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hey guys

I was reading the new wolverine and x-men while eating my delicious 99 cent McDonald's hamburger, when the image of eye-boy (kid with eyes all over his body, even in his hair) just totally killed my appetite. I find it hard to look at that character, his appearance is repugnant to me. And I can read an issue of Crossed without feeling the same way! which mutant do you think is the grossest looking, or what mutant power? sorry if this has come up before.

p.s. anyone else like the idea of wolverine as a teacher but find the book itself lacking? I dig the concept, just not the execution. Especially now that those hellfire brats look like they will be around for a while. I just find them obnoxious, and the way they paint them as oh so evil is just silly.

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@papad1992: "Also, the way he killed AoA Blob (the murderer of Kurt's wife) was too savage and unjust."

I wouldn't call it unjust (the fat son of a bitch did eat his wife after all), but it was certainly savage, and definitely one of the more creative deaths in a whole series of death-dealing. could anything be too savage for someone who ate your wife? not for me. i think aoa nightcrawler wanted to go home because there was nothing left for him to do in 'our' world (with aoa blob and aoa iceman dead), besides that fact he was ashamed of his betrayal of x-force.

btw, was x-treme cyclops supposed to be black? i didn't realize that. and x-treme wolverine was gay? huh. well i suppose if xavier is a floating head and cyclops a member of a different race, a gay logan isn't much of a stretch. maybe i should check out x-treme x-men. any standout issues or story lines come to mind? how many issues did that series run for anyway?

p.s. i'm just getting back into comics after a decade long hiatus. please excuse my ignorance.

edit: elixir would be one of many that would be gunning for prophet, that's for sure. he (his 616 counterpart anyway) was responsible for blowing up that bus of de-powered mutant kids after house of m, wasn't he? i might be remembering that one wrong.

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I didnt care for it much, but then ive never read x-treme x-men so i was a bit confused. glad prophet made it out, i really liked him in the ongoing age of apocalypse book that recently ended. itll be interesting when he bumps into the x-men in his new home, who know him as an enemy

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its been a while since i read DoFP, but if I remember right wolverine is a resistance fighter in that story. as the two posters above me said, its kinda out of character for him to team up with evil hulk for an assasination. but I could totally see future x-force wolverine doing it. btw in a+x 1 they were there to kill red hulk, bumping into their former selves wasnt part of the plan. when they go back to their time they report to the president of the usa, who (from the small look we get of him) looks like red hulk with a mustache. is his identity also a mystery?

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thanks guys. personally i was thinking of the wolverine from the x-force story, which came out last year i think. but it could be the days of future past one too.

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in the wolverine/hulk story from a+x#1, wolverine and hulk fight a future wolverine and maestro (sp? evil future totalitarian hulk with a beard), the latter two suddenly appearing in avengers hq via a time portal. Has this future wolverine, who looks like 'normal' wolverine but with some gray in his hair (plus he's wearing a heavy coat with a fur-lined collar) appeared before? I could swear I've seen him in some alternate future/dystopian storyline. Or I could be imaging it, and a+x #1 is his first appearance.

anyone know? its driving me crazy trying to remember and it's a bit too vague to google. any answers appreciated.