Wade Wilson's War/ Story Ending Rant

So, I am partial doing this for the onsite quest, but hey, it's a good Deadpool Comic! I enjoyed this mini-series, but at the ending, which makes you wonder what you just read, it prompted me to question the ending, and the plot of comics in general.

Really thinking about it though, there are two very important parts of a comic, from a plot stand point, the start, it sets the tone of whats to come and starts the investment of one's time and thought. Then the ending, the payoff. I can base this off of The Hunger Games, perfect example.

*Major spoilers* for all 3 books, ok, so Katnis enters the Hunger Games to protect Prim, her sister, from inevitable death in the games. well by the end of the third book, Mocking Jay, she dies. So, while I loved all of the books, I thought, so the whole three books were meaningless from the point of keeping Prim alive, and I wasted my time reading them since she died anyway. I then thought about how well written it was throughout and I changed my mind, but I couldn't shake that feeling, so she died anyway...

This is just one example of an ending that can cause you to look at the piece of work how it effect your overall take on it. Wilson's War wasn't like that, because of the writing, the way he worded it, a take from it what you will piece. I loved it, very good comic.

I may just been talking out of my a** here, but this is just something I came up off the top of my head.

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Posted by Xanni15

Regarding the hunger Games, I think you misunderstood the point. Once Katniss won the Hunger Games, it became about the Rebellion, not Prim. She was essentially useless except to Katniss. It's not like she was a main character.

Posted by Chumlee

I do realize that, but I was simply meaning from the basis of the first book, the start point. If you look at the the start and the end, she got into to save her, but she died anyway. I do think by the time Mocking Jay came out she was a main character, and if nothing else a very strong support character. I would argue she wasn't useless to everyone either, she served as her mother's nurse and was becoming a full nurse in 13. That is just my take and interpretation I know everyone see things in a different light.