young justice

Hello All!

I'm assuming that the reader of this post knows what I'm talking about but if they don't I will now promptly inform them.

Ahem, Young Justice an awesome awesome cartoon is being cancelled, oh my mistake I didn't quite emphasize it enough *ahem*

YOUNG JUSTICE IS GETTING FUCKING CANCELLED, DC AND WARNER BROS WHAT THE FUCK!!!!. You guys have two great animated series right now (I mourn green lantern less, but I am disappointed that we lose the chance to see Sinestro Corps something that was becoming a VERY real possibility). And you guys wanna know what it's being replaced with! goddamn beware the batman and teen titans go!, one of these I know ill suck and the other one is being made by two guys who said THEY NEVER WATCHED THE ORIGINAL TEEN TITANS! and do you wanna know what the worst kick in the nuts is! it's been confirmed this series isn't going to be at all serious, instead its going t be a comedy series! REALLY A GODDAMN COMEDY! I understand Tee Titans wasn't an overly serious teen show but that would have been awesome if they made something like that.... OH WAIT they have young justice..... OH WAIT SCRAP THAT GODDAMN IDEA, NOT ANY MORE THEY DON'T!.

Look I realize that Young Justice had to end sooner or later I get that I really do but this series deserved AT LEAST 4 seasons, it could have worked too guys it really could have, but let's just pray DC has the cmmon sense to create another series based in the same universe as young justice.

Hope you read again soon!


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