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@Power NeXus: The vast majority of people in the United States think soccer isn't a "real" sport as many of my non soccer player friends have told me. I have played soccer since i was 5 years old Played through out college and still play today.
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Rugby is another sport Americans will never accept I think its because they didn't invent it!

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Great issue! Great series!

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Italy captain and center back Fabio Cannavaro announced he will be retiring from international play after the world cup... just an fyi

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any one else think Brazils new jersey sucks?

Compare this to the new Italy jersey
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I agree, but look at Henry (born in Argentina plays for France) same with  Mauro Camoranesi (but he plays for Italy ) Some times i can understand it, actually Giuseppe Rossi is an American playing for Italy in this upcoming world cup. (if I had to choose between playing for the US and Italy I would also choose Italy)
My club team is Juventus, national (if you havent guessed it yet) Italy Forza Azzurri! what about you?

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heres a little italian drama for you lol: 

Gattuso attacks Amauri - Thursday, February 26

Gennaro Gattuso's knee might be out of action due to a torn anterior cruciate ligament but the Italy midfielder's tongue was in full working order when he told Juventus striker Carvalho De Oliveira Amauri, who is awaiting Italian citizenship, to sod off and play for Brazil.

The São Paulo-born striker was called up by Brazil coach Dunga for a friendly with Italy earlier this month but was blocked from playing by Juventus, who said the call came too late, and the delay in committing to either Italy or Brazil has riled Gattuso.

"We've won four World Cups and our football is as good as anyone's. I think Amauri should play for Brazil," Gattuso told Gazzetta dello Sport.

Amauri, who obviously quite likes the idea of playing for his country of residence, responded: "I don't care at all what Gattuso says."     
The Italians just cant get along with any one, Gattuso (the snarling dog, best nick name ever) needs to shut up and hope Amauri plays for Italy he would be a big pick up off the bench or possibly in center mid. I doubt he would start
Balotelli is average. I don't think hes special, but he is a worker

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Although I do agree with you that Messi is the best player in the world, I do not see Argentina winning it all, they dont have the defense. The first article below is just for fun, but the next two show Italy seems to be trying very hard to get the best possible team. Bringing back Totti i think is a great idea, and Amauri is an Italian Citizen now and will most likly pay for Italy (suck it brazil! lol) The favorite (like every year) is Brazil, a solid team, but they seem to lack the chemistry right now and goal scorers, (sorry to say it Kaka is over rated! and Ronaldhino is not what he used to be). Spain is a great team, but I dont see them winning, England has a ligit shot, but they are fielding the same team over and over again and it just never works out for them. Although I would love Italy to win it all again, I don't see it happening, I feel they might try to bring back tooo many old timers, and their younger players just dont have what it takes. all in all it should be a great month of calcio! cannot wait 38 days 18 hours 9 min and 50.. 49... 48 seconds!    

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Fact; it is hard for men to fall in love,
Fact; once a man falls in love it is hard to love another woman,
Fact; it is easy for a woman to destroy a man,
Fact; women have a much easier time moving on than men, 

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for some reason I cannot stop listening to rap music, right now lil wayne is on... i just cant seem to turn it off