On Variant Covers

Having an interest in the Avengers movie promo variant covers for April, I asked my LCS how variant covers are distributed/priced, hoping I could be lucky enough to score one of the artistic designs from the titles I'm reading.

Turns out most variants are dependent on the LCS purchasing a certain amount of the standard issue. Usually 25, and then they can purchase 1 variant cover. So if my LCS normally only buys 10 of a title, I would have to pay for the other 16 (15 plus variant). And if you don't have money for that many of the same title, I won't even tell you how there are even rarer variants dependent on 50, 100, even 250 titles being purchased before being able to snag a variant!

So I probably will not get a variant any time soon (unless some of them only require 10 of a title, and I can coax my LCS into giving me the variant), but at least now I will not get my hopes up of ever hoping to find one just sitting on the comic shelves.

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