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Also isn't the new Ravagers series first story arc called "The Culling" as well. The Culling must be a pretty big deal.

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1) Red Hulk is cool. Yes

2) After IronMan had extremis, his feats didn't really improve other than that arc. Dumb. Impartial

3) There are too many human green lanterns that are suddenly the best green lanterns. Yes but I have no problem with it.

4) Honey Badger should have been a Green Lantern before any human. No

5) Batman shouldn't be on the Justice League team. No

6) Jean Grey should never be resurrected. Impartial

7) Flash is the biggest underachiever in terms of his powerset in the history of comics. NO

8) Flash would be a cooler hero if his punches were as powerful as a normal human, not superman. This question makes no sense.

9) There should be more heroes suffering from male pattern baldness that arent meant to be horribly ugly. Impartial

10) Magneto is overrated in the battles forum. No

11) The idea of numerous supermen (supergirl, superboy, etc.), spidermen (clones, spiderwomen, etc.), different coloured hulks, multiple flash guys etc. etc. etc. is bad for comics. Makes things confusing for the casual reader. All depends on the character and how different the characters are from each other. In the case of spiderman yes, but supermen, flash characters, and hulks, No.

12) Big Barda is a bad ass. Yes

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I'm not really feeling the hype for AVX, probably because I don't understand why they are fighting at all, and will probably wait until its in novel form to get it. Why is there so much hate on The Flash? It's not amazing but I'm really liking it and hopefully as they redo old villains it will get better.

Flash #7 and Daredevil #10

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I would definitely be excited if it was Miles. Hopefully no more clones or Ben Reilly coming back. Also it doesn't look like it could be Kaine. I would probably be happier with this being a mini-series than a full-fledged series.

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Art looks better than the book that it is supposed to tie into. I'm actually more excited about this than the actual AVX series, mainly because this takes away the story and it seems like the story for AVX won't be very good.

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Is the cross-over only going to take place within Avenging Spiderman or also in DD and Punisher?

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Green Lantern, Saga, and Scarlet Spider. Glad Mahnke is back with Lantern.

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I would definitely choose the thirteenth artifact. Probably because no one actually knows its limitations. Also I would probably be left alone because no one would want to anger the person that holds the most important artifact and kills people because of the deaths of his friends. It just seems awesome.

If I had to make a 14th artifact, it would probably be have to deal with controlling weather. Maybe call it The Eye of the Storm.

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Nevermind, just read the overview.

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@cattlebattle: No problem.