Magneto's Huge Freakin Family

Below is a list of everyone Magneto is related to. It took me a while, but I think I finally got all of them. Though, if you guys can think of anyone else, give me a heads up.

As an aside, God help us all if Polaris ever marries her long time boyfriend Havok. If that happens, the Summers family tree will connect with Magneto's, which will make him related to pretty much everyone in Marvel Universe.

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An excellent list with new idea

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Great list. But i would consider adding Nocturne, the character from eXiles, who is an alternate-reality daughter of Scarlet Witch and Nightcrawler. And with that, that leads to the very large family tree of Nightcrawler which includes: Amanda Sefton, Margali Sazrdos, Mystique, Destiny, Destiny's daughter and grandson, Rogue, Mr.Wagner (either named Eric or Christian), Azazel, Stefan Szardos, Abyss, Kiwi Black, Sabertooth, and Greydon Creed. Another person you may consider is Charles, the AoA son of Magneto and Rogue. Certainly, though, you really should include Wonder Man to the list as Vision and he consider themsleves to be brothers, since it was Wonder Man's brain that was templated to make Vision's artificial one. And since the Grim Reaper is brother to Wonder Man, he should be on the list too. Also, there is Joseph, the clone of Magneto and Astra, Joseph's creator.