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Hello All!

My name is Conor Byrne (my friends call me Byrne and you may too if you please). So I had always been a little intimidated to go into comics except for when I was younger which was when I read Ultimate Spider-Man!. Man that was an awesome book, I remember the first issue also my first comic at the time was the return of the green goblin, I remember it had this absolutely awesome close up of green goblins face and I was like 'but that's not was in the movie', but after reading it I freaking loved it!. After that my Mam bought whatever issue she saw, until ultimate venom, now funny story I don't know if we had a different numbering scheme in Ireland or the UK than America because I distinctly remember almost missing #21 and that was the cover with venom to the side standing upright with his mouth open and tongue in the air but looking it up it says it's 35, I dunno I will research into that more, anyway so I after a while I stopped reading (not too long after the carnage arc if I remember correctly) and I have to say I loved the way the ultimate universe dealt with the symbiotes but of course back then my only real exposure to them had been the 1990's animated series and after the comics spider man 3. Anyway so after that my Mam threw out my old comics (which I suppose I ca't blame her for they were taking up quite a lot of space) but after a while I found myself wanting to get into comics again, if I had t guess I'd say the dark knight or iron man probably triggered this resurgence in interest for comics. However like many people I felt threatened by the years and years of continuity that I would instantaneously have been lost on so I spent my time wisely, I was frequently visiting dc.wikia.com and marvel.wikia.com in order to learn of the past comic events I had missed, and after a while I learned of ultimatum and felt like I had dodged a bullet. Then when I went on work experience in a local newspaper I met a guy named Conor Duffy and I'll post more about him and my reintroduction to comics at a later date

Hope you read again soon


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