JLA movie. a few thoughts

It seems like every other week, Warner Bros. decides to tease us with some new updates or rumors about their totally-not-copying-marvel Justice League movie, and every time you things just get worse and worse. First they hint at Ben Affleck directing, then it turns out he was never interested in the first place, then we find out that Warner seems much more interested in a Lobo movie right now rather than even talking about the possibility of a Flash film, and after that we learn that the brothers behind the Matrix are now in talks to direct (Which, let's face it, would SUCK).

Of course, we, the fans, know that we can't hold our breaths about this. It took Marvel 4 years to get an avengers film off the ground, and they had the good luck to have 2 strong franchises already in theaters to pull it off. Warner, however, only had the Nolan films, and there's no way to fit those into a JLA flick.

In fact, I actually found it to be quite curious why no one was confirming or denying that the Man of Steel movie would lead into the Justice League, until I realized that they wanted to keep their mouths shut until test audiences gave it a positive review before hand, especially considering what happened with Green Lantern.

So, it's pretty obvious that Warner is just trying to keep DC characters fresh in our minds until the big high created by the avengers petered out, so really it's all a moot point. But still, I think about things. Alot. and I've been at it so long that I might have come up with a few good suggestions on how to approach the JLA franchise.

  1. Kill off Hal Jordan.

Now, it's pretty easy to see that the Green Lantern is not going to be a name that pulls people into theaters. Ryan Reynolds was not well liked as Hal Jordan, and there are doubts as to whether he will return to the role or not.

But you know what? Bring him back. Have him in the very first scene of the movie. Have him fly high, proud and true, ready for action as the Green Lantern of sector 2814.

Then kill him off. In fact, just destroy the entire Green Lantern corps. And then, in his place, put in Kyle Rayner.

This is a perfect idea. Kyle's whole existence in the DCU was based on the fact that people found Hal Jordan to be boring as $hit, just like people who watched GL in theaters felt. Not only that, this gives us a character who is just as clueless as we are when it comes to the Justice league. That way, we get thrust into the story the same way he is, and it helps us catch up with, and warm up to, the world this movie takes place in.

Not only that, you can have Darkseid be the one who destroys the corps, giving us a villain. Hell, you could even have Hal turn evil, like in the comics, if you want to be fancy. It's just a simple solution to a crappy movie.

2. Have at least 2 tie-ins

Now, many people have claimed that you could simply make a Justice League movie with no tie-ins at all, and spin the heroes out into their own features afterwards. But when I hear these opinions, I just keep thinking that they forget one key thing.

Overall, giving Thor and Captain America their own movies wasn't just about leading into the Avengers so that we wouldn't be so confused about what was happening. It was about WORLD BUILDING. It created a mystery and a mythos to these heroes, and allowed us many more storytelling possibilities as a result. And unfortunately, DC has a bad habit of creating convoluted worlds for it's characters, which is why it keeps getting rebooted.

What I would do is make at least 2 tie-ins, not including the upcoming Man of Steel. Of the 7 core cast members of the team, I say that both the Flash and Wonder Woman should get the silver screen treatment.

Especially Wonder Woman. Let's face it, there are NO good superhero movies with female leads. Like, at all. But somehow, despite being the third most well known comic book character of all time, she's the only one to have not received her own big picture epic. This needs to change.

The Flash is an obvious second, being well-liked and well known, to an extent. Martian Manhunter would be a close third, and I think it might actually be awesome to see him in his own movie, especially because it's J'onn freaking J'onzz.

Of course, Aquaman is too much of a joke in the mind of the public at large to be given his own movie. But hey, hopefully someone could pull a Mark Ruffalo and MAKE HIM an endearing character.

3. Animated movies

Hey, the current crop of DC animated adaptations kick ass. Why not make a few to fill in some gaps. I'm not saying make complete, necessary sequels and prequels, but maybe something focused on some minor characters that could pop up down the line. just a thought.

Posted by BlueLantern1995

Wish I could agree with something on here...wait I can! The brothers behind Matrix doing JLA would suck...so I did find something I could agree with.