Why You Should Never Work for Family

So there I was at home (where ease is a half blind artist going to be) when my uncle barges into the house and offers me a job. I said yes, and the next day I was off to work in a garage. The first hint of trouble a welding machine went missing, so as I and the other employees avoided a screaming on the phone boss, he, the boss was first on the phone to the guy or guys who "stole" the welding machine, I really don't know why he thought screaming at the guy would make him bring it back? His next call was to the police, and he started using words like pig instead of officer or sir. So the cops never showed up. Thankfully he wasn't my ride home.

The garage leaked like a rung out sponge, there were three bays only one was ever really in use. I was never working on the car, that was the car guy he was dating the sectary (I didn't get her name eater). For two of three days that I worked for the company I worked for Dave (older gentleman looks like Colonel Sanders only skinner) he was a painter good at his job, the drywaller we were cleaning up after (who's work was as crooked as he's teeth) not so good, I was sanding down to the tape trying to get passable.

On day two I was in the garage all day mucking out this back room that was going to be kitchen, it was me car guy and sectary, it was also payday (Not for me). They were going to knock off early but when car guy tried to close the garage doors one of them wouldn't close, the door had jumped the tracks. They left I'm there alone trying to deal with a problem that I cant fix. And my ride the boss is nowhere to be seen, so I'm poking at the pulley with a piece of molding and pulling at the chain hoping that the door would come down. I started at eight Am its now eight PM, I thought that I was going to be there for the night. I cant leave the place with the door open. So quickly learnt to drive a cru cab truck (I cant drive and after that I shouldn't, I wouldn't do well in jail) I pulled the truck in front of the door. Just as I was going to take the first cat nap Dave pulls up, and after two cuts to some cords the door came down with a monsters crash. We locked up and left.

Day three were going to look at a house to give the owner an instalment on the job, Hear were the directions. "It's in Holley Road near the marina." O.K I know where that is, "it's a blue house on a hill near the hair cut place." They didn't want to drive there, it was maybe a 20 maybe 30 minute drive. I decided to call it a lost day and was dropped off at my home, latter the boss showed up at six thirdly PM and asked if I could do him a favor. I said yes, and we left in his truck and I did some clean up at his sisters house. He hugged me it felt weird, so when he left I left, I did not want to be alone with that guy.

It was about two weeks latter, I never got played, I didn't care, I was enjoying the moral high ground. When I found out that he wasn't paying anyone! He would get his employees to setup a bank count for them selves, they need money so there paying them selves on the overdraft, thinking or hooping that a paycheck would some day show up in the account. I'm only owed 260, there were guys who worked for him for months. I got off easy.

Never work for family

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I Crush On Comic Book Characters

I admit it, I get crushes on comic book character's (also video game's). Nothing creepy, my fan fic has never included sex not even as much as hand holding. My first was Raven, my last was Stephanie Brown. There were other's over the years, a chick from Elf Quest, a member of the rival in Jem & the Holograms, the girl I use as my avtar.


I ve bin rewarching Sea Quest

I ve bin rewarching Sea Quest, why, becouse I think it could do with a reboot. They had some good storys but they were all poorly executed. In the last of season 2 the sub is sank by the coneheads, killing the crew after the captain pulls Captain Kirk. Was all the CG that bad at that time, juge for yourself, it's on youtube.

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The Dream Blog

Girvegan, by the save/teloport crystal, Vaan waigthed. From the Earth ran Penelo and a Viera, Penelo said

"I am with you from the time you wake till the time you sleep." it felt unmfortably intimate they held hands, in the moment of I knew why they were there. As orphan's they werent alowed to marry, only people with living parnt's were considered real people or if they havd a child when there parents were still alive.


TV Shows I Miss

Supercalifragilsticexpialidocious, I miss the TV show the border. It got pulled becouse of so called anti-Americanism, it made for better storys. A nother TV show I miss is an old one called Star Loss, it was a sci fi show from the 70's it was about a space ship ark form a devested Earth. I hope they do a reboot.

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I Was Bullyed In High School

I was bullyed in high school, by a very stupit kid. I was a sennior he was a junior, he was'nt a big kid. Now at the time I was takeing kung fu and was 18 19 years old, I geass death wish just ins'nt just a film. Now I could have taken him apart like a lego set, and lost some of the peces, but I didnt. The whole thing just left me confused, I will tell you who I am mad at it was the teachers who he did it in frount of. I dount know what brougth it on and I have no idea what ever hapned to him, I think hes in prison. Sometimes I wish I'd taken that swing.


The Dream Blog (I hate Zombies)

I was on one of the ships in the movie, something went worng,. We were hiding in some room when a quarter zombie found us, he was somebody who went looking for help (and we all know how that goes). We ran, some how we had the plan of ingite the ships fuel, better dead then DEAD. We ended up on one of the stacks, there was no way we could have set the ship on fire. We jumped, I wasnt lucky enough to break my neck. They could swim.

I woke up, geas what movie I woun't ever warch?


I started the game again

Take that Air Cutter Remora, got to save the king. Run to the save cristal. Ok Thunder then cut the gards, run run, dam to late. Why did you stab me you jerk!


I fixed the PS2

I sort of manged to fix the PS2, I turned ti upside down.

Gravity, keeps things in place now fix's video game systems. Gravity going strong for 14.6 billion years, suck it ligth:D