intentions for a child are always meant to be high.  However when connections are severely disrupted over lies and black-mail, the offspring is the one to greatly suffer.  In the stages of growth, Claratina has known four people to be her caretakers.  But, in the end of her talk with Jonathan, the redhead unveiled returned to her place of birth.  Strolling through Hoboken, New Jersey the lonely sibling went to the building where Requiem had began.  By revealing her identity to a damaged Funez Tower.  The door slid open to a dark loomy entrance.  The swaying winds proved that there was yet another presence within the room.  With the speed of mach two, a light show presenting pictures of a trinity of children promotes the idea that mother Mariana did infact care for her children.  From the floor a holographic  video of little Claratina plays as if the mommy had recorded the event herself.  Tears flowed from her shifting eye color, so a motherly figure appeared to comfort that dreary pain.  Relinquishing her body from that of her true mother, Clara Mass felt as if she were succumbing to her inner devastational, emotional drama.  If a watchful eye was indeed being kept on the last Funez child, what was the point of the living arrangment with Callista which lead to getting trapped into the web of Sector Eleven.  Demanding a response, Mariana answered.  The torture, the diaries, the future, everything done had a meaning in addition to having an endgame!



Ch 10 - Redemption

From the ashes of Charmed with Clarity -- Claratina Funez has returned to the playground she has not  visited for some time.  The home she was exiled from, the house of owned by the Funez family, and there she would sit on the porch of gray.  Where once upon a time a little girl of joy would follow her sisterly mentor around for the purest delight.  Alone she sat rocking back and forth as her mother appeared holding a cup of tea.  Looking above into her mother's eyes, Clara told a story of charm and disaster.  At the end of this harmful tale the return of Katanna would be the final result.  Stunned with the revelation, the cup shatttered once it struck the floor.  "I love you but this your fault mom.  You killed your children."  Steadily lifting herself from the chair, the redheaded killer was departing when her mother tightly gripped her on the left shoulder.    
"I gave you up because Callista saved my marriage!  She erased your father's memory as long as I gave you up.  I couldn't lose my place but I still cared for you.  I was there for you, hidden in the crowd cheering for my daughter.  When Callista died I tried to get you but you were gone.  Callista told me you would spell the end for humanity.  I had no choice."

"She told me you were God's fallen angel.  That if you existed with your siblings their knowledge of heavenly gifts would be received fro you heart.  Callista said you would be vindictive and manipulative.  I couldn't risk losing all three children.  Caring for you from a distance seemed to be the best course of action.  I wouldn't change a thing sweet heart.  Your strong and independent.  When you left instead your sister and brother collasped into a black hole of never-ending horror.  They became stupid vigilantes and you an heavenly assassin.  My actions caused this and sometimes I wish we could all just be normal but I messed up every one of my babies.  Yet, in the end all three of you are back and strong and no longer require a mother.  You may hate me but understand this..if I hadn't given you up Callista was prepared to end your life.  There is a book she spoke of and she mentioned she would look for it as long as I told you.  In Germany, Cassandra Adams holds the story of many lives including yours.  Find it and learn the truth about many things including your real father's name...."
Claratina would disappear as tears of God's angels had fallen like a flood.  Sending Mariana back inside to care for the sickened man she had often treated with disrespect.  Kissing him on the forehead she giggled and said it was yet another comcast idiot.  He smiled knowing it was his daughter no matter the genetic code.        

Reality Warping -

Capable of bending the world to her will.  Claratina can force any object in or out of reality.  The only thing she cannot accomplish is killing someone or reviving a dead corpse.  If Clara Mass is to exhert to much power when trying to heal a fatal injury or a task to complicated, symptons include pain and black-outs or even death.  Opponents being subjected to her will, shall be illuminated with a green or red shape (Triangle, Square, Diamond, etc.)    

Pheromones -

When under pressure or physically excited, a chemical substance is released into the air.  Using her sensual appeal, Claratina can usually bend a person's decision into her favor.  The only downful to this ability, is the forty-five percent capability that the victim may have a chance of breaking the trance.  Although, not often there is always that possibility in which the enemies is playing possum and tricking Clara Mass into believing her powers are working.   


Claratina cannot be affected by wooden objects or glass.  The only weapons that can penetrate her skin.  Include - Steel, Adamantium, and Vibranium.   

Electricity Resistant

 Claratina can handle up to 80 volts of electricity attempting to disrupt her brainwaves and body functions.  Anything higher, can result in death. 

Super-Strength -

Claratina Funez can only lift upon to sixteen tons.    

Telepathy -

 Able to wipe an enemies mind of recent events, that he/she is not suppose to know.  In addition, Claratina can knock a person unconscious by temporarily decommisioning the mind of a hostile.  In which, the victim will awaken momentarily.  Futhermore, Clara Mass can read the thoughts of unconscious victims.  The only set back on this power is that the user (Clara Mass), needs to solely focus on her opponent.  If not able to contain contact with the enemy and havin another complication conflicting her thoughts, telepathy cannot be used.   


Claratina can handle about any sword-like object ranging from daggers to katannas.  

H2H Combatant -

Well trained hand-to-hand fighter and usually handles fights with peculiar movements.  Clara Mass often depends on her legs.