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Magik destroys her brother (Pete) before any word is uttered.

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Round 2, I think the Rogue's can definitely take this with one full day worth of prep vs. the other teams 4 hours. It'll be brutal and there's probably gonna be some dead rogues along the way, but I think they can do it.

Round 1, I actually think could be pretty close. I think Grodd's got the mental powers to keep Sinister out of the fight, but that's robbing the rogues of their strongest physical fighter, plus, I think both Shaw and Genocide will be hard for team Rogues to hurt. I think the X-Men villians might win round 1.

In Round 2 the villains have prep masters and a super computer that can't be destroyed by conventional means and can come up with all sorts of simulations on the fly. They have powerful magic users as well.

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@veitha: hmmm IDK @thetruebarryallen can Cold's gun be taken over? Honestly, I really think Danger just uploads her consciousness into other programs/robots/computers/etc. I have never seen her just taken over a piece of tech from across the room or in combat.

Her solid light holograms make her similar to reality warper.

Polaris rips Danger apart, she then takes over their jet and attacks Polaris and co.

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@adamtrmm said:

No contest:

eXtinction Team:

  • Namor, King of Atlantis
  • Storm, Queen of Wakanda
  • Hope Summers, the Messiah
  • Magik, the Helllord
  • Juggerlossus, the Avatar of Cyttorak
  • Magneto, nuff said
  • Danger, one of the most advanced AI on Earth
  • Emma Frost, the White Queen
  • Cyclops, the leader of mutant race

Simply, such incarnation, like all the most beautiful things was rare and short-lived, and I don't foresee anything like this to happen again soon.

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Current Strange solos. BB could probably solo as well

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Magic>Physics, plane and simple.

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Magik (well, she does stomp in Limbo) but she can win outside of it.

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@xiix said:

@themagicstik: Nice. Finally Mephisto's getting portrayed seriously again.

But wouldn't that mostly be because Mephisto has the home-field advantage AKA it seemingly taking place in Hades/Hell(hence him regarding the second Thanos' presence as "trespassing")?

Obviously it's his most impressive feat, but he does have the precedent of stalemating Galactus on raw-power while in his realm(until Galactus resorted to devouring it).

How do you think Mordru and Mephisto would compare in a neutral realm?

Frankly I don't know, Mephisto has a bit of inconsistency with feats and statements. On panel he has stated and other have stated that he is omnipotent in his own realm and he has self stated to be capable of Galactic destruction but at the same time he has gotten out muscled at least three times that I know of in his own realm including Thanos w/ IG, the other two times being Galactus nearly eating his realm like you said and Magik coming in and nearly chopping his head off. Apparently Odin at one time also stalemated him in his realm, I don't know the context but it just seems like the dude gets tossed around a lot more than he should in his own realm where he is supposedly ultimately powerful. I also have seen him fight really powerful people outside of his realm so I really don't know if there is too much of a difference in and out of his realm except in statement.

I'm 90% sure Mephisto would annihilate Mordru in a neutral realm.

Didn't the female Ghost Rider and Adam Warlock with the Soul Gem own Mephisto in his own realm?

So you have Thanos w/ the IG, Galactus, Magik, Ghost Rider and Adam Warlock.