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He'l is terrible. God that dialogue is SO GENERIC it hurts. And the backwards S? Really? Just had to hammer in the point that he's a threat to Superman because he's supposedly his equal and opposite, huh? Thank god for Scott Lobdell, Master of Subtlety right here, Amirite?

Maybe one day he can reveal the secret to why he's called He'l. That's a puzzler

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Small week for me. Batman and Demon Knights. Cornell, you will be missed.

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@ccraft said:

She needs to be a darker orange :l

I'll probably pick this up for my sister.

Don't. Maybe Joe Keatinge will do better, but Starfire's current depiction in the new 52 has been incredibly criticized for being very misogynistic, and may not be appropriate depending on what age your sister is.

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I like the idea of backups in DC's larger books. Not only does it give characters like Shazam and Martian Manhunter, DC staples notorious for being unable to support their own titles, a place to shine, it also gives writers like James Tynion IV and Matt Kindt a chance to build a fan base, since they are rather unknowns.

DC deserves a lot of criticism for how easily it lost some of it's veterans over the reboot, but at least they know to bring in new talent to fill in the gaps.

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A scene inspired by when Harry met sally.... No. No, they couldn't do something that stupid to Wonder Woman. If there's one thing I learned from watching TV and movies, it's that most writers fail horribly when trying to write women, especially superheroes. This does not sound promising. I guarantee, at some point in the series there will be an entire story arc devoted to Diana's fears about losing her virginity.

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There needs to be more love for X-men Legacy, really been enjoying that (though in fairness, it's not quite something to rave about).

In any case, Wolverine really shouldn't have been taken down like that. Jean couldn't even use telepathy until long after she had joined with the Phoenix Force over 10 years in the future, so how does this happen? Come on, Bendis. I know you're a funny guy, but restrain yourself sometimes, man.

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@CircularLogic: there is cyclops...yeah i know hes looked at as a villain now but namor flooded wakanda & they forgave him quickly

Thing is Namor is leader of his own nation, which gives him diplomatic immunity. And in Marvel, that counts for something, since Doctor Doom has stayed free under those same rules for over 50 years in Latveria. Cyclops is involved in too many stories where he's on the run right now, forgiving him this quickly would ruin the entire purpose of 3 on-going series (All New X-men, Uncanny X-Men, to an extent Uncanny Avengers among others)

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@OmgOmgWtfWtf said:

@CircularLogic: Namor is with the Illuminati despite his crimes against humanity. Also the Illuminati is separate from everyone else, they always operated outside of the Avengers or SHIELD. Would it be that difficult for Emma or Magneto to join and operate in secret? Abigail Brand has already helped them despite her association with SHIELD. Storm and Black Panther are going to be in A+X issue 3 together. Also we don't even know if there divorce is even complete, they seem to be more separated than legally divorced, since there are bigger issues at hand then their divorce papers lol.

Fair enough, but Namor is leader of a sovereign nation, which is the reason Doctor Doom is still at large, so he get's a pass. Magneto is far too hated by the Avengers on the whole to be allowed to join (same with Emma Frost, their freedom despite their crimes was only granted because Scott and Logan vouched for them, which certainly isn't the case now). And the divorce seems pretty final, since Black Panther is the leader of the wakandan church, so to speak, so his word is pretty much law in these matters (but I'm fighting for this more because I hated the pairing, never cared for a couple defined entirely by the fact that they are the biggest black names in Marvel)

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@OmgOmgWtfWtf said:

@CircularLogic: Storm and Black Panther are going to be together in another book already. Namor is there, despite him destroying Wakanda. So I don't see why they can't get Emma Frost, who is a telepath and mutant and has been part of a secret group (The Cabal). Heck, I even think Magneto might fit in. He's a long time friend of Charles Xavier and certified team leader. I personally think Beast doesn't fit in with the secretive Illuminati group mentality. He's too nice and caring for that kind of stuff. Not to mention, he's kind of in everything now too.

Maybe you missed it, but Emma and Magneto are all escaped criminals on the run. I have no idea which book you're talking about that features Storm and Black Panther, but I think Hickman has plans for how Namor and Black Panther's current dynamic will be presented ( I think he discussed it in an early interview).

And I think you need to remember this isn't going to be the illuminati seen in Civil War. It will most likely be far less sinister than back then, plus since the majority of the members are all scientists in their own way (Mr. Fantastic, Tony Stark, and to an extent Black Panther, since Wakanda is pretty advanced) Beast makes a good fit.

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@OmgOmgWtfWtf said:

If this is the Illuminati, why is Beast on it???? He's smart and all, but I don't think his mindset fits with the group. He morals would run in conflict with group's actions IMO. I guess they have no other choice, since Xavier is dead. Though if I had my way, Doom would be the new guy on the team :)

Let's put it this way, would you prefer the current mutant leader, Wolverine, in yet another book? And Storm can't exactly be there with her divorce to Black Panther. So it's between him and Kitty Pride, take your pick.