Deciphering Graphic Novels

Does anyone know of a good way to calculate how many comic issues will be in each DC New 52 graphic novel, or of sites that will list those out in advance? It's really easy to figure it out for Marvel: Usually Wikipedia will list the "collected editions" or at least a team roster, which indicated story-arcs. But I am having no luck for DC titles.

Specifically how many issues of Swamp Thing and Animal Man will be in their volume Twos. Both have Annuals, and judging by the number of pages Amazon says each volume will have, I can guess they both stop at issue #12 and also contain their Annuals.

(And I want to know if Batman Vol 2 will have Annual #1 in it. (And we can only hope the #0 issues show up in a graphic novel as well.) (This would also be helpful for Supergirl Vol 2 so I can figure out where to pick up, with issue #13 or something. Wherever a good starting point it.))

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Posted by RazzaTazz should have all that info

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let me know if yoou figure it out. Marvel is EASY - usually just follows the arc. DC has been really random with their new 52 trades.