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Okay so today in the post I got my first superman book so I thought 'hell if it's my first superman book might as well make it my first review as well'. Word or warning though, I've never actually reviewed anything before and I've read the book once so if I miss out on something or if I read the book at a later date and my opinion has changed I will do a new one.

Anyway so on to Superman-Earth One- Volume One!.

Okay so first off I just want to say, I like this book a lot, I don't love it but I like it a lot. First off this is a re-imagining of Superman's origin story so there's not a lot of spoilers (I'll tr to keep it as clean as possible but I may give some very vague spoilers), they did make some changes here and there from what I already know (which is admittedly the general knowledge version but I do intend to buy the trade-back of Action Comics so watch out for a review for that in a while!). The main change I didn't really like was the villain, not to say it wasn't a cool idea just so much as it was really underwhelming. I'm not going to give his name, mainly because I already forget it and I refuse to open the book and look for it to emphasize how forgettable he is, seriously they created a new villain and this guy has absolutely no presence at all, and when I say that I mean that whenever you see him you're never like 'OH SHIT'S GONNA GO DOWN!' it's more like 'hey here's ummmmmmm..... his guy?'. I honestly don't see why they didn't just put Braniac or Zod in the book. Maybe it was one of those things where the writer thought 'well if we're creating a whole new world/ whole new line of books with this why not introduce it with a new villain as well?'. I don't have anything against that it's just that this one wasn't done very well is my problem. Also the actual costume plays a bigger role in this, in the sense of what it is and what it means to him and his parents, I actually really liked this, also I though Clark was done really well, in this book he actually doesn't want to become Superman and is more interested in fitting in, in fact I'd say that's the hook of this origin story, it's not how he became the man of steel it's why he became the man of steel.

I've seen other reviews saying bad things about the art, I personally like it, I think Shane Davis did a really good job, the characters look good, the environments look good and h'el when Clarke actually wore he costume for the first time the damn superman movie music played in my head (see what I did there, oh I know it's not pronounced hell but let me have this one). But that's also a slight problem I have with the book and I cannot emphasize the word slight enough. See with a book like this you expect the art to be phenomenal, here's this generations retelling of the superman origin for god sake let's have it look god damn unreal! but we have art that looks good just maybe it could have been better in all honesty I've never seen anything else he's done. Now don't get me wrong though I do really like the art, I mean that front cover is an absolute eye catcher and I adore it but the interior art just could have been a little better, also while I did say the character designs were good, the villain looked so bland to me, I dunno did anybody else get that?

Anyway that's about all I've got to say guys, to whoever reads this be kind in the comments please if you don't agree with something I said don't be an asshole about just say it and I'll respond. Time for my conclusion then.

All in all though this is an enjoyable and good book, the arts good and Clarke's a really interesting character also I freaking love the daily planet editor and Jimmy Olsen in this! and before any one gets to me about Lois Lane doing fuck all in this book we need to remember that this is an origin story for superman, and Lois didn't play much of a part in that if any, in fact I might say the writer was being generous with her.

Hope you read again soon!


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