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If this is for its birthday, why are they airing show like the Dragon one and Johnny Test? They haven't been on the network for that long! At least put something worth watching on.

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@CrimsonCake: They Terrors were questioning it in the beginining, until she said something that kinda freaked them out.

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Isn't that a power he had in the comics? It would certainly be interesting to see him have it on the show, but I don't know if it is exactly neccessary with MM on the team.

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@josai21: It looks like in the preview we may get a little more of him. So far it's just been he led his team in the first episode, and just happened to be there when Impulse shows up, which isn't quite enough...

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I'm more curious about if Tim Drake knows. I mean they have not revealed much about him in the show, but in the comics he is a master detective nearly on par with batman. I read this fanfiction about Tim deducing the truth and thought it plausible:


I think its definately possible considering he was even able to deduce Batman and Robin's identities in the comics.

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@X9 said:

I told you guys that Tula wasn't dead...or she was and it's a flashback, but she looks older.

YEEY, Static \o/

And Tim doing something useful! And Bart!


I don't think it was a flashback to 5 years ago, but probably one year ago, or whenever the Young Justice game takes place.

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To reference Identity Crisis: "Batman is a detective. He knows what he wants to know." It went something like that, but basically if he was at all curious about some of these events and looked into them just a little bit, he may in fact know.

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@Bestostero: There's nothing I love more in a show than storytelling and character development. I like laughs, but a show like that will probably only make me wish for the old.

@vernierhawk001: I read an article on IGN that they are only using villains who have never been on TV before, its only focusing on the detective part, etc. Honestly it sounds good in theory, I don't know what is turning me off of it.

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@vernierhawk001: That was actually cancelled a long long long time ago.

@Bestostero: There's not even gonna be a story to tell really. Its just going to be all comedy, with no continuity from the last show besides characters. Not really what I'm looking for in a show.

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@Bestostero: You know they are using that same CGI for a new Batman show, right? "Beware the Batman." If you ask me, worst artistic decision for Bats since that tradgedy back in 1997. Even if the story is good, not sure I will be able to overlook the CGI.

And apparently it was posted on the YJ facebook page. I think that's where I saw it

as much as i hate CGI, i will watch Beware the Batman. But it better be REALLY good for me to stick around, like you i really dont know if i can get over the fact that its CGI. CGI is just awful imo.

Agreed on basically all counts. I am/used to be a pretty big Star Wars fan but I haven't really seen too much of the CGI Clone Wars (that was also partly due to what I know of the story). Oh well, at least we get Teen Titans back

Yeah I really hate CGI too, but I actually kinda like the Green Lantern series. And I checked out Star Wars just for Darth Maul and thought it was actually pretty good.However Beware the Batman does not sound like a show I wanna check out based on what I read today.