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@CapFanboy said:

@Mercy_ said:

Gorgeous cover, Utterly atrocious pairing. Hold up. Phil Noto?

Punisher and Elektra are the best pairing you can get!

Isn't Elektra a villain who remorselessly kills innocents on many occasions and Frank a vigilante whose only purpose is to kill villains who have hurt innocents?

Sounds to me like the worst pairing possible.

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@ShockTrooper said:

It a Cyclops solo title. One can wish.

Cyclops, love him or hate him, is not a strong enough character to support his own book. The same reason characters like Nightcrawler, Storm etc never get solo books that last more than a year.

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@BurnSide said:

wasn't it announced when brian wood quit his last series, that he would work on something wolverine related?

You're thinking of Paul Cornell, who left Demon Knights to do the new Wolverine book for Marvel, which was announced a few months back.

To me it looks like a new adjective-less X-men book, or at least it's equivalent. In any case, Woods has been kicking ass with Ultimate comics, so I'm intrigued.

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@Jodez said:

The one fight I would like to see this year would be

New 52 Super vs Shazam!

Isn't Superman incredibly vulnerable to Magic? not exactly a fair fight

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The problem with this book is the complete lack of drama (we get it, people will die and attack each other, whatever), the lack of any sort of social commentary being made (Most people hate the hunger games because it's marketed towards tweens, but there's some really good social satire within that justifies WHY these kids need to die), and the fact that it even lacks the balls to make the character deaths permanent (this entire series has a very obvious back door should it be cancelled).

The real disappointment here is that both the writer and artist are very talented, but because they are both relatively unknown creators with Marvel (I know Kev Walker did Thunderbolts but that never sold particularly well) they got assigned to this to capitalize on the fad, and now there's legions of fans who will never give them a cent of their money anymore.

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I feel the Justice Leagues powers all reflect Superman's overall. Supes clearly outmatches them all, but Batman beats him in intelligence and willpower, Flash in Speed, Green Lantern in secondary powers (constructs, communications, space travel etc. > super hearing, heat vision, x-ray vision etc.), Aquaman in aquatic matters, leadership ability (as a king) and Bad-assery, Wonder Woman in combat, and I assume Shazzam when he joins in magical ability. Yes, I didn't include Cyborg, because Geoff Johns can't even remember to include him half the time.

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@Lamenoire: I had already mentioned that the change wasn't permanent, and the possibility of new stories isn't what bugs me. I just don't find Doctor Octopus to be a character I actually give a damn about in a role other than a villain, which I'm sure will be what ultimately causes the end of this book once the controversy dies down. The billing of this new Spider-man as "Superior" is what truly irks me just in the fact that it seems to be telling us that "anti-hero" = better

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Fire Lobdell from Teen Titans, make a new team with Raven (not written by Dan Didion), Garth, Stephanie brown (and maybe Damian?) and move from there. PLEASE.

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Daredevil, WatXM, Journey into mystery, X-factor, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, saga, Happy, and a bunch of others I'm not even sure I can adequately recall. Jeeeeeeeeeez.

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I think it's funny that they are only showing the art but absolutely none of Loeb's undoubtedly brain-dead dialogue and story. But the art is GORGEOUS. McGuinees, get a new writing partner. I hear Gail Simone's free.