About Myself #2

Hello All!

So when I went on the work experience I met this really really cool guy Conor Duffy, he was basically in control of the newspapers website and for most days all we ever really did was talk about comics, he showed me 4-chan (although I never really got into that) and the thing I'm most grateful to him for was that he introduced me to Young Justice, man oh man what a great show that is, (I'll post my thoughts on that at a later date), but anyway he really did just show me so so much about comics and also rebirthed my interest in comics, so I started looking at reviews of comics, and eventually amvs and then I saw one amv in particular that gave birth to a fanboy within me, the videos name was afterlife-Jason Todd, while I didn't understand much of what was going on I found it awesome so I went onto dc.wikia.com and started reading about him, and I was heartbroken, he's such a tragic and misunderstood character (and I will post an analysis of him soon I promise!) so anyway skip about a few months later and I hear DC are rebooting their whole comic line. I was absolutely ecstatic about this and in hindsight I can see why a lot of people were skeptical of t and still hate it to this day and if I had been in their position, well to be honest I would have been intrigued but really annoyed, especially now that I know Jason was finally on the road to redemption after his last appearance in Batman and Robin, but at the time I was just happy I could finally read comic books that I overlooked one huge problem, the nearest comic book store to where I live is in another city that's two hours away...

But that didn't bring me down especially not since I heard about red hood and the outlaws (which I'm a HUGE fan of by the way, Scott Lobdell one day I will write you a fan letter on this blog I swear it!). Plus I previously knew of Starfire from the teen titans cartoon and Roy Harper (although I was admittedly lost on the name arsenal, and even now I think they probably should have given him a new name) so I was going into this book with my favorite comic book character and two who I liked already. Then I learnt of comixology, suddenly all my comic troubles went away, I could read tonnes of new 52 books online, admittedly I was and still am disappointed by not owning a physical copy since I'd much prefer that but I'll take my victories where I can get them. Now I only have one more part t write which I promise to do so soon!

Hope you read again soon!


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