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Sorry about misspelling the name in the title.

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The Fantastic Four seems ok, just a reboot of the same, but i don't like the new FF. It made sense with it being kids and I liked it that way because it separated it from everything else, now it will just be another superhero book, except with characters I don't care about.

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Amazing Spiderman #690

The Flash #11

Green Lantern #11

X-Treme X-Men #1

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I don't read my comics digitally, the only times I buy digital comics are when something that I am not quite sure I want to buy in print is on sale. That is the only way I use digital comics. Holding the book in my hands as opposed to reading it on a tablet makes me feel more into the book. When I read something digitally and I have to scroll left to right to change panels or zoom in to read text, I feel more like I'm speeding thorough the book and less like I'm enjoying the artwork and the story.

Onto the disappearing ink thing, its an interesting idea, but when I pay 3-4$ for a 30 page book, I expect for it not to disappear in a few days. It just wouldn't seem fair to the consumers, and like someone said above, would more likely push people away for the product.

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@Or35ti: It's real, but it is just a cover made for the collection, not representing Justice League #0, which is about Shazam.

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Joker -29

Clayface - 6 (-1)

Batman - 15 (+1)

Bane - 3 (-1)

Mr. Freeze -12 (+1)

Poison Ivy - 8 (-1)

Harley Quinn -12

Two Face -10

Barbara Gordon -11 (-1)

The Scarecrow - 7

Riddler - 21 (+1)

Cassandra Cain -11

Catwoman -11 (-1)

Tim Drake -14 (+1)

Nightwing- 13 (+1)

Damian Wayne - 6 (-1)

Jason Todd -10 (+1)

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Is "No Turning Back" a good jumping on point to Amazing Spider Man?

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This would be amazingly stupid! But if done correctly, it could be cool and could be interesting to their relationship.

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Flash would create a vortex around Bane and Superman, causing them both to get dizzy. Superman starts punching around at random and hits The Flash. Flash ends up in a river, knocked out. Superman continues to punch around until he hits a dizzy Bane. Bane, who never turned on his venom and is very confused, also becomes knocked out. Superman then flies at Batman who has been sitting on the sidelines. As Batman is pulling out his Kryptonite, The Flash regains consciousness and grabs the Kryptonite from Batman. The Flash uses this to gain and advantage on Superman and punch him 1000 times. He leaves Superman and the Kryptonite in a ditch so that Superman cannot rejoin the fight. The Flash then tries to create another vortex but Batman drops a knockout gas bomb and The Flash loses. BATMAN WINS!

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UGGGHHHHHHH That Sucks!!!!!!! Now for the next series we're going to have to sit through another ten episodes of origin stories!