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This set is awesome! I have the Milano hanging from a ceiling hook in my room:

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You'd think that if they wanted to make the name a little more kid friendly they'd just have called them "Task Force X". Either way, it's cool to see one of the cooler teams DC has get some love.

My thoughts exactly. I'm quite surprised.

But either way, this will be an awesome DLC!

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Admittedly, I'm waiting for the trade. But I'm still following this loosely.

But one question, because this cover especially intrigues me--why is Batgirl in a Robin suit?

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@banemax: They're supposed to fit into the 616 universe but, in the case of the Avengers and GotG ones, be accessible of fans who only have exposure through the films.

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I'm really interested in this series, partly because of Ben Templesmith's art, but I don't have a lot of faith in Ray Fawkes.

But man, everything about this sounds awesome.

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@cave_duck: $10 gets you one month's digital access to almost* every Marvel comic older than six months. (Year subscription=$70, Plus perks=$100/year.)


(Ok, that was slightly more than 20 words.)

By my math, if you read one comic a day through the service, that's $10/30 issues which comes out to 33 cents an issue. Pretty snazzy deal IMO to be able to catch up on things when buying that many graphic novels isn't financially feasible to most people.

It works best on a smartphone or tablet, but reading on the website isn't too bad either.

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One of my favorite Green Arrow fights was near the end of Arrow Season 1 when he had to fight Merlyn in the Queen mansion. So epic!

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I love the Marvel Unlimited service, and just recently grabbed a discounted price for the Plus year-long service. If I read one comic every day, I'm paying 20 cents per issue for a year (and if I do feel inclined to read a story again later, then I can probably justify buying the trade). (The Rocket statue and issues are an added bonus.)

It's great for catching up on things before I started collecting, or recent things I can no read because I certainly can't buy everything that comes out.

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Great article! This will help me make sure my LCS gets every dollar they can out of me without me ruining their stock by not notifying them of what I want to pick up.

Question: Did you have a minimum title count for a pull list? One store near my college didn't, so my pull fluctuated between 1 and 10 titles, but I knew they would always have my comics. My current comic shop has a minimum of five and so, unfortunately, I currently don't have a pull because I'm only buying 3 titles. I know Midtown Comics has a minimum of ten, which I think is asking a lot of the casual collector. Do you feel putting any sort of number on holding issues for regular customers hinders or enhances sales?


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I don't want to have to get Futures End #21, but I might have to read a few of those issues to see just where this story goes. But I have a feeling it'll just keep going and I won't be satisfied with buying just a few issues.