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Alias: Brash brunette, Deathly mistress, Maniacal matriarch.

Alignment: Her own

Name: Clarice Michelle Pierce

Age: Unknown

Eyes: Violet

Race: Druid

Place of birth: Unknown

Need to Know

At the age of sixteen, Clarice Michelle Pierce became enamored with the concept of genetics. So much so that she dedicated her entire life to the studies of human kind. As a known history buff many watched as the young gal chased her dreams with an insatiable ambition. Her actions however would cause a myriad of issues. One of which stemmed from her tenure in the Knightfall Sanctum. As an employee the curious teen found herself analyzing dark inscriptions placed on the many artifacts circulating the mesmerizing museum. These black magics tailored to her unique genetic code resulted in unfathomable situations. Learning of this issue, the proprietor, Jayden Knightfall almost had the girl murdered. This event however wasn't the first of her many mistakes. Without even realizing, Miss Michelle could manipulate reality however she wished. This gift would only serve as an unintentional curse when her love (Noah Addams) got in the way of her crazed aspirations. Clarice unknowingly wished him away, therefore creating the first crack in her love's already unstable psyche. Nevertheless her journey would no doubt continue. At the age of nineteen she met a man willing to teach her the ramifications, limits, and possibilities her unnatural powers permitted. Soon enough the history buff would place herself in history's greatest moments, trying her earnest to fulfill her one true dream - Being remembered throughout history as the greatest humanitarian to ever walk the Earth. Sadly, her goals have met a multitude of complications. Ranging from unstable powers to invasive enemies, the wicked witch has seen it all. And although confronted with various obstacles the gal has yet to quit, especially so when she's teamed up with the likes of Shinigami. So, whether it be ruling over conquerors, vanquishing knights, or eliminating mutant kind; the brash beauty remains forever dedicated to her tenacious cause.

Powers & Abilities

Mental & Telepathic Prowess

Because of her impractical training sessions, in addition to her black magics, the bride of Shinigami is naturally blessed in the art of telepathic, spiritual, as well as physical illusions. She has honed these strange abilities after practicing on innocent bystanders and allowing specific mentors entry inside her complex mind. Clarice has even convinced a plethora of individuals into believing she's an irrelevant persona which has assisted her tremendously in plans not yet revealed. However, a very few can see past her telepathic facades. Only those connected to the magical realm can see beyond her walls and possibly learn of her vindictive intentions.


In truth Jayden Knightfall didn't attempt to murder MIss Michelle without proper conviction. In fact he tried to end her life because of what she stole; it was an artifact that granted a single wish. A wish that has amplified her insatiable feelings for two decades now. A wish that demanded control over reality itself. After being combed with her druid nature, Clarice became happily entrenched in history's most riveting moments. And by selfishly placing herself in the aforementioned, the reality manipulator was cursed with restrictions. She can neither murder nor resurrect the dead. Although there seems to be a loop hole in the case of her one true love (Noah Addams).

Fun Fact: Clara Mass distorted reality and placed a curse on Jayden Knightfall's wife Carolyn (whom eventually perished).

Teleportation & Precognition

Because of her connection to reality, it is entirely possible for Clarice to predict her opponent's next maneuver. However, since combat is entirely stressful (and reality presents possible outcomes) there tends to be a lack of focus emitting from the deathly mistress. Whenever caught in physical contact the lass will immediately teleport away from the hands of devastation and instinctively erect a wall some propose is telekinetic energy. And although incapable of hyper stylized combat, the wicked witch can surely take care of herself if absolutely necessary. Her reaction speed for teleportation has been heightened since bonding with Shinigami, resulting in light speed extraction.

Editor's Note: Even though she's incredibly powerful this character can be caught off guard. She has a habit of underestimation so her opponents require high intellect to stand a chance at surviving.

Weapon of Choice

Ebony Sword: A nod to vine prime. An homage to Shinigami. A nonsensical item she'll create with her mind. A figment of the imagination, that if it makes contact with human flesh will serve the same damage brought on by an average adamantium sword. Often used whenever she feels like masquerading as a street leveled character.