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I'd say the atlanteans would overwhelm them and win

Magik has her own army of demons with different powers that can match them.

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Magik solos

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@lukehero said:

Can't Rockstlide Stalemate him though?

Stops at 6.

How does he stop Rockslide?

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Can Sersi Transmute his helmet then TP him?

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@laylah: Let me get this straight, you get to pick which feats are valid since you don't like the character. ok...seems fair.

Magik has produced high end feats under different writers, so stop acting like her good feats under bendis are out of character. In the orignal new mutants run, she was destined to either destroy or save the world during inferno.

The core concept of the character is that she is an all powerful hell lord. A quote from the new Inferno tie in secret wars: Hopeless tells Newsarama. “On the flip side of that, Illyana has been living all these years as Darkchylde, the all-evil all-powerful badass ruler of the Inferno. That little girl lost routine was a lifetime ago and her brother’s noble quest is laughable.” She is the all powerful ruler of Limbo.

Dormammu vs Magik isn't firelord vs spider man. Dormammu followed Magik into battle vs Archenemy.

Nope, they feared her own power not just her Amulet. Hela says her powers are formidable while Black heart comments that Magik is becoming a cause for concern which Stannish agreed to.

@kasya If Magik takes Maxima to Limbo it's over. She can block teleporters from teleporting and she controls reality there. She can basically do anything. Sunspot tell Legion- " There is nothing here she cannot do."

She controls all the mystical rules of that dimension:

The realm is but an Echo of its mistress if she is mad...then so is it.

Her demons can copy Maxima's powers. They can copy the Surfer's power cosmic.

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@kasya said:

@chiq: Maxima is nowhere near human she's an alien and a better teleporter uh I dont think so She she teleported her Sazu who was distant planets away . I never heard of Magik using tk at a molecular dont get me wrong I know she's stong but tk no. Maxima tp is so powerful she one-shotted Orion who race is supposed to be immune or have high resistance. and that's just half of Maxima powers.

I know what Maxima can do and i know she's a powerhouse. Never said she was human either. Magik can teleport anywhere in time and space and different realities and dimensions. She can transmute matter , manipulate souls, different forms of energy, turn invisible, etc.... she has all sorts of spells. She has one-shotted Dormammu, Juggernaut, she's beaten Doc Strange, Mephisto, Belasco,other demon lords , etc... Hela, Satanish and Black heart fear her power. All these feats are w/o the Phoenix force

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@kasya said:

First of all Maxima can survive in space. Second of all what is stoping Maxima from using the iron in that's in Magik's body at a molecular level. Third of all Magik can't not get pass Maxima forcefields they even kept out Power girl. And what is stoping her from using her tk on her to like break her bones or something like that since it is so powerful. Or she can use her Tp to lobotomize like she did Brainwave with a one shot and he has high tp resistance than Magik's

@xxxcarzellxxx said:

Maxima .. She's basically a human looking ( I said looking) female Martian manhunter superman and GL with a littl bit of captain atom combined until proven other wishe she takes this with mid difficulyy

Magik can do all of those things listed and a whole lot more. She has more raw power and a better teleporter. Her demon armies can mimic Maxima's powers. (they copied Silver surfer's powers)

At her best, she's a Sorcerer Supreme and Hell Lord. She's basically a reality warper. She's beaten characters way more powerful then Maxima.

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X-force. TP and misdirection ftw

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@sunman said:

@chiq said:

Team 2. way too powerful and versatile for team 1. What's toad doing in this battle?

I figured Namor was stronger than anyone on team 2, but they might overwhelm him if he's alone. Toad can dance around and be annoying and distract and should gunk in peoples faces. I thought that would even things out. I mean Namors the big threat but they have to account for Toad. He can jump really high and stomp on them or spit stuff at them and attack with his tongue etc. He was more of a balancing character I thought balanced out this fight nicely. Am I overestimating Namor here or underestimating team 2?

Vision can just phase through Namor. Cybor can bfr him. both can solo. Toad is a non factor.