New to comics.

Hello every one! I just recently began reading comics. I haven't read any since I was a little kid and need some advice. I have picked up the Blackest Night volume which is amazing by the way, also Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, and Green Lantern Rebirth. What else do you think I would like? I want to find a good Superman volume, Flash, and maybe a good Batman volume (I've never been a big Batman fan but reading a story about a rich bada$$ is always fun). Give me some pointers if you can and thanks to every one in advance! Anything with a good/great story and the art is always important to me.

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bats is dead : P
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Well if you like GL and Geoff Johns writing, then try picking up the Sinestro Corps War and Rage of the Red Lanterns

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Batman Year One
Batman The Dark Knight Returns
Batman The Killing Joke
Batman Venom
Batman Broken City
Batman Strange Apparitions
Batman Gothic
Batman Mad Love
Batman Son of the Demon
Batman A Death in the Family
Batman A Lonley Place of Dying
Batman and Son (Then Black Glove then RIP then Final Crisis)
Batman Whatever Happened to the Capped Crusader?

All Star Superman
Superman for all seasons
Superman/Batman: Supergirl from Krypton


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Thanks every one I am going to look more into all of these!

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@War Killer: Sinestro Corps War was actually one I just ordered last Friday thanks!
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No prob! :D

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so you should get identity crisis 
infinite crisis, you could also get final crisis but it's hard to understand 

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@deathswitch said:
" so you should get identity crisis infinite crisis, you could also get final crisis but it's hard to understand  "
High five with the "Identity Crisis"
No one said "KINGDOM COME." ?! Shocking.
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