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The new clip ties the original silver Robo Cop to the new sleeker looking Robo Cop.

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I was collecting 4 of those titles. Savage Hawkman, Team 7, Fury of Firestorm and Sword of Sorcery. I was amazed Hawkman and Firestorm lasted this long. I enjoyed Team7 and Sword of Sorcery, although they never got much development. I hope Amythyst joins Justice League Dark. My titles were close to 24 titles. Once you add Frankenstein and I Vampire cancelling my titles are shrinking. I hope they just don't hand out titles to individual characters. I have no idea how Batwing and teen Titans have survived this long..Teen Titans is my least favorite title that I collect.

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Good Episode. I did not like how Deadshot was so easily dispatched. I hope that this is not a trend where major villians show for a time meet and get killed. I am glad that Ollie's body guard John Diggle will know who he is. You always need a new character to develop that you can introduce into the comics. I hope that Deadshot makes another appearance later this year or next year and the arrow through the eye gives him the opportunity to look more like the Deadshot of the comics.

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Roster seems interesting. Manhunter, Hawkman, And Green Arrow get fleshed out more. I am interested how the introduce/re-introduce Vibe and how Stargirl gets introduced from her pre Flashpoint days on The JSA.

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This is the definitive Batman trilogy. There was a beginning, middle, and end. Nolan attempted to present Batman as a realistic character taking him down to his basic elements. He created a story arc that when seen connects overall or by themselves. He did not take the character and wrap him into the Dark Knight Detective, that comic readers know him as. This would have taken the story in another direction and the audience would have spent a good 45 minutes of each movie watching him use detective skills and not Batman quickly connect the dots to what each nemesis was up. To argue other points the 1989 movie that introduced audiences to Batman in theaters stands alone as a geat story. The other movies following it have been more hit and miss pending on the elements. I would like to see a "franchise" in the mode of James Bond. A Batman movie could be made and Batman takes up as we left off. Batman is becoming like the Superman "franchise" where his origin is repeated in the initial movie and he fights the same villian. Comic book readers from casual fans all no his origin and want to see him go into action. I am glad that Nolan introduced Scarecrow and Rha's as villians and re-introduced Batman's other rogues and made them better.

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JlI was just strting to go somewhere. Green Arrow, Flash, Blue Beetle, and Firestorm need to go. The only titles I read and like from the Justice League imprint are Aquaman and Green Lantern. Some of the best writing is from Suicide Squad, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Frankenstein, and Justice League dark. This last wave I only lost Justice League International. The internet had 12 titles to be cancelled, although only in waves. $ titles have now been cancelled and 8 more will be cancelled in wave 3 and 4. I am glad to see DC is putting all there characters out there so a buyer does not have to buy only caped heroes and the same heroes month in and out. DC has too large of a stable not give them there own titles, back up features, or cameos in other titles. The onlt drawback or criticism is having a storyline last 8-12 issues. It can work with Swamp Thing and Animal Man. The titles that were cancelled and I am batting 50/50 on the cancelled titles, took to long on there storyline. The cancelled could have easlily had 2 to 3 storyarcs when they had there curtain call.

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I am not sure why Robinson switched Scott's sexuality. Obsidian was new and he was introduced as LGBT. one of the great attributes about Scott was that he was a father that accepted his son for who he was.

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Looks good! Glad that CW is going with a new cast and not a continuation of Smallville Oliver. Tha fan base can only hope for another long run>

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I will not make it this year. It is on my bucket list.

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Justice League International is the next to be canceled. The cancelation of the title was made official for the August solicits.