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USM is terrible, Loeb lost all that made him good years ago. McGuinness is in top form, though. 1 out of 3 ain't bad, but I have plenty of better Marvel NOW! books to pick from with much better promise than this.

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Considering the team is made up of Magneto, Marvel's greatest villain, Emma Frost, the former white queen, Magik, who is confirmed as being unquestionably evil, Danger, an insane supercomputer, and Cyclops, Marvel's biggest douche, I think it's pretty fair to say that it could be anyone. But my vote's on Emma Frost, judging by how Bendis is making it so that here and Scott are no longer together, and she's the one on the team that is the most upset by the actions of the Phoenix 5.

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So like an alcoholic that get's behind the wheel of a car, the X-men are all responsible for those they killed during AvX.

I agree completely.

To counter that, the Avengers are responsible for the P5 being empowered in the first place

the P5 knew that by allowing the Phoenix Force to come to earth, there was a chance that it would A) possess somebody, and B) kill people. And it did. it doesn't matter what the Avengers did, because it's ultimately the X-men who allowed this to happen in the first place

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From what I understand of the Phoenix Force, what it does is remove the bearer's inhibitions. Jean Grey was a severely repressed piece of eye-candy for the X-men before the Phoenix Force came along, but when it did, it reduced the barriers in her personality she put on herself. In that sense, The Phoenix 5 were basically just really drunk (with power). But of course, they willingly accepted the phoenix force to earth, and when they received it's power, they chose to keep it. So like an alcoholic that get's behind the wheel of a car, the X-men are all responsible for those they killed during AvX.

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I was planning to drop ST after Snyder leaves, but I am pleasantly surprised at the positive reaction people are having with the announcement of the new creative team. I will wait for the reviews of their first two issues and then decide if I should stick with it or not. I need to make room for Lemire's Green Arrow in my pull list somehow. On a side note, DC is sooo random when choosing creative teams..too many highs and lows.

I wouldn't call them random, it's just that every month editorial seems to clash with writers so they have to fire a bunch of their A-list talent and replace them with fresh faces. It seems to be working well so far, though.

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I've been enjoying the hell out of this series. It's gorgeous.

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The lesson was lost as soon as...





It was revealed Peter Parker was still present in Doc Ock's mind. Instead of the story being about Otto coming to terms with the lessons learned in ASM 700, it's about Peter fighting to return to his body. It derailed everything we knew about this book going into it for the sake of calming down angry fans.

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No, G-man. I won't stop bringing up how Doc Ock sleeping with Mary Jane in Peter's body is RAPE. Even if you are right, the story is still framed in such a way that it implies that it is in fact Otto in peter's body. So excuse me for being a little disgusted and apprehensive about such a vile thing that Slott is doing for the sake of humor.

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The next story arc, Ock-spidey is hired back to the Daily Bugle, somehow regressing the character back even further than OMD.

All kidding aside, Does anyone honestly think Doc Ock is the kind of character we can follow for more than a year once the hype dies down? Just imagine if Peter Parker never existed, but the same character of Doc Ock did in fact. Do we truly care about him enough to give him a lasting book? I don't see it happening

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Gorgeous cover, Utterly atrocious pairing. Hold up. Phil Noto?

Punisher and Elektra are the best pairing you can get!

Isn't Elektra a villain who remorselessly kills innocents on many occasions and Frank a vigilante whose only purpose is to kill villains who have hurt innocents?

Sounds to me like the worst pairing possible.

But think how freaky it would be?

That is something that should be kept entirely between you, your internet service provider and your membership to adultfanfiction, not in Marvel canon