Is Joe Quesada trying to set Peter up to be blameless in OMIT?

Now, I will admit that I've only seen some of the pages from the latest chapter of OMIT from Scans Daily, but putting these pieces together with the previous issues, is everyone but Peter Parker getting the blame for his mindwiping everyone? It just seems like he's being really, really selfish, frankly - Although I don't suppose it helps when you're being written by a puppet master drastically trying to write himself out of a corner - Everything Peter is doing seems to be down to things happening to someone else. Does he have no spine or anything? It's either MJ is in trouble or Aunt May or Tony made him unmask, and so on. 
Am I being unreasonable, here, or have we pretty much lost the core piece of responsibility from Spider-Man? Whatever happened all those times MJ was in peril before? Peter beat them up. Aunt May? He saved her dozens of times. I understand it has to work within the parameters of the status quo Joe Q has dug Peter into, but it just seems Peter could be actively making this choice without having someone he loves imperiled, since we all know he's saved them time and time again, and not from some fat thug who just happened to pin Spider-Man down and stop him reaching his wedding.
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Well, almost all his life, he were caring about others, and look, what he got for that. Yeah, he act like selfish idiot, but I think, that many people would be like him in that situation.

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Here's what has happened thus far:

So Mary Jane and Mephisto are technically to blame, but that is the story that people remember. As far as accepting the blame for unmasking himself, he actually admitted it was his fault.
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Right, so I guess I'm overreacting a touch, but I don't think it helps that this immediately follows a set of stories where Peter has been made a buttmonkey by situations of his own creation - Such as doctoring photos of JJJ, and I suppose stuff like that generally lends me a little biased toward how the writers are currently portraying Peter.  
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@CiaranStatham: You're not over reacting in the slightest,  OMIT was a horrible piece of trash. It was complete character assassination for Mary Jane.