do I Read collect or Both?

Both.  I like to read Batman now and I can't wait for IDW to release G.I.Joe so I can pick it up again.  I grew up on the X-men, back in the Jim Lee Chris Claremont days.  I like some of the low end mainstream indi books but onlt read a couple of stories a year; i.e., Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Hellboy. My wife is a huge reader/collector also she likes the Gotham people too, but her main books are Witchblade, (anything) Buffy, Lady Death, Fathom, and a smathering of other mainstream books.  We have been blessed with a decent collect of books, aprox. 20 long boxes bagged and boarded. there are indisputable rules in our house: 1.) Jim Lee and Alex Ross are two of the best artist that ever lived.  2.) We don't talk about CrossGen.  My wife will use profanity.  3.) Don't talk bad about the Buffyverse or Star Wars. 4.) People can trash Frank Miller and Tim Sale all they want.

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